The following morning I woke up very early to make my mom breakfast before she left for work I did a lot of thinking last night and realized that I was out of line. I said a lot of things that were harsh I wasn't raised that way indeed. She leaves at 4:30am to catch the first bus she has to be at work by 5:30 to prepare the kids for school. At least she doesn't work that far but I really have to make it work so that she can quit this sorry ass job that drains her a lot. I made her some rooibos tea and soft porridge it's her favorite breakfast I hope I'll be forgiven after this..

Me: Good morning Ma

Her: Morning

She looked at the porridge and tea..

Her: Goodbye I'll see you later

Me: Ma.. Ngiyaxolisa (I'm sorry)

Her: I didn't raise you that way

Me: I know and I'm sorry

Her: I'll see you later

She walked out she must be really angry to even refuse breakfast. I looked at the food and exhaled in fustration I don't like when there's tension between us..



I was woken up by the door opening I had fallen asleep late last night busy working on my invention. I am not trying to compete with the biggest in the game I just want to make my mark. I want to put my country at the top to show the world that South Africa is also able. My phone won't be that much different if I can get funding for this one I can move on to Laptops and Tvs. Smart Tvs. I just need that one person to believe in me and then fund me I still don't know what to call it. I got out of bed to check who it was I thought it was my Mother but it was Minnie she freaked out when she saw me standing there..

Her: Ungithusile (you scared me)

I folded my arms..

Me: Ubuyaphi? (Where are you coming from)

Her: I was.. I was from meeting a friend at the gate 

Me: Don't lie to me you not even on your PJs. You slept out!

Her: So what? You not my father!

Me: Minnie!

I'm a very humble person I don't fight with anyone and I hate tension with all my heart.

Her: Please let me do me and you do you!

Me: You should be focusing on your school work!

She laughed..

Her: Ohw please! Kuzongimikisaphi lokho? (Where is that going to get me)

Me: Minnie listen to me

Her: Zwe vuka! This is our life we are cursed okay? I can't just sit around and do nothing

Me: I provide for you you don't have to do this!

Her: Angeke sadla imali yase car wash unomphela Zwe! (we can't rely on the small money that you make from the car wash)

Me: I'm trying

Her: Look around.. Siyintlekisa! Abantu basiphathisa okwezinja! (We are a joke people treat us like trash)

Me: If you going to live your life giving fucks about what people say you won't make it. This route that you taking is going to lead you astray you will end pregnant or sick!

Her: I'll take my chances!

She made her way to me..

Her: Askies

She pushed me out of the way and went to her bedroom.. My father only left us the house he took all his furniture and left it empty. We had to get a few things just to make it less empty all the things we have here is nothing but garbage except for the beds that my Brother bought for us. They old now

all the things we have here is nothing but garbage except for the beds that my Brother bought for us. They old now you can't get a peaceful sleep from them...



My cousin woke later after I had finished cleaning all I wanted to do now was to sleep. I've been up since from 4am busy making my mother porridge that she didn't even eat I'm not used to waking up that early

Dudu: Zala

Me: Zala

Her: Kudliwa ini? (What are we eating)

Me: Ahh ungabheka (you can check)

Her: Eish I'm craving something spicy nyana maybe amagwinya ne atchaar

I didn't answer..

Her: Ukahle Zala? (Are you okay)

Me: I fought with my mom last night

Her: Why?

Me: It's nothing serious

Her: Okay


Me: Why do people get mad when I express myself? Why is it so wrong for me not to want to be involved with someone like Zwe? Why can't I be honest about how I feel

Her: Eish lento futhi (This again)

Me: Yebo yena muhle kodwa sodla ubuhle? (Yes he is cute but are we going to eat his cuteness)

She sat down..

Me: I don't want to be involved with him and it shouldn't be an issue!!

Her: Whoa Zala.. Kancane nje (Wait a minute cuz)

Me: It's just upsetting..

Her: Mawungamufuni yeka ke ukukhuluma ngaye (If you don't want him then stop talking about him)

Me: I won't because he's always annoying me

Her: Maye ngafa bo

She stood up..

Me: Where are you going?

Her: To buy iGrandpa nama gwinya before ngifa

She made her way to the door..

Me: Mxm



Minnie ended up going to school I think she only went to school just to avoid me. I decided to clean first before going to the car wash Minnie will never clean and I can't count on my Mother. As I was busy cleaning I heard her gagging I walked up to her bedroom. I knocked..

Me: Ma???

Her: Ngena (come in)

I opened the door and the smell was now intense it was both urine and vomit..

Ma: Ngicabanga ukuthi ngiyagula Zwe (I think I'm sick)

Me: It's probably hangover

Her: Mina? Ibhabhalazi? (Me? Hungover?)

Me: Come on

I walked up to her and helped her to get up the vomit was also on her dress and on the bed..

Me: I'll boil you some water

She was even shaking. I walked out to boil her some water I'll be cleaning her room while she baths. Our geyser burst last year we don't have money to get a new one so we boil the kettle for hot water.. I heard her coughing..

Her: Ohhh Nkosi yam' ngiyafa (Dear God I'm dying)

After preparing her water I led her to the bathroom and then closed the door I went to sort out her bed. When I lifted the blanket it was dripping wet with urine I tried to hold myself back from vomiting. I got the blanket and the sheet down even the mattress was wet. I walked up to her wardrobe to check if she had any clean clothes she did have a clean dress. I took it out and went to put it in my bedroom..

Me: Ma

Her: Yebo?

Me: Uzogqoka ekamereni lami (you'll dress up in my bedroom)

Her: Ngiyabonga mntwanam' ( thank you my child)

I went back to her bedroom to sort everything out no matter how hard I tried to downplay this but it didn't work. Tears streamed down. I am a boy and my Mother is showing me things that I'm not supposed to see I would just sit and not do anything but she's my Mother. No one will clean after her when she walks down the street she has to look clean. She's been a laughing stock for far too long now. They say there's a God why isn't he coming through for us? I'm trying my best but it seems like my best is not good enough. I sat down on the floor crying I usually take shit in and keep it to myself but now it's too much. I can't take this any more


To be continued 


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NOSIPHO DALMINI 2020-02-28 09:09:50

ngamane ngabasemathandweni nencwadi

Sharon Letasi 2020-02-28 06:34:46

It's indeed too much....u just remind me of my own story

Elsie 2020-02-28 06:17:55

Life sometimes though 😔😔😔

Lungisiwe 2020-02-28 05:05:00

I feel for uZwe nkosyam bakithi. God has to come thru for him he's trying here.

Londiwe Dladla 2020-02-28 04:15:13

Shame poor Zwe, loMinnie when she's sick and pregnant uzoba umthwalo waZwe. Kurough for Zwe shame