With everything that has happened I decided to clean up my act. That day I was admitted almost ended up with a few broken bones. Adley handled my hospital bill then when I got discharged I decided to swallow my pride and Ego and moved back home. I apologized to Phumla for everything I put her through I also apologized to Ntando. Phumla replied that she forgave me but Ntando never replied. I still work at Adley and I started afresh to work on my two phone designs I submitted them. The designs were approved and they currently being manufactured. Adley opted that we should go for China since they good with making phones I mean Apple their phones are made in Foxconn which manufacturers iPhones in it's Shenzen China location Foxconn maintains factories all across the world. In places such as China Thailand Malaysia and and the list is endless. I really wanted mine to be made in South Africa so we went on a search for a worthy company that can manufacture my phones and we did find it. They not popular but they very good even the software for my phones is not Android nor IOS. I created one that is also good. We signed a contract since Adley believed in my dream and invention he will be getting 60% of the profits and I'll walk away with 40%. He spent a lot of money in this even took out a loan so it's only fair.. The phones will be hitting the shelves soon Mtn is the only network that has agreed to sell our phones too so far. Vodacom and cell c are still pending. Once upon a time all of this seemed like a dream one that I was never going to reach. Here I am today about to make it big. I was promoted to run the electronics department I'm the manager and my pay is better now. R8000..

Things at home are also good my mom is no longer a drunk. She decided to turn her life around. She is currently attending AA meetings she also goes to church the same church that Ntando's Mom attends. My Mother and I also went to apologize to her on my behalf she forgave me. I'll forever be grateful for that.. I am currently single with everything that has happened I'm focused on my work and nothing more.. 


Things between Me and Makhubalo are good so far things at work are also good. Zwe sent me a friend request a while back after I have unblocked him he is no longer with phumla I don't think he is with anyone now. 

He mostly posts about his work and I see he has done well for himself. He has changed Zwe was always handsome but now since money is flowing he is twice more handsome. A part of me was broken I was meant to live this dream with him. I mean I was there when he didn't believe in himself I motivated him and believed in him. Now another woman is going to benefit off him someday I don't know why life has to be like this. It's not right. He mostly reacts on my pictures but the last picture I posted he commented. He commented with "My future wife 😍". It felt a bit good knowing that he still sees me that way.. 

I was at the staff room reading his message that he sent me a long time ago apologizing I never responded so I decided to respond now by unblocking him on whatsapp. 

"It's okay I long forgave you it's all in the past now. We good" 

I checked his profile picture and he was standing against the company car wearing formal. A white shirt maroon pants and maroon casual shoes. He had on a gold watch and his hair cut was fresh and looked good on him. I sighed and went to Facebook. 


I was sitting in my cubicle working on some documents and monitoring what was going down on the floor. Adley hasn't been well he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he is hardly around but I always keep things running for him. He was on sick leave and I am overseeing everything.. 

Lebo: Boss 

I looked at her.. 

Her: Signature please 

Me: What is this? 

Her: Customer complaint 

Me: About what? 

Her: Tablet that needs to go for repairs

Me: Okay

I signed.. 

Me: Done 

Her: Thank you 

She walked away. I picked up the phone and called Adley.. 

Him: What's happening? Is my company still intact? 

Me: We are fine was just checking how you holding up 

Him: I should be in my office 

Me: You need to rest 

His wife Karen spoke in the background.. 

Her: Hello pookie

Me: Hello Karen

Her: Thank you for relieving him

Me: No problem 

Adley and his wife never had any children they spent most of their lives raising other kids.. 

Me: We will talk again get some rest 

I hung up before he could say anything.. 


Zwe was really making it did I let him go too soon?. Things between Rodney and I were okay but he doesn't love me. We not in a relationship. He is in a serious relationship and he just engaged his girlfriend and also paid lobola they will be getting married soon. I don't know why this arrangement was getting to me all of a sudden is it because Zwe was the very first guy I experienced love with? A relationship?. Now I'm looking for that with Rodney and he is just not into it. 

We have seized going out together on dates because he doesn't wanna ruin things between him and his fiancé I am being treated like the Slay Queen that I am. Sometimes I just want us to spend time together you know cuddle talk go out. With him it's all about business sex then he provides me with a good lifestyle. It gets to me at times I am very lonely and it's not good 


I checked my phone and I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that I received a whatsapp message from Ntando. I checked her profile picture and damn she looked good she was getting more and more thicker and it seemed like she was taking good care of her body because it was not that type of thickness that would put a nigga off.. I texted her back. 

"Stole your profile picture please don't sue" 

I put my phone down and it beeped.. 


Her: I am already building a concrete case against you! Lol 

Me: Don't overreact oh

Her: You violating my privacy Sir 

Me: It's public though don't forget 

Her: Yeah whatever! 

Me: How have you been? 

Her: I've been good and you? 

Me: I have been good too 

Her: I see you making it 

Me: Yes! All thanks to you for once believing in me 

Her: I did nothing 

Me: You did a lot and I would've really liked to give you the world someday 

Her: Ncooh aren't you just so sweet 

Me: You really deserve the best you are an amazing woman 

Her: Shuuuuuu you going to make me cry 

Me: Not my intention 😉

Her: I have to go thank you for reaching out 

Me: No thank you for giving me a chance to reach out 

Her: 😊

Me: Check you later sweets 

Her: Bye! 

To be continued 


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Michelke kekana 2020-05-15 12:16:53

Phulma too late stick to your choice, zwe m glad things are looking good

Michelke kekana 2020-05-15 12:08:40

Phumla mmmmmm

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Eh, I really thought Ntando would make him sweat nje kancane. He doesnt deserve to be welcomed so easily. I would have loved to hear the conversation between Zwe, his mom and Ntando's mom when he went to apologize.

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Stay away Phumla. Ntando don't go back to him

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Ohh Nkosi yam Ntando😦

Nkule 2020-05-15 00:25:30

The line"did I ket him go too soon" aibo kunjani makunje

Lister 2020-05-15 00:01:55

Wayidlisa I team uNtando!

Maka Lebo D Radebe 2020-05-14 23:09:45

So the principal is a rebound, Ntando will go back to Zwe. Phumla wait until Rodney tie the knot, karma will deal with you.

Sky 2020-05-14 22:25:31

Poor phumla😩

Memo 2020-05-14 22:05:43

Yabona Ntando your materialistic ways will get you in trouble Zwe will never change and put $signs next to his name ,he is going to show you flames .

Yarmc 2020-05-14 19:52:46

Ungcolile kelo Phumla🤦🏽‍♀️ I hate her but I believe uZwe n Connie can conquer her

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Netshidzivhe Elelwani 2020-05-14 18:48:16

Sorry Principal it's over she's going back. So it was easy to leave coz he had nothing and you knew he deoended on you.. Now because he's doing good your already giving him attention. I must say I'm really disappointed but whatever he decide to do to you I'd say you deserve it.. The principal is human too. Phumla is also targeting the same.

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SF 2020-05-14 15:37:06

Eish but Ntando had beaten by Zwee there's is no amount of correct that mistake he goona reapit not today or tomorrow but in future that monster will rise again

Zaza 2020-05-14 15:31:57

Presh ma Presh, I almost gave up on you after the never ending Qondisiwe but this reminded me how good you can be. I am falling in love with your work all over again. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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Its too early Ntando. Make him sweet a bit

Nondu 2020-05-14 14:06:23

Is Ntando still in love with Zwe or it's because he is looking rich? Phumla, Rodney is jst treating u the way u r supposed to be treated

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Thuli 2020-05-14 13:32:58

Ntando it's too early my dear, two months and you behaving like that....no cc atleast 6 months he must heal first. Zweli you did well by asking for forgiveness with all of them clean your act and go get your woman.....Mr Rolex watch teach Phumlani the lesson that in life the is nothing for Mahala you work hard for the life you want to leave, you disrespected another woman slept in her bed felt good about breaking the relationship, so Karma must deal with you in the hands of Mr Rolex watch

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