Zwe ghosted me for 2 weeks straight I even went to the car wash and Sjava didn't tell me much. I was hurt I don't wanna lie what he was doing was not good at all. This morning when I woke up he had texted me to meet up with him at KFC my first thought was to tell him off but I wanna know his excuse. I wanna know why he has been ghosting me.

I took a taxi to town when I was in the taxi he had texted me again that he had arrived..

When I arrived I walked to KFC. I made my way in and looked around he stood up. I approached the table. He looked good he had a neat haircut he was even wearing formal. A white shirt black pants and shoes. The shirt had a logo but I couldn't read it clearly. I stood there and looked at him as he looked at me too..

Him: Hi

Me: Hi

Him: Please sit down

I sat down he sat down. I noticed a file on the table.. He closed it..

Him: First of all I want you to know how sorry I am

Me: Why did you ghost me?

Him: I was going through a lot and I shut everyone out

That was not a good enough excuse..

Me: If you didn't want me anymore you could've said so

He stretched out his hand to hold mine..

Him: That's crazy.. I'm truly sorry

Me: You hurt me Zwe

Him: I know.. I'm sorry Nono

Me: So you didn't find someone and all that?

He smiled..

Him: It was hard getting you why would I ruin it?

I am still very crazy about his smile..

Him: I'm sorry and I promise that I'll never put you through something like this ever again

Me: Relationship is all about communication you have to talk to me

Him: I know... I'm very sorry

I looked around..

Me: So what's going on with you?

Him: Well I found a job

Me: A job?

Him: Yes at this other electronics company it's not a big company but at least I'm doing what I love

Me: How did you get the job?

Him: Someone came to the car wash this other time as I was washing his car we talked a bit until he mentioned that his friend has a tech company and he was really taken by my knowledge so he put me on

Me: Wow.. That's great

Him: Ya the salary is lousy but I really like this job

Me: I'm happy for you.. I'm very happy

Him: I've missed you

Me: I've missed you too I was even thinking of going to your house

He let go of my hand..

Him: I don't live there anymore

Me: Where do you live?

Him: I'm renting a room

Me: Why did you move out?

Him: Just issues with my Mother

Me: Ohw

Him: Ya but I'm happy where I am

I nodded..

Him: Maybe you can come and see my place sometime

Me: I'd love too

He took out a small box from his bag..

Him: And I got you this

He handed it to me..

Me: What is this?

I opened it it was a necklace..

Him: I'm sorry

Me: It's beautiful

Him: I'm glad you like it... Let me put it on 

He came and put it on.. 

Me: Thank you 

Him: You welcome

He went and sit down again.. 

Him: I wish I can stay for long but I only have 10min left but later on when I knock off you can come over at my place.. I'll cook something 

Me: You can cook? 

Him: Wait until you taste my food 

Me: I can't wait 

He took out his wallet..

Him: You can get yourself something to eat

He gave me R150..

Him: I'm sorry that I can't stay

Me: It's okay 

He got up and took his things.. 

Him: I'll call you later 

He kissed me on my cheek.. 

Him: I love you

Me: I love you too 

He left. That was a bomb I didn't expect that. Though I'm happy he has found a job more especially because he's doing what he loves. I got myself a twister and small chips I kept myself company by checking Facebook until I was done eating. Then before I left I got myself some treats.. 



I got myself a job at this other electronics company Adley electronics. They not a big company but at least I'll be getting R3000 a month and I'm doing something that I enjoy. It was time that I got something concrete. I no longer sell weed but I still work at the car wash only on weekends. I work in the cellphone department I like it because it gives me time to play around with the phones and check what's what and what phone is crap and which one is trying.. 

Phumla: Hey 

Me: Hey 

Her: How was your lunch? 

I had taken lunch early to meet up with Lethu

Her: Did she like the necklace? 

Her: Very much 

She smiled.. 

Her: That's good 

I have a few ideas on how we can improve on other things but my boss Mr Adley is very rude and arrogant. He will shut me down.. 

Phumla: I need your signature on these documents I've already signed I need a second signature 

Me: I'll get on with it 

Him: Thank you Zwe 

Me: You welcome 



When I was walking home I saw a crowd just a few houses away from mine. Other people had their phones out I wonder what was happening. I made my way there to see what was going on and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Mrs Ndlovu was whipping Zwe's Mother with a sjambok

and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Mrs Ndlovu was whipping Zwe's Mother with a sjambok who was sitting on the pavement naked. She had bruises on her face and she was bleeding from her mouth. Most people who were there were busy encouraging Mrs Ndlovu to beat her more whilst others took videos.. 

Mrs N: Cabanga nje into enje ngiyithole embhedeni wami (Just imagine I found this thing in my bed) 

Mrs Ndlovu is too old to be doing this. I asked what was happening I needed the full story. Someone told me that Mrs Ndlovu's husband who drinks at the same Tarven as Zwe's Mom brought Zwe's Mom to sleep with her in his house. Mrs Ndlovu found them this morning on her matrimonial bed after she had gone to visit her sister who was gravely ill. Apparently Zwe's Mom has been sneaking in ever since Mrs Ndlovu left last week. This was a gruesome sight to see the bruises on her body were starting to bleed too and Mrs Ndlovu wasn't backing down even when Zwe's mom kept on apologizing. She only stopped when some woman told her that she's going to get arrested for what she's doing and that she has beat her enough. Mrs Ndlovu swore that she will kill her if she ever finds her with her husband again. She then left with her friends following her other people still remained to laugh and mock Zwe's Mom. She tried to get up but she fell her thighs were wet. I think she had peed on herself. As some people were leaving I got closer to her and stretched my hand out to her.. She looked at and held my hand I helped her to stand up.. 

I looked at everyone.. 

Me: Shame on you guys! 

They were stunned at what I was doing I mean this woman gets no respect from anyone in this hood. We started walking and I noticed that she was limping I glanced down at her foot and her big toe was bleeding. She told me someone threw a brick on her foot how can people be this evil?? 

I walked with her to my house with a few people following us and throwing sly remarks I think by now it was clear that Zwe and I were and item. News travel fast I even heard someone saying:

"Ntando you a respected girl in this hood this is very beneath you" for the first time I didn't care I didn't care what they said.. 

We got to the door and she stopped I looked at her.. 

Her: Angifanelanga ukuthi ngibe la (I'm not supposed to be here) 

I looked at her confused.. 

Her: Abantu abafana nami they not welcomed in other people's houses 

Me: It's okay Ma

I unlocked the door and helped her to walk inside I then closed the door and locked it.. 

She looked around.. 

Her: Kungaba ngcono mhlambe mangingaya ekhaya (It's better if I go home) 

Me: Uzoya ekhaya uma sowugezile wagcoka (You will go home when you have bathe and dressed up) 

I saw tears streaming down.. 

Her: No one has ever shown me such kindness are you sure that you want me here? 

I nodded.. 

Me: Yebo Ma

I left her there and went to my Mother's room I took one of her gowns and went to the kitchen with it.. 

Me: Ungagcoka nakhu ngizokwenzela amanzi (You can put this on while I prepare your bath) 

Her: Cha sisi (No) 

Me: It's okay 

With her hands trembling she took it she tried to fight back tears but she couldn't.. 

Her: Ngizoma la.. I don't wanna make your house dirty 

The alcohol smell couldn't be avoided.. 

Me: Ungeza uzohlala ngapha (you can come and sit in the living room) 

She tried to wear the gown but it fell I picked it up and helped her.. 

Her: Ngiyaxolisa ukuthi akwaze kwaba nomuntu ongibonisa umusa (I'm sorry I have never had someone showing me kindness) 

She was really breaking my heart I don't wanna lie I held her hand and walked her to the living room. She stopped at the door.. 

Me: It's okay Ma 

I opened the chair for her and then she sat down.. 

Me: Can I make you something to eat while I run your bath water? 

Her: Cha.. Angifuni ukuba wuhlupho (No.. I don't wanna burden you) 

Me: It's okay you not burdening me 

Her: Usually my Son is the one who..

She paused.. 

Her: Ngiyabonga (Thank you) 

I slightly nodded and then walked to the kitchen to make her something to eat I couldn't stop the tears from falling.. How can people be so cruel?? 


To be continued 


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Mhhh! Painful, good girl cc

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People are cruel but Zwe's mum have no respect for herself and her family.

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