Time passed and my relationship with Zwe only got stronger it's been a few months now since we've been dating but it's like we have been dating for years. School was also going well I wasn't falling behind on anything..

Today my Mom decided that we should invite Zwe over for Dinner together with his family. She has seen how things are serious between us I'm actually the one who suggested that we should invite them over for dinner..

Ma: Everything is ready

Me: He texted that they on their way

Ma: Are you nervous?

Me: Not entirely I'm happy about this

Ma: Well then that's good

Zwe showed up after 5min he was with his Sister only. We welcomed them in. This is the first time that me and his sister are going to say two words to each other we never really spoken. We've always passed each other on the streets without even greeting..

Zwe: Thank you very much for welcoming us into your home

Ma: You welcome

He was dressed nice not expensive but really nice. I think he has started buying himself clothes and that's good..

Zwe: This is my Sister Minnie

Ma: Welcome Minnie

Minnie: Thank you

We all sat down at the dinning table..

Ma: I hope you guys will enjoy our food

Zwe: I'm sure we will

Ma: I thought your Mother was going to join us

Zwe and Minnie looked at each other..

Zwe: She couldn't make it I'm sorry

Ma: It's okay.. Maybe next time

Minnie: There won't be a next time

Zwe: Minnie

Minnie: My Mom is a drunk and she doesn't care about us or what goes on in our lives she calls me a whore and he calls him useless

I didn't expect that things got awkward very quickly..

Zwe: That was unnecessary

Minnie: She has to know how broken our family is and what she's getting herself into

It was quiet for a few seconds..

Ma: I think we should start eating before the food gets cold

Me: That's a good idea

We all started eating. The next conversation just circled around general things Minnie seemed uninterested about everything...

Ma: Wow Zwe that's good I've always known that you smart 

He was just telling my mother about his invention.. 

Ma: Have you started looking for sponsors? 

Zwe: Not yet

Ma: You should start 

Zwe: I don't even know where to start 

Ma: Do research don't just sit on such  brilliant ideas 

My Mom and Zwe seemed to be clicking very well Minnie had gone to the kitchen and she was taking long.. 

Me: I'm going to check on Minnie I'll be right back 

I left them as they kept on talking and I went to the kitchen Minnie was just standing there.. 

Me: Hey 

She looked at me.. 

Me: Ukahle? (are you okay) 

She chuckled.. 

Her: What is it that you want from my Brother? 

Me: I'm sorry?

Her: Come on Ntando are you after the money that he is making at the car wash? 

Me: Of course not

Her: Then what is it? 

I kept quiet... 

Her: Is it because of his "invention" that when he makes it you will cash in on it? 

Me: I love your Brother 

Her: I don't believe that! A girl like you will never fall for a guy like him 

Me: I'm sensing you don't like me? 

Her: I don't like you at all.. Me and my family we don't bother anyone I don't know why you and yours are bothering us!

With that being said she walked back to the living room.... 

From thereon I didn't enjoy dinner I've never had someone dislike me and say it to my face. What's there not to like about me? I'm a very nice person.. My mom gave them some scones and some of the food that was left she said it was a lot and we won't finish. I walked them out to the gate.. 

Minnie: Nice.. Now we a charity case 

Zwe: Minnie! 

She looked at us.. 

Her: You'll find me at home 

She looked at me... 

Her: Thank you your highness for the dinner 

She then walked away.. 

Me: Your sister hates me 

Him: I hate his boyfriends too 

I laughed.. 

Me: She thinks I'm gold digging you

Him: She's just trying to be protective siblings to that a lot 

Me: I supposed so 

Him: Don't let her get to you 

Me: I'll try not too 

He kissed me.. 

Him: Goodnight and thank you for the dinner 

Me: You welcome

Him: I love you Ntando 

Me: I love you too

Him: I should get going it's late 

Me: Bye 

Him: Bye 

I watched him leave and then I walked back to the house.. My mom was washing dishes 

Me: I'll help 

Ma: It's okay you can go and rest 

Me: Okay 

Ma: Are you okay? I've seen that halfway through the dinner you were distracted 

Me: It's Minnie 

She wiped her hands..

Her: What about her? 

Me: She doesn't like me she thinks I'm gold digging 

Her: Well their family has always been disliked by everyone and they were never treated nice I think she's just uncomfortable that someone is kind to them 

Me: I guess so 

Her: You need to prepare yourself because Zwe and his family are looked down upon by this whole hood I am thinking they not a very close family are you ready to take all of that in? 

Me: I love Zwe and I want his family to like me I really don't care about what other people say 

Her: Then that's good.. I'm really proud of you you growing up 

Me: Thank you Ma (Smiling) 



When we got home I decided to have a word with Minnie... 

Me: That was uncalled for 

Her: It was called for 

Me: Ntando is a nice girl 

Her: Why would Ntando fall for you? Have you ever thought about that? 

Me: What do you mean? 

Her: Look at us and then look at them. Ntando is not the type to fall for someone like you. She's always been full of herself 

Me: People judge her without even knowing her she's a very nice girl 

My mom walked in I don't think she ever went out today.. 

Ma: Nikuthathephi ukudla? (Where did you get the food from) 

Minnie: Intombi ka Zwe (from Zwe's girlfriend) 

Ma: Yakuphi? (from where) 

Minnie: uNtando 

Ma: Leya ntombazana yakwa Mnguni? (That girl from the Mnguni family) 

Minnie: Yena kanye 

Ma: How did you get such a girl? 

Me: I'm going to my bedroom 

Ma: uNtando uyafunda futhi unekusasa elihle wenzani nawe? (Ntando is in varsity she has a bright future what is she doing with you) 

Me: Askies? 

Her: Uboneni? (What did she see) 

Me: I don't know maybe she sees potential in me something that you don't see 

Ma: usebenza e Car wash (You work at a car wash) 

Minnie: uZwe has a vision Ma about where he wants to be.. I saw how Ntando and her Mom were taken by him 

Ma: Vision? 

Minnie: He designed a phone he just needs funding 

My mom laughed.. 

Ma: Usese lapho? (You still at that) 

I didn't say anything.. 

Ma: You need to get a real job because that thing of yours is not going anywhere 

Me: I expected that from you 

Ma: You want me to lie? Those are big dreams for important people Zwe awuyeke umsangano (Stop with your madness) 

Me: Good night Minnie 

Ma: Wangeza uMtho wafa (I don't know why my son died) 

Minnie: Ma

Ma: Mtho was everything la ekhaya he was working he was supporting us.. Angazi why kungafanga uZwe.. He's useless 

I've let her get away with that for far too long now.. 

Me: Then why didn't you abort me? 

Her: I should've yazi! 

Me: I wish you did it would've saved me from having a humiliating alcoholic Mother!! 

Minnie: Ngiyanicela (Please) 

Ma: Uthini? (What are you saying) 

Me: Have you asked yourself who cleans after you when you have messed up on yourself? We an embarrassment in this hood because of you! I don't know why you don't clean up your act and actually be the Mother that we need 

Her: Yeey wena izintanga zakho ziyasebenza banezindlu zabo bane zimoto wena unani? Usahleli kwa Mawakho (Your peers are working they have houses they driving nice cars and you still staying in your mom's house) 

Minnie: Ma

Ma: Thula wena!! (Shut up) 

Me: Maybe I should move out how about that? 

Ma: Good idea! Hamba! Futhi ngathi ungafa la uyakhona (I wish you die wherever you go) 

I walked straight to my room and she followed me.. 

Ma: You will never amount to anything in life how long as it been since you finished school? Still you doing nothing with your life! All that you do is to make yourself the man of this house! Hamba Zwe ungasabuyi (Leave Zwe and don't ever come back) 

I got to my room and started packing my things I'm done with this shit.. 



Zwe didn't call me last night nor did he text me. All my messages on whatsapp to him it was just one tick. I thought the dinner went well last night why is he ghosting me all of a sudden?? 



After packing up and leaving I went to Sjava he told me that I can stay with him until I get myself a room to rent. I was still upset at what my Mother said to me last night now I don't mind her calling me useless because it's not the first time but for her to always compare me to my dead brother now that's something else. I try my outmost best to provide at home but she doesn't see that. Nothing I do is ever good enough for her.. 

I took my book and looked at it I've been working on this for a long time now and it hasn't even taken off. Maybe it's true these are just big dreams for someone like me. I started tearing every page it's time now to accept reality than to live in dream land.. 

To be continued 


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Noma 2020-03-03 13:44:45

Don't give up Zwe your girl believes in you and your mother must count on shut you down she is even stealing your money so focus brother Minnie don't be jealous go to school you will get your chance in life

Noma molefe 2020-03-03 12:52:47

Love is good am happy for you guys and am happy the siblings had a moment for them self

THANDEKA ROMA 2020-03-03 08:43:40

Some mothers , how can you destroy your child like that yazi words said can never be unsaid, words can destroy some1,u Zwe uyazama shame kodwa umawakhe akakuboni konke lokho ulibalwa utshwala nje

Zuri 2020-03-03 08:08:30

you should have thrown back and asked her about her peers nxa as if shes doing any better than people her age. My God Zwe will be successful otlo swaba mme o.

Rose 2020-03-03 07:26:16

It's so sad that whilst the boy is doing everything for his mom...all she is doing is to break him n make him feel unworthy. Boy just hang in there

Manyeoe Patso 2020-03-03 07:17:16

Zwe's mom is ungrateful shame

Anita 2020-03-03 06:21:03

Poor Zwe doesn't deserve this treatment,from his mother.Parents damage their children saying all this bs 😭

Slindo mnguni 2020-03-03 04:27:48

Zwe's mother s so sick la ekhanda

Mercy 2020-03-02 23:55:14

We definitely killing our kids ignorantly, mxm

Mercy 2020-03-02 23:46:41


Ofentse 2020-03-02 20:44:26

Yoh y mara 😭😭 she should just expect her children they way they are, I think nthando really love zwe

Owethu 2020-03-02 20:40:58

Hay uyadika loMama tshin😬

Maka Lebo D Radebe 2020-03-02 20:40:39

Zwe don't let your mother destroy your dreams please one day you will find finding.

Jabulile Tshuma 2020-03-02 20:27:29

So disheartening to have such a mother

Zamar 2020-03-02 20:03:26

It pains me that Zwe is doubting himself and giving up on dream because of his mum ai marnn

Mantikoane Phukuntsi 2020-03-02 19:09:42

Something tells me that Zwe is a duplicate of his dad,he looks exactly like him so every time his mother sees him,its like he is his dad hence the mean treatment, she is blaming him for his father's faults its so painful maan

Nolonwabo 2020-03-02 17:14:33

Tjoo hayi lo mama Haysuka man sies.. How can someone say such things to their kids nxaa

Nomcebo 2020-03-02 16:48:06

I know the pain zwe is feeling 😭😭😭

abongile 2020-03-02 16:25:10

Its true when they say words can break or a make a person.i hope your mom lives long to see you succeed Zwe and sallow her words. shame this is sad

Nonhle 2020-03-02 15:49:32

Maybe Zwe's mother will wake up and get her act together now that Zwe is gone he won't be cleaning after her

Luya 2020-03-02 15:37:41

I worry about how Ntando is too materialistic hey... for her a man must provide but doesn't mention other traits which are important that make up a man....and what is she offering vele in this relationship besides her degree.

Lunga 2020-03-02 15:22:26

Zwe's mother is so useless and busy comparing him with others what about her? I'm sure she was providing the πŸ‘only in her failed marriage

Phiwe 2020-03-02 15:18:12

Broken like am really broken πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”...Ngumama onjani lona

Rose 2020-03-02 15:11:38

Zwe you shouldn't have done that😭😭😭😭