I thought I would finish early but washing the blankets and cleaning her room was a lot of work not forgetting the sly comments that the neighbours were throwing at me busy calling me "Sis'bhuti". My mother was sleeping on the couch I've been busy making her to drink water hoping that her hangover would soon disappear. I was done at exactly 12:00 in the afternoon I was dead tired. I would rest a bit but there's no time for resting I need to go out and hustle. I took a blanket from Minnie's room and put it on her because she was shivering I stood there and looked at her for a while..



As always Dudu dragged me to the corner so that we could get something to eat and chill. I'm sure a few people from the hood were amazed seeing me sitting here. Dudu had bought a quart of flying fish she was broke to buy the 6 pack. The car wash was busy as always I kept on running my eyes there and I couldn't see Zwe I kept on seeing his friend Sjava and a few other guys that work there..

Dudu: Yabona manje they playing my songs

Me: Don't tell you gonna get up and dance please

Her: If the song allows I will


Her: You still shaken by the fight you had with your Mom?

I even forgot about that..

Me: Not exactly.. I don't see Zwe at the car wash

Her: For someone who hates the guy you talk about him a lot

Me: I'm just wondering that's all

Her: Yazi if you could give him a chance you two would be good together. Trust me you need someone like him as your first boyfriend

I chuckled..

Me: That won't happen Dudu

Her: I know I'm just saying you don't wanna fall for someone who will break your heart. You won't recover

Me: Ngi right Dudu

Her: Okay ke stop talking about him

She looked at the time...

Her: Ngiyabuya let me go and see if our order is ready



On my way to the car wash I bumped into Mbali she's a good friend of mine. We were in the same class in high school from grade 8 until grade 10..

Her: Zwe

Me: Skeem

Her: Vandag ngiyohlala nani eCar wash (Today I'm going to chill with you guys at the car wash)

Mbali has a bit of a reputation

from grade 8 until grade 10..

Her: Zwe

Me: Skeem

Her: Vandag ngiyohlala nani eCar wash (Today I'm going to chill with you guys at the car wash)

Mbali has a bit of a reputation she even dated my friend Sjava at some point. She's the type of girl that your Mother wouldn't approve of. She was very beautiful in high school most of the guys wanted her if not all. Her beauty is still a bit there but it's not as how it was back in high school. We walked to the car wash by now she had lit a cigarette and we kept on exchanging it. We didn't go straight to the car wash we passed by at the corner first she wanted something to eat. Ntando was sitting there alone busy on her phone today I ignored her. I wasn't in the best mood to be dealing with her attitude..

Mbali: Let me sit down ngikhokhe umoya

Me: I'll go and buy

I left her with my backpack while I went to order Dudu already there. It wasn't busy today. I ordered some chips half white bread and a cool drink..

Dudu: Gazi

Me: Gazi

Dudu: Namhlanje uLate (today you late)

Me: I had errands to run

Dudu: Ngizokubona (I'll see you)

Me: Sharp

I paid and then waited for our order when it came I took everything and went to sit with Mbali. I had my back against Ntando..

Mbali: Ehh Skeem

Me: Yini (What)

Her: Yazi uNtando has been giving me nasty looks

She opened the cool drink..

Her: It's like I stole her man

Me: uNtando unama moods wakhe (Ntando has her moods)

Mbali: I think she likes you

I laughed..

Me: Yeah right

Her: Usamfuna? (You still want her)

Me: Aii you know uNtando

She smiled a little..

Her: Let me try something

She got up and came to me out of the blue she kissed me then hugged me. She went back to her where she was sitting...

I wiped my lips..

Me: And then?

Her: Thula wena uzobona (You'll see)

We started eating..



I don't know why but when Mbali kissed Zwe something deep inside of me moved..I couldn't even breath properly nor eat my Kota (bunny chow) 

Me: Nx sies!! 

Dudu: Yini? (What) 

Me: uZwe akazithandi (Zwe doesn't respect himself) 

Dudu: What are you talking about? 

Me: Look at him he's now messing around with the biggest dirt in the hood 

Dudu: Why do you care? I thought you didn't like the guy? 

Me: Vele I don't I was just saying 

I saw them getting up they took their food and walked away. Zwe didn't even look at me 

Me: I might make this a takeaway 

Dudu: You not hungry? 

Me: Not anymore 

I looked at them as they made their way to the car wash.. 

Me: Did you see that? He didn't even greet me nor look at me 

Dudu rolled her eyes.. 

Me: Sies yazi I thought he was different 

Dudu: Please Ntando I don't wanna hear nothing about Zwe anymore 

Me: Sorry I didn't know I was boring you 

Her: Well you are 

Me: Mxm 

This whole situation bored me to death.. 

To be continued 


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Nozi 2020-02-28 16:13:18

Bathong ntando moss orile ga o mobatle 💀

Palesa 2020-02-28 14:29:54

Zwe seems like a good guy

Nikie Yamihle Mavalantiya 2020-02-28 13:46:47

I feel sorry for you Zwe coz uzogula uMbali afune uncedwa nguwe