"Isina muva liyabukwa akasekho obhek'muva shona phantsi.. Jaiva nawe moova wena uzele ukugroova shona phantsi"

For some weird reason I was having fun at the car wash with Zwe and his friends he was the one busy washing cars and Sjava was entertaining me with all his ridiculous talks and occasionally dancing. Zwe had gone to fetch my food next door I didn't even eat the whole thing. I got full quickly. I never knew these guys were so much fun I always thought that they were a bunch of low life crackheads. I was having so much fun I don't wanna lie I was being treated like a queen.

I somehow even pushed back what happened earlier to the back of my head. I kept on looking at Zwe I was taken about everything that he was doing. The way he moved around the way he laughed and smiled when he looked at me my heart would met. It was really nice... 

Sjava: Wena awazi nex Ntando sibuya kude (We come very far)

Me: Serious?

Sjava: Mina ngike nga vimba ama bullet nge halavu (I once stopped bullets coming my way with a shovel)

Me: Hai Sjava that doesn't sound right (Laughing)

Zwe laughed too..

Sjava: Ehh wena uyadlala (You playing)

Me: Thsta something

Him: Bamba so (hold here)

He handed me the quart of castle lite..

Him: Ugade lapho ngiyabuya ngisayoshaya i six-nine (Gaurd it I'm going to pee)

Me: Okay

He got up and danced his way all to the back. I looked at it and then smelled it then I brought it closer to my lips. I just wanted to taste if it's nice because he was drinking it like a fish.. Zwe's voice freaked me out that I almost dropped the bottle..

Zwe: Wenzani? (What are you doing)

I put it down..

Me: I just wanted to taste it

He raised one of his eyebrows..

Me: Ngiyadlala I was smelling it

He continued cleaning the interior of the car while singing along to the song that was playing..

Zwe: "Isina muva liyabukwa akesekho obheka muva shona phantsi.. Jaiva nawe moova wena uzel'ukugroova shona phantsi"

I found myself smiling like a retard I can't believe I'm being smitten by this guy..I took out my phone and went on Facebook because my entertainment was gone the song changed. At first I wasn't taken by it but when I listened to it more it really hit.. I looked at Zwe after a while and he was singing along to it while looking at me.. 

Zwe: "Babe you in denial girl you love me so.. That's the reason you should be mine girl I love you more.." 

When our eyes met he looked away and continued with what he was doing.. He looked at me again I smiled at him and he smiled back at me while singing along.. 

Zwe:" We a match made in heaven and you know it can't deny the fact that I fantise everyday"

I blushed and went back to my phone. Zwe has this cute side smile that gets to me it gets to my heart then goes down to my stomach then all the way down to my V-jayjay".. The moment was interrupted by Sjava's scratchy voice. He came back to sit down while zipping his pants and with a cigarette in his mouth. I doubt he even washed his hands I passed him bottle.. 

Sjava: Dankie.. Dankie Mommy 

I crossed my legs I was sitting on a camping chair... 

Sjava: Ey baba awudlale into ekhona (Play a nice song) 

Zwe kept on changing songs until Sjava found himself a Suitable song.. 

"Zaka zaka zaka sifuna izaka zaka zaka" 

Sjava: Wazi mina ke eyam'

I am a Beyoncé and Rihanna type of girl so these songs I was hearing them for the first time but they were nice no lie. He went on to dance Zwe would join him here and there.. 

Sjava: Buya Ntando (Come Ntando) 

Me: No no no 

He came and got me from the chair I didn't wanna dance but I ended up dancing while holding my dress. I didn't even know what I was doing but the beat was nice we kept dancing like that until my phone started ringing. It was my Mother I walked to the gate to answer.. 

Me: Ma

Ma: Ntando kanti sowuhlala eCorner? (Ntando now you live at the corner) 

Me: Ma? 

Ma: Yey wena we late for church!! 

Dammit I completely forgot about church.. 

I looked at Zwe and Sjava.. 

Me: Can't you go without me? 

Ma: Ntando! Endlini manje (Ntando! Come home now) 

Me: Okay ngiyeza (I'm coming) 

I walked back to Zwe.. 

Me: I have to go back home 

Him: I thought you were having fun? 

Me: I am but I have to go to church 

Him: Okay ithi ngikukhaphe (I'll accompany you) 

He looked at Sjava.. 

Zwe: I'm coming eyami.. Ngisabeka uNono amanyawo (I'm coming I'm accompanying Ntando) 

Sjava: Hau Ntando kanjalo vele (Just like that) 

Me: I'm going to church 

Sjava: Usibeke (pray for us) 

Me: Okay 

Sjava: Sho Ngwana 

Zwe and I started walking.. 

Me: I even forgot that I'm going to church 

Zwe chuckled.. 

I held his hand

he didn't protest.. 

Me: I had fun

Him: The car wash is a lot of fun

Me: It is.. Thank you for what you did for me earlier on 

Him: akuna stress 

The walk home seemed a bit short I wanted to be with him spend some time with him. He stopped at the gate.. 

Him: Kuzomele ngijike (I have to go back) 

Me: Thank you 

He gave me the side smile again.. 

Him: Sharp friend 

The "friend" situation brought me back to reality.. 

Me: Bye

He still stood there.. 

Him: I'm waiting for you to go back in

Me: Ohw ya.. Bye 

Him: Sharp 

I walked into the yard he waited for me to totally disappear.. I opened the kitchen door all smiling my smile disappeared when I saw my Mom standing there.. 

Me: Ma.. 

Her: Don't even say anything go get your Bible we late! 

Me: Okay 

I smiled and went to get my Bible.. 

Her: Don't forget a jacket it's cold 

Me: Yebo Ma

My phone beeped it was a whatsapp text from Zwe..

"Enjoy church" 

I texted back.. 

"Thank you" 

He then sent me a smiley emoticon I sat down on my bed and smiled.. 

Ma: Ntando!!! 

Me: Ngiyeza Ma (I'm coming Ma) 



I walked back to the car wash to finish off what I was doing.. When I got there Mbali and her crew were around.. They were crowding Sjava.. I greeted them Sjava had finished off the car that I was busy with. So we split the cash.. 

Sjava: Eyami asambeni siye ka Zozo (My friend let's go to have fun) 

I looked at them Mbali is a vulture. She's probably broke her and her friends want something with something to buy them alcohol.. 

Me: Ngi grand (I'm good) 

Mbali: Kanti yini manje? (What's wrong now) 

I packed up my things.. 

Sjava: Sekadlisiwe lo (They've given him a love portion already) 

Mbali: Ubani? (Who) 

Sjava: Ntando 

Mbali: uNtando? 

Me: I just have better things to do on a Saturday night 

I don't do much alcohol honestly with my state of finance I don't have money to be blowing around I'd rather use that money to do something concrete. I can't compare myself with them they come from ordinary homes they don't have to worry about their next meal. Unlike me I am the breadwinner at home and I have to be working on my invention start thinking about where to get funding than wasting my time blowing money then regretting tomorrow.. 

Me: Sharp Eyami 

Sjava: Sho Eyami 

I walked home.. 



If I said I was concentrating at church I would be lying. In my mind Alicia Keys teenage love affair" was playing. 

"Can't wait to get home

Baby dial your number

Can you pick up the phone

'cause I wanna holla?

Daydreaming about you all day

In school can't concentrate

Want have your voice in my ear

'Til ma comes and says it's too late" 

With that I kept on checking my phone until my Mom took it she gave me a deadly look. I didn't say anything I stood up and participated in the praise and worship.. 



I saw a few kids crowding the gate at my house only to find that they were busy poking my Mom with sticks who was passed out at the gate. They were busy poking her and laughing she was gone with half of her dress up she wasn't even wearing an underwear. I got closer and they ran away some of their Mothers were standing next door at the gate busy laughing at what was happening. I looked at her and she had pissed on herself again I picked her up she protested.. 

Her: Wenzani maan (What are you doing) 

I dragged her inside whilst she was busy hitting me.. 

Her: Zwe? 

Me: Ma

Her: Hai maan ngibisele kamaphifu (take me back to the tarven)

I ignored her.. 

Her: Yazi u useless uyafana nobabakho kungcono ubhuti wakho beka nceda (You are useless just like your father at your brother used to help) 

I tried to ignore her comments.. 

Her: Bekungcono ngabe kufe wena (it would've been better if you the one who died)

I still ignored her what can you say to a drunk person that can make sense? 

Her: Mina ngidla imali yam' ungazongenza so (I spend my money don't do me like this) 

I went and threw her on her bed she kept on talking but she was too drunk to even get up. I banged the door on my way out and went to my room. I took out my phone and earphones I put on my earphones and laid back on my bed. I put the volume on full blast I was boiling inside.. 

To be continued 


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