We chilled there until it was a bit late to be honest I started to have a bit of fun. I didn't drink much of the savanna I only clung on to that one bottle and it really got to me. Next door they were now playing better music cars were driving in and cars were driving out. I never knew they had such good clients clients who drove nice cars and showed that they were loaded in their pockets. I'm not gold digging nor would I get on with one of them. But in the future when I do decide to date I would really like to date someone who won't be a burden to me. Someone who will help out financially..

Me: You not going to work tomorrow?

Dudu: I'm on leave

Dudu was trying to hustle every guy that greeted us I kept on telling her that no one would buy us free drinks without expecting anything in return. The world doesn't work like that.. I was starting to get a bit cold I kept on rubbing myself..

Me: Hai Dudu mele sambe manje (We have to go now)

She was left with one bottle of savanna and she was still standing Dudu is a certified drunk..I don't know what people get from drinking a lot alcohol doesn't excite me.. 

Me: Dudu 

Her: Okay ke asambe (okay let's go) 

We got up and made our way home she decided to drink her last savanna on the street. This is a mess I hope we won't get arrested because of her carelessness.. 



I left the car wash early today to go and get some food before heading home. I've made R350 it wasn't bad. When I got home with the full chicken chips bread and cool drink my Sister was sitting on the couch busy on her phone. Minnie is 18 years old and she's doing matric I really want her to do well but she seems to be in a world of her own. She doesn't put much effort into her school work 

Me: Minnie 

Her: Zwe 

She didn't even look at me.. 

I placed the food on the table.. 

Me: Where is Mom? 

Her: Bedroom 

I went to my bedroom and put my backpack on my bed I made my way out to go and check up on my mother. I knocked but I didn't get a response. I slowly opened the door and I was met by a pungent smell of urine it had engulfed the whole bedroom. I didn't close the door I left it open. I looked at her and she was passed out on the bed I could tell that she had urinated on herself more than once. I walked out and then closed the door my mother's behaviour is very disheartening. I don't expect her to be perfect but I wish that she could get her shit together be a good mother and take care of herself. I looked at Minnie.. 

Me: Ngiyabuya (I'm coming back) 

Her: Okay 

When I'm not at the car wash I sell weed around to make extra cents.. I took my other back pack of weed put on my hoody and then went out.. 



We got home and my mom had just finished cooking I was full I'll see the food tomorrow. 

Dudu: Mamncane yabona namhlanje ngilala la kwakho (Aunty tonight I'm sleeping here) 

Ma: It's okay.. Ugade ungawi ke (becareful don't fall) 

Dudu: Ngisayo lala (I'm going to sleep) 

She made her way to my bedroom while I shook my head.. My mom laughed.. 

Ma: At least you guys had fun 

Me: It wasn't bad 

I sat down.. 

Ma: Yini indaba (what's wrong) 

Me: Nothing much.. It's just uZwe 

Ma: Umfaka ka Hlubi? (The Hlubi boy) 

I nodded.. 

Ma: Wenzeni? (What did he do) 

Me: He bores me nje Ma he doesn't wanna give up 

Ma: Hau uyamchaza njena (He likes you) 

Me: Hai Ma Zwe must give up 

Ma: Kanti what's wrong with him?

Me: Are you serious? 

She looked at me waiting for a response.. 

Me: He doesn't know if he's coming or going Ma he doesn't have any future plans. He is very comfortable eCar wash if we do date what exactly will he be bring to the table? I don't see him bettering his life. I don't want a man that's going to be a financial burden a man should be the one taking care of his woman and not the other way around plus his mom yeses! 

Ma: Ntando!! 

Me: What? I'm telling the truth! She walks up and down these streets drunk everyone knows she's a drunk and those Men there take advantage of her in exchange for another bottle of beer 

She threw the swab at me.. 

Her: Enough Ntando! I didn't raise you like that 

I kept quiet.. 

Her: I didn't raise you to disrespect nor talk ill about elders like that it doesn't matter what her lifestyle is at the end of the day mdala and you will respect her 

I still remained quiet.. 

Ma: I'm so disappointed in you 

Me: Sorry Ma 

Ma: You go to church you shouldn't be talking like that about other people just because uZwe things aren't going well for him that doesn't mean he doesn't want to make his life better. I don't want to hear you saying bad about other people here in my house do you understand me? 

Me: Yebo Ma 

Ma: You need to pray for your heart Ntando it's too dark 

She closed the pot and then gave me one last look before disappearing to the lounge.. 



"Hear my words or listen to my signal of distress.. I grew up in the city and though some times we had less compared to some of my niggas down the block man we were blessed. And life can't be no fairytale no once upon a time but I be God damned if a nigga don't be tryin'.. So tell me mama please why you be drinking all the time? does all the pain he brought you still linger in your mind?

Cause pain still lingers on mine"

I had my earphones on and just sitting at the car wash I have managed to sell at least 3 small bundles so far. That's R75 it's not bad. Cars stop coming at around 20:00 that's when the guys would start packing and leaving. It was now 19:30 they only had 2 cars. I'm sure they going to call it a night after this.. 

Sjava threw a sponge at me I took off my earphones.. 

Him: Woza Baba (come) 

Me: Ngi ngrand eyami (I'm good) 

Him: Ithi ngiyaceda sizoyobamba ayi 2 noma ayi 3 (I'm almost done we'll go and have 2 or maybe 3 beers) 

Me: sho ntwana 

He washed the car until he finished then he made his way to me.. 

Me: Namhlanje iBusiness ayihambi kahle (my side business is not going well tonight) 

Him: Intsango ayithengisi kangaka (weed doesn't sell that much) 

He changed his sneakers.. 

Him: Wena ntwana ikasi alikufaneli (the hood doesn't suit you) 

Me: Ngizophuma kungeku dala (I'll make it out soon) 

Him: Yizo eyami (that's my dog) 

He got up.. 

Him: Asambe sobuthi fafa kancance (let's go and drink a little) 

Me: Asvaye (let's go) 

To be continued 


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