I don't think my Mother has ever been this proud of me let's face it making it to tertiary is almost every parent's dream when it comes to their kids. I've seen people with good results sitting at home because they couldn't find space or they don't have funding and God blessed me with both. When my father was working at some company he made it his life goal to put money for me so that I don't struggle were my education is concerned. He didn't hold a high position he was a security guard and he managed to invest R200 000 for me some of that money I'm planning to give it to my Mother. I come from a very loving home even after the passing of my father my mother remained a good parent to me..
Ma: I'm so happy Ntando you have made me proud my baby
That's all that I want to see a smile on her face..
Me: Thank you Mom
Ma: Kodwa ke I wished that you could've went to a varsity where you'll be staying in Res and experience life a little
Me: Come on Ma Unisa is not bad
Ma: I know but you need to start living your life
Me: I can't leave you alone
Ma: Haibo Ntando you can't be around me forever
Me: I'll move out when I start working.. Deal?
Her: Deal
We heard the door opening..
Voice: Miss Varsity!!
That was my nuisance cousin Duduzile.. Dudu is not only my cousin she's also my best friend. She is a few years older than me but we get along very well.. She showed up at the lounge carrying a 6 pack of savanna she looked at bit tipsy already. She put the savanna ontop of my Mom's table..
Her: Woza la Mzala (come here cuz)
She walked over to me almost tripping then she hugged me..
Her: I'm so proud of you
My cousin works at Clicks she never wanted to go to varsity after matric and she was lucky to get this job..
Her: Mamncane (Aunty)
Ma: Duduzile
She broke the hug..
Her: I was thinking how about we go to that busy corner get some bunny chow and just chill
Me: I don't think so
Ma: Please mthathe she needs to get fresh air
Her: Uyezwa (You hear)
I gave my Mom a weird look. Dudu took the savanna and then we made our way out..
Me: You buying
Her: Of course I'm buying undithatha kancinci wena (You taking me for granted)
Me: Is it even safe to walk around with those? Won't we get arrested?
Her: We not drinking it I'm just carrying it.. Relax Ntando
Me: Yazi I was watching my favourite series
Her: You need to stop with that maan! You'll end up being a serial killer
We got to the corner I sat down whilst Dudu went to order. They have chairs outside and a very big umbrella the car wash next door was providing music. It was a bit full so I took out my phone to keep myself busy. I went on Instagram to see what was going on
As I was sitting there busy minding my own business I heard a familiar voice..
Him: Exe
I looked at him and he was sitting across me. He was wearing his old worn out t-shirt I'm thinking he wears it when he washes cars
Me: Hi
I don't wanna lie Zwe annoys me to the core no matter how rude I am he still talks to me. He never gives up..
Him: I heard you starting school soon congrats
Zwe is well spoken I heard he got 5 distinctions in matric. Why he never applied for a bursary to go to varsity I'll never know.. He took out a R100 note and handed it to me I looked at it..
Him: Maybe you can buy yourself some cool drink or airtime
Me: It looks like you need it more than I do you can have it
He chuckled..
Him: No matter how rude or difficult you can be Ntando but one day I'm going to marry you. You'll see
Me: Keep on dreaming
Dudu came back saving me from this guy..
Dudu: Zwe mpintshi yam' (Zwe my friend)
Zwe: Wola Gazi
Dudu: Zithini lapho (How are you)
Zwe: Ang'rasi wena? (I'm not saying)
Dudu: Ngisharp
She put the savanna ontop of the table..
Me: How did you skip the queue?
Her: Ang'bhayizi phela mina (I'm not a fool)
Zwe: Seems like you girls are having fun let me not disturb
He got up..
Me: Uhm your R100?
Zwe: Ngiyiphe wena moss (I gave it to you)
He then winked at me and walked away I also noticed his old dirty and worn out all star sneakers..
Me: Aghhh
Dudu sat down..
Dudu: Yini manje? (what's wrong)
That guy bores me to death..
Dudu: Ngoba uZwe umuntu o right ke?
I rolled my eyes..
Me: Zwe passed his matric well why didn't he study further I'll never know
Her: Not everyone is as fortunate as you
Me: Agh excuses and excuses he could've applied for a bursary instead of smoking weed everyday with his friends
Her: He's hustling
Me: Hustling my left foot!!
She opened the savanna and took one she handed it to me..
Me: I don't drink
Her: Hai Mam'fundisi ungabhori (Don't bore me)
I took the bottle and looked at it..
Her: Phuza (drink)
Sjava: Wena ikudlisile lengane ne (this girl has bewitched you)
I sat next to him..
Him: Uzofunda kanjani akakufuni (When will you learn? She doesn't want you)
Me: I know
He passed me the rolled joint..
Him: Manje usafunani? (So what do you want)
Me: Aii maan awume (wait a minute)
I took my backpack and took out my book from it I opened it and went over my design plan..
Sjava: Entlek uSerious ngalento neh? (You serious with this thing)
No one understands my vision from my family all the way to my friends. When I first had this idea and shared it everyone almost laughed. They asked me how my phone will compete with Huawei Apple

Apple and Samsung. They always said that my dreams are way too big for my shoes...I took out my pen and a pencil.. A car came through while playing music loud..
"Yazi ang'understandi baby why uvale iPhone manje ng'buya kubo kodwa bathi amboni ende ngicica emaclubini still ang'mtholi mhlambe u baby unyang'shayaya wathi akajoli"
Sjava hit me on my shoulder a little..
Sjava: Ntanga mhlambe u Ntando uyak'shayaya makathi akajoli (Maybe Ntando is lying to you when she said she's not dating)
We both laughed after that comment..
Me: Eyakho ke le (That one is yours)
Sjava: Usho kanje?
Me: Ya I have to finish this
Sjava: Yizo nja yam'
He got up and went to wash the car..
My parents divorced when I was young then my father remarried. A few months after getting married communication was lost between us never sent us money never bothered to check up on us and all that. Things for us got a bit difficult since my Mother wasn't working. We lived on handouts up until my big brother got himself a job. Things started to get a bit better but unfortunately he passed on when I had just finished my matric killing every dream that I had of going to school. Since I was the second born I had to step up in providing for my Mother and my sister. I wash cars for a living I make decent money to put food on the table for both my mom and little sis. People in this hood tend to look down on us a lot because we don't have much especially when my mother was still begging for food.
I would lie if I said she's a good parent to us the divorce really messed her up and my Brother's death contributed too. She drinks a lot you'll be lucky if you ever find her at home. She's always at this other local tarven that's why I don't give her money anymore..
The driver of the Polo TSI changed the song he played one of my favorite songs. A song that always gets me through when I'm down.
If you had
One shot
Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture it
Or just let it slip?"
I smiled and went back to what I was doing I would stop here and there to steal glances at Ntando. I like her I like her a lot but getting with a girl like her is going to be difficult. She's not like them other girls around here she's always indoors I'm even surprised that she's out today. Ntando is the type that you only see when she goes to church town or to the local spaza shop..
Me: "You better lose yourself in the music
The moment you own it you better never let it go.. You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime..You better lose yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go.. You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime..
They were now playing songs that I didn't understand next door Dudu came back with our order. I had only taken two sips from this savanna bottle I don't like it I don't like the taste..
Dudu: Nazo (here we go)
Me: Thank you
Dudu: I don't know why you don't like Zwe I mean his cute
Me: Being cute doesn't pay the bills
She looked at me..
Me: I'm enrolled at Unisa to do teaching say I get on with Zwe when I start working what are we going to eat? My money? How is he going to pay lobola? Ungadlali ngami (don't play with me)
Dudu: Who said he's life is going to end at the car wash?
Me: His not doing anything to better himself njena cuz?
She shook her head..
Me: He's not looking for a job he is just way too comfortable at that car wash and ontop of that his mom is a well known drunk.. Yuk!
Dudu: For a church going person you very judgmental Cuz
Me: Yeah whatever.. I'm just saying that I want a good man with a good job so we can have a good life. I'm not going to provide for a man Cuz it should be 50/50
Her: Hai cha Ntando uyakhuluma (You have a big mouth)
Me: Let's eat
Her: and drink
Me: Yeah maybe
To be continued 


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