Life went on as usual Dudu didn't stay for that long. When she left I went back to my normal routine being indoors and instead of watching movies I started with my school work I didn't wanna take any chances. I hardly saw uZwe because I never went back to the corner. Things between me and my mom were better now everything was just peaceful. It was a Saturday morning since we were doing 21 days fasting at church my pastor decided that we going to have a church service today. One in the morning and another one later on. I decided not to go to the morning service I had to clean but my Mom was going... My mom walked back into the house she had been outside talking to the guy who cuts our grass and clean the yard.. 

Mom: Ntando 

Me: Ma

Her: Sengiyahamba (I'm leaving) 

Me: Okay Ma

Her: So you know the drill please make some food for uZwe 

Me: Huh? 

Her: He will be cutting our grass and cleaning the yard 

I walked up to the window Zwe was standing outside preparing everything.. 

Me: What happened to our usual guy? 

Ma: He went home you know South Africa and Xenophobia

Me: We couldn't get anyone else? 

Ma: No.. Someone told me about uZwe 

Me: I didn't know ukuthi he cleans yards 

Ma: Nami but ke he comes highly recommended 

Me: Ohw 

Ma: Remember you are redeeming yourself so be nice to him 

Me: Yebo Ma

She took her bag and left. Out of everyone uZwe??.. 

I stood at the window and looked at him he had on a big hat. It was very sunny and hot outside. I continued with my chores then I looked at the time and he was now here for almost an hour. I exhaled and closed my eyes.. 

Me: Come on Ntando you can do this 

I unlocked the front door and opened it he had done half of the grass because he was using a scissor instead of the machine. He had taken off his t-shirt he was left with his hat his blue overall trouser and his old worn out all star sneakers. He was sweating I saw a trail of sweat from his chest going all the way down to his Adonis belt (V-line). His trousers were not all the way up. I took a few deep breaths and walked out.. 

Me: Hey 

He moved his eyes from the street and then looked at me he looked more handsome with the hat on. The string extended to a bit to his chest.. 

Him: Ntando 

I cleared my throat.. 

Me: Uhm.. My.. My mom said I should make you something to eat 

Him: Thank you but I'm not hungry 

He went back to looking at the people who were busy passing why is he so called towards me all of a sudden? 

Me: Can I get you some water? Cold water? 

He looked at me again... 

Him: Cha ngiyabonga I'll drink from the tap 

I didn't know what to say after that I went back inside the house. I tried to continue with what was left of my chores but it bothered me that he was cold against me all of a sudden I let another hour pass and then prepared some cheese sandwiches and juice. I took the tray to him he was sitting at the doorstep now holding what looked like a book. I didn't disturb him I looked at the book and those were pretty good phone designs. I stood there until he turned and saw me he closed the book.. 

Me: Sorry I didn't mean to startle you 

Him: It's okay 

Me: I've made you some sandwiches 

Him: That's sweet but I did tell you that I'm good 

I turned back but I didn't get inside the house this is ridiculous!. I looked at him again.. 

Me: Did I do anything to offend you? 

Him: Askies? 

Me: You very cold towards me 

Him: I don't know what you talking about 

Me: Come on Zwe 

He smiled and shook his head.. 

I went and sat down next to him.. 

Me: You've been working for almost 2 hours now I'm sure you hungry and you haven't even had cold water.. That's not good in this heat 

He looked at me without saying anything.. 

Me: What? 

Him: I didn't think you care 

Me: Well.. My mom gave me strict orders 

He nodded.. 

Him: Okay thank you for the sandwiches 

He took the tray from me.. Before he started eating he looked at me.. 

Him: Anything else? 

Me: Uhm no 

Him: Thank you for the sandwiches

That was a polite way of him saying "You can now leave) 

I cleared my throat.. 

Me: This is probably none of my business but.. You and Mbali? I mean shs is a well know b-.. I mean a well known loose girl around here 

Him: The first line was correct 

Me: I'm just wondering why a guy like you would fall for someone like her I mean she's is not your type 

Him: Who is my type? 

Me: I'm just saying 

Him: Mbali and I we just friends.. Happy now? 

That was a big relief.. 

Me: So what's going on in that book? 

Him: It's nothing 

Me: Come on 

Him: It's something that I only show to my friends and people who are very close to me 

Me: Ohw 

Him: Ya for you to see what's inside you have to my friend or be close to me 

Me: Well I.. I can be your friend 

He gave me a weird look.. 

Him: Serious? 

Me: So long you don't hit on me 

He curved his lips.. 

Him: Okay 

Me: Can I see? 

Him: Wait 

He passed me his phone.. 

Him: As my friend I need to have you on whatsApp

Now he was pushing it.. I put my number in his phone 

Me: Done 

You would expect Zwe to smell somehow but even with all that sweat his shower gel still made it to my nostrils.. He gave me his book and I looked at it busy paging through. Everything was in detail this was damn good.. 

Me: Wow.. This is good 

Him: You think? 

Me: Yes please tell me more 

Him: You'll just laugh 

Me: I won't.. I promise 

Him: Okay.. 

He went to tell me about his vision and to be honest I was shocked. All along I thought this guy was just wasting his time at the car wash this is a very big and good vision.. 

Me: So all you need is funding? 

Him: Yes 

Me: This is good Zwe this is very good.. Honestly speaking I would buy your phone most importantly because it's a South African invention 

He looked at me without saying anything.. 

Me: What? 

He smiled.. 

Him: Nothing.. I'll go and wash my hands so I can eat the sandwiches 

Me: Okay 

He went to wash his hands whilst I continued to look at his designs he came back and started eating. Somehow I managed to hear his story about why he never considered going to varsity he didn't get into detail with everything but I heard him. I heard most of it. When he was done eating he went back to doing his job to keep busy I decided to help him since I was done with my chores. I don't wanna lie I was having a good time with him. We were talking about basic things and he was making me laugh he has a good sense of humour. I had a refuse bag and I kept putting the grass that he had cut inside he was busy racking it in my direction until he did it forcefully that some landed on me.. 

Him: Yerrr askies 

He did that on purpose.. 

Me: Can you becareful please? 

He laughed.. 

Him: I'm sorry.. Let me help 

He came and helped me to dust it off that went on until our hands somehow crossed paths. He looked at me and I looked at him he had beautiful eyes.. He broke the eye contact.. 

Him: Sorry 

Me: It's okay 

We continued cleaning and then made it to the back there were a few bricks lying around. I decided to pack them before he started sweeping.. I was very surprised at how he worked he didn't take minor breaks. After like 5min I would just stand there all tired and then start again.. 

Him: Let me help you with that before you hurt yourself 

He was a true gentleman.. 

Me: I'll start sweeping 

He picked up the bricks and put them against the wall I swept half of the yard and then he finished off. Finally we were done that took a very long time and I was now very tired.. 

Him: Thank you for helping me out 

Me: It's nothing really 

He went to wash his hands.. 

Me: I'll go get your money 

I went to take the R250 on my Mom's dressing table then I went and gave it to him. 

He took it and then gave me R100.. 

Me: That's not necessary 

Him: You helped.. It's only fair 

I took it.. 

Me: Thank you 

Him: I should get going I need to home and bath again then go to the car wash 

Me: You won't rest? 

Him: I don't rest 

Me: Okay then.. Thank you for cleaning our yard 

Him: You welcome 

He walked away.. 

Me: Hey 

He stopped and looked at me... 

Me: There's a church service later on you can join if you want 

Him: Maybe some other time thank you 

That was very stupid

of course he was going to say no. How can one invite someone to church? That was just below the belt.. 

Me: You very stupid Ntando 

I went back inside I waited for him to leave then I locked the doors. I went and bathe first when I was done I went straight to bed. 



I never thought that Ntando would finally give in to me I know we not dating but I've been after this girl for a very long time now. Ever since she was doing grade 11 she has never even thought of holding a decent conversation with me then. I was more taken by the fact that she didn't laugh at my dream most people laughed and discouraged me but with her she somehow believed in it.. 

I got home and the was no one was around I went to my bedroom to put the money I made today with the rest of the money that I'm going to deposit tomorrow. Things in my wardrobe were upside down I checked my money and it wasn't there. R1500 gone just like that.. 

Me: You got to be kidding me! 

Minnie is everything but a thief I could leave  money lying around she won't take it without asking. The only culprit is my Mom that's my hard earned money.. 

I sat down on my bed defeated she's not even going to do anything useful with the money but just blow it on alcohol. I took off my hat and threw it on the floor I can't believe she stole from me.. 



I tried to sleep but I couldn't I kept on thinking about Zwe. His sweaty upper body and his beautiful eyes. I took my phone and checked him on whatsapp his last seen was at 13:00. It's now 14:00. I'm going to play this cool I'm not going to text him first.. I heard my Mom calling out I got out of bed and went to open for her.. 

Her: Yooh this yard looks clean he did better than our usual guy 

Me: That's true I even helped out

She gave me a weird look.. 

Her: Serious? 

Me: Yes 

She laughed.. 

Me: What? 

Her: I just can't imagine you cleaning the yard 

Me: I did.. I helped him

Her: That's good 

She walked to her room.. 

Me: Ohw and Ma guess what? 

Her: What?

I followed her to her bedroom.. 

Me: I was wrong about him 

Her: Really?

Me: Yeap.. He is not wasting his life at the car wash 

She started undressing.. 

Me: Please don't tell anyone but he showed me his phone design if he gets funding his phone will be the biggest thing in South Africa

Ma: That's good Zwe does seem smart 

Me: He is beyond the word smart he's very well spken he is sweet and he is such a gentle man 

Her: Woow it looks you two had fun 

Me: Actually I did he is a good friend 

Her: Friend? 

Me: Ohw we friends now 

She sat next to me... 

Her: I've never seen you this excited about a boy at some point I thought you were lesbian 

Me: Haaa Ma! 

Her: I was even ready to accept you Nana

Me: I'm not lesbian Ma

Her: Well then sweetie I know that you don't have any experience in dating but please don't rush into anything and condoms are very affordable 

Me: We not going to date Ma we just friends 

Her: Yes of course.. What am I thinking you two are just friends 

Me: I'll make you some tea 

Her: Thank you baby 



I bathe and made my way to the car wash my Mom really pissed me off today. From hereon I just have to deposit my money right away. I have at least R5000 in the bank when I make it to R10 000 I wanna start buying things for the house... The car wash was busy as usual I changed to my gear and went to help 

Sjava: Ntwana yam' take those two cars ngisayo bamba iBeer

Me: Sho eyam'

Sjava is a good guy he always looks out for me.. 



I know I said I'm not going to text him first but I decided too.. 

Me: "Friend" 

My message only had one tick maybe he's busy.. 

Me: Ma

She was dozing on the couch.. 

Me: Ma

She looked at me.. 

Me: I'm going to the corner should I get you something 

Her: No Nana I'm good don't take long we going to church later on 

Me: I won't 

I made my out I was wearing my summer dress and sandals. I'm not big on makeup so I only used an eyeliner. My afro was nicely combed and I had a hairband.. At least the corner is not that far... I put in my order and I saw that it was busy at the car wash. I went and sat down but that didn't go so well. It was full today and these guys were busy eyeing me all drunk and being disrespectful I stood up and made my way to the car wash with one of the drunkards following me. He was really starting to scare me now because I really didn't wanna talk to him and he didn't understand that.. 

When I got to the gate he grabbed my arm in a very rough way.. 

Him: Ai wena ng'khuluma nawe (I'm talking to you) 

This is a new experience for me I didn't know how to react this guy was scaring me and his friends were standing not that far from us. They were looking at us.. 

Him: Ungazong'chomela wena tsek!! (don't play hard to get) 

Me: Let go of my arm you hurting me! 

Him: Cabanga ukuthi you important ngale English yakho your rubbish!!! (You think you important with your English) 

I don't think they were from our hood it was my first time seeing them... 

Me: Let go of me!

Tears were near.. 

Him: Buya wena noma ngizokuthela ngale beer (Come or I'll pour this beer on you) 

My heart was beating way too fast.. 

He was pulling me.. 

Me: Please leave me alone (crying) 

He raised up his beer bottle.. His friends were chanting "mthele" (pour it on her) 

I didn't know what to do.. 

Voice: Ngake uqale (I would like to see you try) 

He stopped pulling me then he let go of my arm. I turned back and it was Sjava he was standing with Zwe. Sjava had a chain rolled around his hand the rest of it was dangling around.. 

Zwe: Sizoba nenkinga? (Are we going to have a problem) 

I have never seen Zwe this serious.. 

The guy looked at me and turned to his friends then he turned back to us.. 

Him: Nex Majita bengidlalisa uNgwana kphela (No we won't have a problem I was just playing with her) 

Sjava: voetsek ke anigcwale indlela (Ya'll can leave now) 

The guy looked at me and licked his lower lip.. 

Zwe: What the?? 

Zwe walked up to him but I stopped him halfway.. 

Guy: Uzoyenzani? (What are you going to do) 

Zwe: Wena ufuna ukwenzani? (what do you want want to do) 

Guy: Woza baba phela mina angishi (come let's fight I'm not scared) 

Zwe tried to get to him but I put my hands on his chest and pushed him back.. 

Me: Zwe just leave him he's not worth it 

Zwe: I just want to see what he's going to do that's all

He said that with a smile on his face but in actual fact he was pissed.. 

Me: Zwe please 

Sjava also came closer.. The guy took out his knife.. 

Guy: Woza Baba (come) 

Zwe: Don't worry nothing is going to happen I just wanna see what he's going to do that's all 

His friends called him.. 

Guy: Ayikapheli (this is not over) 

Zwe: Izobonana (We will see each other again) 

The guy walked up to his friends they got in their Gusheshe and started spinning around before they left.. 

Sjava: Nx!! Sesihamba nje sijwayelwa 

Zwe turned to me.. 

Him: Are you okay? 

I was literally shaking I put my arms around his waist and buried my face on his chest crying.. 

Zwe: Bakuphi vele laba fana? (where are they from) 

Sjava: Ang'cavi yazi (I don't know) 

They really scared me.. 

Sjava: Bheka manje bathuse uNgwana (Look now they've scared her) 

Zwe: Nono

Me: Just walk me home please (crying) 

Zwe: I'll walk you home let me just finish up here 

Me: I wanna go home (crying) 

Him: You will go.. How about you come chill inside the car wash then later when I'm done I'll take you home is that alright? 

I nodded.. 

Him: Asambe ke (let's go inside then) 

To be continued 


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