I didn't go straight home I stopped by at Zwe's house. His Mother and his Sister were so happy to see me..

Ma: Ntando kudala ngakugcina (It's been a while since I last saw you)

Me: Ngikhona Ma (I'm around)

She was so happy I even saw tears in her eyes..

Her: I'm so happy

Zwe's house has changed it was now very appeasing to the eye..

Minnie: uMakoti wethu

I looked down..

Minnie: I don't care what happened between you guys but wena owasekhaya

Ma: Iqiniso lelo

Me: I was with him at the car wash

Ma: That's good

Minnie: You guys are back together?

Me: I was thinking of giving him a chance but I'm scared. Zwe was ignoring me and entertaining some girls

They were disappointed.

Minnie: What is he doing? Girls around here can't be trusted they after his money

Ma: Ungenwe yini mara (what has gotten to him)

Me: He might even bring her over here

Minnie: Hau ngeke!

Ma: Awuhambi nex sizobona where that girl is going to sleep not here in my house!

Me: Just to think that I have been single all along with the hope that we might get back together

Minnie: You were the best thing that has happened to him! Why would he want someone else? He will never find someone else like you

Ma: Zwe is very disappointing

Me: Can I get a glass of water?

Ma: I'll get it for you

Me: It's okay I'll get it

I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge I saw a 6 pack of flying fish. I opened it and took one then went back to the living room.

Me: Ma do you mind? I'm not feeling well

Ma: It's okay Sisi you can even drink them all

Minnie: Anye nyi!

We all laughed..

Ma: Thina here we don't know anyone other than you so whatever girl he's going to bring over asazi who is going to accept him

Me: What are you watching?

Minnie: Nigerian movies

Me: Hai I don't like those

Minnie: You can watch anything you want

She gave me the remote and I changed the channel.

Me: Since I'm sleeping over please borrow me your phone I left mine home. I don't want my Mother getting worried

Minnie: No problem

Ma: We have built a good relationship with your Mother now Zwe wants to ruin it? Hai cha not today!

Minnie: And not even tomorrow!

I was so happy to see that his family were on my side..


We decided to stop and go to some restaurant to get something to eat. I was damn hungry!. Fifi was sitting next to me I have been talking to her and Anelise. I have been ignoring Zoe with her tantrums..

Fifi: These Pasta dishes look appetizing

Me: I want one too

Fifi: Okay get this one and I'll get this one then we can eat from each other's dishes too

Me: Good idea

Zoe: Let's start off with their bottle of champagne the most expensive one

Anelise: Let's lay off on alcohol I am tired of driving someone must take over

Zoe: Don't worry we got you

Anelise: You guys are tipsy

I am tired of driving someone must take over

Zoe: Don't worry we got you

Anelise: You guys are tipsy maybe Phum can drive

I didn't wanna drive Zoe's car..

Me: I didn't bring my license

Zoe: Don't worry An we got you

Fifi: We so getting arrested here

Zoe: No one is going to arrest us! I'll call Baby

I rolled my eyes..

Anelise: So how are we going to sleep?

Fifi: We can share rooms to save money

Zoe: I can have my own room I can afford it!

Me: I'll share a room with Fifi

Fifi: Yes please! We will drink all night and dance

Me: That's the plan

Zoe: No!

We looked at her..

Zoe: Anelise is boring I can't share with her

Fifi: Okay we will share a room together

Zoe: No I wanna share with my best friend

She looked at me..

Anelise: I don't wanna get thrown out of the hotel!

Fifi: Ya you two shouldn't be sharing a room together

Zoe: We just had a fight okay? Friends fight all the time but it's behind us now.. Right Phum?

Me: Yeah whatever


Me: I really don't wanna be caught in the middle of your issues

Him: You won't be caught I just wanna know

Me: She went to visit her Mom that's what she told me

Him: You guys are friends I'm sure you talk a lot

Me: Well Zwe hasn't been here I doubt they talk unless they talk on the phone and I don't know

Him: Nkati you don't promote such things I know you. Please don't protect her

Me: I'm sorry I really don't wanna be involved

He nodded..

Him: I understand I'm so sorry

Me: It's okay.. Just talk to her about it

Him: I will and thank you

He walked to the door..

Him: Good night

Me: Night


I walked out to answer Rodney's call.. 

Him: How is the trip going? 

Me: It's not bad just Zoe throwing tantrums

He laughed.. 

Him: The drama Queen 

Me: How are things going with you and the fianc√©? 

Him: We agreed not to talk about my relationship remember? 

Me: Yeah sorry 

Him: Do you have enough money in your account? 

Me: Yes thank you 

Him: Okay... I'll call you tomorrow 

Me: Okay bye 

I turned back and Zoe was standing behind me I walked passed her.. 

Her: Phum

I stopped.. 

Zoe: This is crazy we shouldn't be fighting 

Me: It's cool Zoe 

Zoe: I think you should apologize you were very hurtful 

I turned and looked at her.. 

Her: You were wrong Apologize so we can put it behind us! 

Me: You are soo unbelievable!

I turned back and walked inside.. 

To be continued 


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