Zwe fetched me at around 18:00 my Mother didn't have a problem with us going out. Well that's because she doesn't know that I have a boyfriend I still don't know how I'm going to explain to her that I'm dating someone who is old enough to be my Father. Makhubalo is even older than my Mom..
I thought Zwe was going to take me out to a restaurant or so but we went straight to the car wash. What an embarrassing moment because I was a little overdressed. Sjava and his crew were there I don't wanna lie. They were happy to see us. Zwe got the camping chair for me and I sat down. He put his hands on the armrest and looked at me.
Me: You should've told me that we were coming here I would've put on a normal outfit
Him: I think you look great
I rolled my eyes. He kissed me on my cheek.
A polo was playing my favorite song with all the doors wide open. Sjava was cleaning it.
"I've seen you moving
The way that you do things
Heaven sent depending
Our fantasies trailing
How much more could I love you
Through all that you've been through
And you need me
Here to show you
I'm telling you the truth

Way in (Waaaaay in)
I'm way in (Waaaaay in)
Way in (Waaaaay in)
I'm way in (Waaaaay in)
Way in (Waaaaay)"
Zwe sat next to me as Sjava handed me a can of flying fish. The last time I attempted to drink Zwe wasn't happy I looked at him and he gave me a serious look. I opened it anyway and started drinking he frowned.
Sjava: Yazi masenibuyelane so ngiyajabula (I'm happy that you guys are back together)
Zwe: Khohlwa eyam' uNtando une boyfriend (Forget it Ntando has a boyfriend)
Sjava: Boyfriend yani manje?
Me: Well if your friend here didn't do me dirty I'd probably be still with him
Zwe didn't answer to that.


We stopped at a garage for refreshments. It was Me Zoe Fifi and Anelise. A group of Slay Queens. I leaned against the car busy checking my Instagram Fifi stood next to me holding a glass of champagne.
Fifi: You don't seem happy
I kept quiet..
Fifi: You always the life of the party! You make road trips fun you haven't even had a glass of champagne yini kanti?
She was busy flaunting her Brazilian weave whilst chewing a gum..
Me: I didn't even wanna come I didn't expect to spend my weekend at a game reserve
Her: Come on
Me: We driving to Kruger national park I didn't expect to spend my weekend at a game reserve
Her: Come on
Me: We driving to Kruger national park couldn't we find a nearby place?
She rolled her eyes. Zoe came to us.
Zoe: Is everything okay?
Fifi: I think Phum is on her periods
Zoe: What's with you?
I ignored her. She snatched my phone.
Me: Hey!
Her: Zwe doesn't want you anymore just suck it up! If you don't wanna join us hike and go back! What you not about to do is ruin our weekend understood?
I snatched my phone from her.
Me: Crystal clear boss!
Zoe: I don't like your attitude suck it up!
Me: Don't tell me what to do you not my boss!
Fifi: Guys please
Zoe: No maan I've been patient with this bitch! If you don't wanna be a part of the crew just go! We will find a replacement it's not that difficult
Me: Fuck you Zoe!
Zoe took the glass from Fifi and splashed the champagne on my face..
Fifi: Zoe!
I slapped her across the face..
Zoe: Wtf?
She returned the clap and we started fighting. Anelise got out of the car..
Anelise: Guys stop it!
We continued and fell on the ground.
Zoe: You are such a dumb bitch!
She scratched me on my face with her nails.
Fifi: Guys!!
Zoe: I made you bitch! I made you and I can also break you!


I tried calling Ntando but her phone rang unanswered. I stopped calling and went to her face the latest post she was tagged by her ex. He checked in at some car wash. There were no comments as yet just likes and reactions. My Daughter's text came through:

"Dad check your Emails"


We were back on the road and Zoe was bitching as always. I could go back but I didn't have money on me we were halfway through to Phalaborwa..
Zoe: This bitch had the nerve of putting her hands on me!!! (Yelling)
She was sitting at the front and I was at the back with Fifi. Anelise was driving.
Fifi: This was supposed to be another fun road trip!
Zoe: Tell it to that ghetto bitch next to you!
I laughed..
Anelise: But Phum you know that we don't physically attack each other
Me: She poured champagne on my face!
Zoe: Because you a dumb bitch!
Fifi: Zoe calm down!
Zoe: I'm not going to calm down! This triffling b-
Me: Triffling? Wow!
Her phone rang she answered.
Zoe: Hey honey
Out of the blue the little brat started crying.
Zoe: Phumla put her hands on me! She fucken hit me!
Me: Here we go
She tried to reach out to me..
Zoe: I will fuck you up busy disturbing me on the phone with my husband
Fifi: I think we should pull over and get some fresh air
Anelise: Good idea
We pulled over. I got out of the car Fifi came to me..
Fifi: Hey
Me: So I'm the bad guy because I can't blackmail people with tears nor throw tantrums?
Fifi: Let it go don't let the little princess get to you.. Here let's have a smoke
I exhaled..
Fifi: Just enjoy this weekend okay? Let go of everything you will see it back when we return to Gauteng
At least Fifi is here and Anelise I won't have to be forced to talk to that bitch!


Some girls came over to chill with us I was uncomfortable with the fact that Zwe was now ignoring me and talking to one of them. Why did he ask to go out with me if he was going to ignore me like this? I'm not going to be embarrassed like this! Not again!
I got up and started walking away..
Girl: Your girlfriend is leaving
Zwe: Ntando
I kept on walking until he caught up with me he grabbed my arm.
Him: Kanti yini manje?
Me: Why did you bring me here if you going to ignore me?
Him: I'm not ignoring you I tried talking to you but you kept on giving me attitude
Me: So you thought that you could embarrass me again like how you did with Phumla?
Him: Where is this coming from now? I thought you and I were just friends so why are you acting like this?
Me: Wow! Goodbye Zwe
I tried walking away but he stopped me again.
Him: Ntando maan awuyeke izinto ezi snax (stop acting up)
Me: I don't wanna be your friend okay?
He sighed..
Me: I can't be your friend! I still love you and I can't stand seeing you like that with another girl so I think we should just stop whatever it is that we doing
Him: I still love you too but what am I supposed to do? I'm not the one in a relationship remember? My hands are tied. Would you leave him if I asked you too?
I didn't say anything..
He chuckled..
Him: Goodbye Ntando
Me: Yeah go sleep with her! That's what you want angithi?
He continued walking without saying anything. I walked up to him and started pushing him..
Me: You a bastard and you'll never change! You are a dirty bastard!!!
He turned and held my hands tight..
Him: Stop it okay? Just stop it!
I kept quiet..
Him: Dammit Ntando
Tears streamed down...
Him: I'm sorry that I've hurt you I wish I can go and fix everything
Me: Then why did you? You chose her over me Zwe! Why did you do that? Why did you hurt me like that?
Him: I'm sorry.. If I could fix everything I would but I can't! I regret everything that I put you through
Me: You hurt me! You crushed me! You even pushed my Mother and for what? For a bitch that left you afterwards?
Him: You know what? Maybe we should just forget about everything. Obviously we can't get through this I'll always be a constant reminder of everything that I've put you through. You see why I didn't want you to drink? I knew this was going to happen
Me: Yes let's blame it on the alcohol
Him: Go home Ntando.. Go home and just forget about this! Forget about all of this!
He let go of my hands..


I heard a knock at the door.
Me: I'm coming
I went to open it was Makhubalo.
Him: Nkati
Me: Good evening Principal
Him: Sorry to just show up like this
Me: No it's okay but Ntando is not here
Him: I know.. I wanted to talk to you about something
Me: Ohw.. Please come in
He walked in..
Him: I know that this is going to be awkward for you seeing that you and Ntando are friends
Me: Uhm okay
He exhaled..
Him: Nkati is Ntando back with her ex?
That was a question that I didn't want to answer..
To be continued


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Le2 2020-05-21 15:53:24

Zwe will never change he can't even sincerely apologize, she broke that girl but Love always win.

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