The next day I did my chores a bit early at around 6am because Zwe sent me a whatsApp text that we should go to the mall for ice creams and chill a bit too. By 7am I was done there wasn't much to do around the house except for my laundry of which it was dry by 9am thanks to the tumble dryer.. When the clock hit exactly 12 I was done bathing and preparing myself for the day ahead. When I walked out Zwe was already waiting at the gate for me..

Me: Hi

Him: friend

Here we go with the friend thing..

Him: Are you ready to go?

Me: Yes I am

We walked to the taxi rank to get a taxi that dropped us off exactly at the gate of the mall. He wasn't his usual self today he seemed somewhat distracted..I looked at him as he ate his ice cream slowly..

Me: uRight?

He looked at me and smiled..

Him: Ngi right

Me: Okay

Him: How is school going?

Me: It's not bad how is your vision going?

Him: It's not bad

I chuckled..

Me: I have a feeling that you going to make it I believe in you

Him: Thank you very much and because of that I'm going to buy you a car when I do make it

Me: Well then I hope you will be able to afford  by then the latest one

Him: I hope so too

Me: Zwe

He looked at me again..

Me: I'm sorry about how I used to treat you

Him: It's okay all is forgiven


Him: Can I ask you something?

Me: Yes?

Him: Are we going to be friends forever?

Me: I really don't know

Him: So can I get myself a girlfriend?

I didn't say anything to that..

Me: I don't know

He looked at me without saying anything..

Me: I think we are good as friends

Him: Ntando we can't be friends forever do you know how difficult it is for me right now to be your friend when I'm very much into you? This friendship thing won't work for me you can't be my friend forever

Me: I've never dated before and relationships seem messy

Him: How do you know?

Me: Twitter

He laughed..

Him: Those are other people's experiences you can't take them and make them your own

I thought for a while..

Me: I don't wanna fall pregnant

Him: I'm not looking to have a kid either

Me: I really don't know Zwe

Him: No pressure.. Entlek forget that I said anything

Me: I like you a lot

Him: Then what's stopping you from being with me?

I didn't know what to say he went back to his ice cream..

Me: Okay then maybe we can try this dating thing

Him: I'm not forcing you into anything

Me: You not I'm just scared. We good friends and I don't want us to ruin that

Him: That's why I said let's forget about it I don't want it to seem like I'm forcing you into anything

Me: You not.. I.. Let's try it then let's try this dating thing

Him: Are you sure?

Me: I am

Him: sure sure sure?

Me: Yes I'm sure

What exactly are you doing Ntando? But I'm 20 hey most of my mates by this age are on their second relationships if not 3rd. I'm bound to date soon and maybe Zwe is a good guy for me. His financial state is not impressive but he makes me very happy makes me feel different. Maybe I should give him a chance..... 

When we were done eating our ice creams we did a bit of window shopping while holding hands. My favourite part was when we went to game at the phone department and he gave that sales person a run for his reputation. He was asking questions that the sales person couldn't answer about the phones it was very impressive. I enjoyed being in the presence of this smart guy. Zwe is very smart more smarter than I gave him credit for. After what seemed like a long time of us being at the mall we went back to the hood. We chilled at the car wash a little it wasn't busy today and I was disappointed that my entertainment Sjava was not around.

Zwe ended up working on his vision I leaned over his shoulder and kept on asking him questions. He kept on poking my nose occasionally with the pencil we shared not so deep kisses also. Kissing this was my first time kissing a guy and I enjoyed it. This dating thing might not be as bad as I thought.. My Mom knocks off at 16:00and she's home exactly at 17:00. It was now 16:00 I had to go home and cook. It's a good thing that I defrosted the meat earlier on before I left.. Zwe walked me home we were still holding hands of which people found it very odd. People in this hood they have never seen me with a guy before..

Him: And I end here

Me: I really had fun today thank you

Him: I had fun too

He snaked his arms around my waist and kissed me the kiss went on for a while now that I decided to break the moment..I wiped his lips with my thumb.. 

Him: I'll call you later 

Me: I'd like that very much 

Him: Bye 

Me: Bye

It wasn't even late but he waited for me to get inside the yard. When I got inside the house I quickly went to the window to watch him slowly walking away I hate to say this but I was in love.. I started cooking whilst listening to one of my favorite songs now the song had a meaning. When I was single I used to listen to it just for fun and hoping that one day it will mean something to me or that I'll dedicate it to some and today it did.. 

"You the one that I dream about all day

You the one that I think about always

You are the one so I make sure I behave

My love is your love your love is my love

your love is my love love love

Baby I love you I need you here

Give me all the time

Baby we meant to be

You got me smiling all the time"

I imagined him as I sang along his smile his gentle touch the way he kissed me. I even literally ran my thumb on my lower lip when he buried his head on my shoulder with his soft lips against my neck. They not lying when they say love is a beautiful thing... 



Business was slow today at the car wash but my weed side business didn't fail me. Those high school boys came straight to buy they my biggest customers. One of them even sat with me whilst smoking Mduduzi he's 18 and doing matric.. 

Him: Zwe 

Me: Ya? 

Him: Ndoda why don't you sell cocaine too? 

Me: Coke? 

Him: Ya Ndonda it will make you a lot of money plus I wanna try it 

Me: Stick to weed china

Him: Come on man

Me: I'm not going to sell cocaine to high school kids 

Him: Ehh uyasala wena

That was a terrible idea.. My phone beeped it was a whatsApp message from Ntando I smiled.. 


Ntando: Honey honey

I can see the stars all the way from here

Can't you see the glow on the window pane

I can feel the sun whenever you're near

Every time you touch me I just melt away

I was confused a little.. 

Ntando: Reference: Beyoncé 

Me: Lol ohw I thought you now a poet 

Her: Hahaha not exactly 

Me: You supposed to be cooking 

Her: I am

Me: You chatting 

Her: I can do both 

Me: Can you even cook? 

Her: Yes

Me: I'd like to taste your food 

Her: Tomorrow I'll bring you lunch 

Me: Hmmmmm

Her: Let me finish up 

Me: I'll call you later 

Her: I'll be waiting 


I didn't expect her to be taken this fast but now that I've got her I'm not planning on ruining it. I've wanted this girl for far too long 



My mom finally came back she found me in my room studying. She greeted then went to her room I left everything and went to her.. 

Me: Ma

Her: Ntando 

Me: Unjani? (how are you) 

Her: I'm good 

Me: I'm good too

She continued undressing then she looked at me.. 

Her: Everything okay? 

Me: I have to tell you something 

Her: What is it? 

Me: Don't be mad

Her: Ntando wenzeni manje? (what did you do now) 

My mom and I we best friends I tell her everything.. 

Me: I have a boyfriend 

Her: Huh? 

Me: I have a boyfriend now 

Her: How? I mean you always indoors 

Me: It's Zwe 

Her eyes widened.. 

Her: Interesting 

Me: You not mad? 

Her: I'm confused Saturday you guys were friends 

Me: I know.. Now we decided to date 

Her: I'm guessing tomorrow you guys are going to get married? 

Me: No Ma.. 

Her: I'm just assuming 

I gave her a defeated look.. 

Her: I'm sorry I'm just surprised at how fast things are moving now.. Are you sure about this? 

Me: Yes

Her: Why did you decide to date him? I mean not so long you were undermining him

Me: I know and that was wrong of me but he makes me happy 

Her: I can tell even the phone at church 

Me: I'm sorry about that 

Her: I don't have a problem so long you don't fall pregnant or neglect your school work 

Me: I won't 

Her: You promise? 

Me: I promise 

Her: Okay 

Me: So the fact that he might not marry me anytime soon it doesn't worry you? 

Her: What can I say Ntando I can't choose a man for you. The last thing I want is for you to be sneaking out and all that. You and adult now you have a right to make your own decisions. It's your life I've live mine. I can't tell you how to live yours but I'll always give you good advices and I trust that you will always be responsible 

Me: Thank you Ma

Her: Dish up I'm very tired and hungry 

Me: Okay I'll go and dish up 



I went home at around 19:00 for the first time in a very long time I found my sister cooking.. 

Me: Am I seeing things? 

Her: Don't start 

Me: My bad

Her: How was your day? 

Me: It wasn't bad.. Yours? 

Her: It was okay 

Me: How is school? 

Her: School is okay 

Me: Okay 

I didn't push.. 

Me: Guess what? 

Her: You won the lotto.. No wait you got a job? 

Me: No.. I have a girlfriend 

Her: All along you weren't dating? 

Me: Not exactly 

Her: Wow.. I thought you were dating 

Me: No I wasn't 

Her: Well good for you for reaching puberty or the adolescent stage whatever it's called 

Me: You don't wanna know who she is? 

Her: Ubani? 

Me: Ntando 

Her: Which one? 

I raised my eyebrow.. 

Her: Wait.. Thee Ntando? 

Me: Yes

Her: Miss goody two shoes? The most perfect girl in this hood? Ntando Miss universe? Ntando Miss I'm better than others? Ntando miss varsity? uMam'fundisi? Nta-

Me: Okay that's enough 

Her: I'm sorry.. I'm just surprised 

Me: She finally gave in

Her: And people think God doesn't exist? 

Me: don't hate 

Her: My lips are sealed 

I shook my head... I kept her company as she cooked Minnie and I we don't talk that much. She's hardly home so it's good that today we talking and not fighting.. Our happy Brother and Sister moment was interrupted by my Mother tonight she wasn't alone. She was with company some man. They were holding bottles of beers my mood changed.. I saw Minnie getting irritated too.. 

Me: Excuse me

I walked to my room.. 

Ma: Zwe!! 

I ignored her I locked my room.. 



I was reading my Bible when Zwe's whatsApp video call came through thank God I already bathe and washed my face.. 

I accepted his video call.. 

Me: Hey you 

Him: Nono 

Me: How are you? 

Him: I'm good.. You? 

Me: I'm good too

Him: What are you doing? 

Me: I was.. 

I looked at my Bible..

Me: I was just studying 

Him: Hope I'm not disturbing 

Me: No I'm actually done 

Him: don't lie

Me: I'm serious 

Him: School work is important I don't want you getting distracted 

Me: No it's fine I'm done with school work 

Him: Hope you not lying 

Me: Bible

Him: Huh? 

Me: Never mind 


Me: I was actually checking my car that someone promised me

He laughed.. 

Him: I'll get you that 

Me: I'm noting it down on my diary 

Him: Do that 

Me: And possibly the biggest wedding? 

Him: That too

Me: A house? 

Him: Yes that too 

Me: I'm holding you to every word 

Him: Note it down.. Remind me what are you bringing again? 

Me: Love 

He laughed again.. 

Me: And my degree 

Him: And a second degree 

Me: Maybe a masters 

Him: Ya but I was talking about something else 

Me: What is that? 

Him: Never mind 

I laid back on my bed as we continued talking we ended up talking about retarded that made laugh. Like really laugh I was enjoying this moment.. 

To be continued 


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