Author: Precious Moloi

The Servant's Daughter



Charice: This one is good better than what we had 5min ago. We can redo the last part and then we'll edit here and there.. What do you think?

Me: If you happy with it then I'm good after all you the one signing the cheque

She laughed..

Her: I really like it.. Let's redo the last part and then we'll be done do bring that charm

Me: I'll do so

I looked around Tash is supposed to be next to me checking if the clip is good or not. She has been acting somewhat weird this morning ever since we got here..

Me: Can I get a minute or so

Charice: Of course you can

Me: Thank you

I walked out and bumped to the floor manager..

Me: Hey did you see my assistant? The white girl that I came with?

Him: She said when you done you will find her in the makeup room

Me: Thank you very much

I made my to the makeup room.. I knocked first before going in she was sitting on the chair and crying. That was a bit surprising Tash doesn't break down easily..

Me: Tash

She quickly wiped her tears..

Her: You done?

I made my way to her..

Me: Not yet

I crouched in front of her..

Me: What's wrong?

Her: It's nothing

I held her hand..

Me: Hey.. Look at me

She looked at me..

Me: Talk to me what's wrong?

Her: Seriously it's nothing

Me: No don't give me that.. We a team remember?

She thought for a few seconds..

Me: What is it?

Her: Jamie and I we.. We having problems

Me: Ohw.. I'm sorry to hear that

Her: I've been trying but.. Things aren't working out anymore

Me: What happened?

Her: Our relationship is no longer the same the constant traveling and.. I am not an insecure woman but he is away 90% of the time only the heavens know what he gets up too in these constant trips of his

Him: You seemed okay with his career why is it an issue now?

Me: He is a man Jojo he is never home. Obviously wherever he goes he is gonna want to have a piece of someone

I exhaled..

Me: It is a bit difficult

Her: I feel like we forcing things. The chemistry between us has long been dead plus we haven't had sex since he came back

Me: You guys can work through it

She shook her head..

Her: It's done.. We done

This was a difficult situation..

Her: You should go back and finish shooting

Me: Are you sure that you going to be okay?

Her: I'll be fine

I kissed her hand..

Me: I'll be back

I got up..

Her: Okay

Me: And stop crying it doesn't sit well with me

She giggled..

Her: I'll try not too

I walked out..



Master stopped the car in front of the gate..

He whistled..

Him: This is how Politicians roll?

One of the security guards uBab'Sthole opened the gate and made his way to us. He went to Master's side and Master rolled down the window..

Him: Sani-

His eyes landed on me..

Him: Armani??

Me: Bab'Sthole

Him: Yeyeni khuzani bo! Ngiboniswa ini? Armani wuwe lo? (Armani is it really you)

I nodded..

Me: Ndim Tata (it's really Me)

Him: Awww indlu yonke Iphatsi phezulu ifuna wena ithemba laze lalahleka. Kodwa ngasho ngathi abakini bazoba nawe (Everyone was up and down looking for you so much that they lost hope. I did say that your ancestors will be with you)

Me: Ndiyabulela Tata (Thank you)

He looked at Master..

Me: This is Mam'Gabi's Nephew Tata he is the one who played a role in rescuing Me

Him: Hai siyabonga Ndodana (Thank you Son)

Master: Kubonga Mina Baba (I am the one who is thankful)

Him: Ithi nginivulele bantwa bami (let me open for you my children)

He went back in..

Him: Mnaka vula balethe u Armani!! (Open they have brought back Armani)

We didn't wait that long and the gate was opened..

Master: Seems like you get along well with everyone here

Me: Yes I do.. The workers are nice People

As we drove in I spotted Nonts car parked very close to the door that means she's out..

I took a deep breath and then exhaled..

Me: This is it

Master: Aii No skeem abantu bayaphila langaphandle (People are living large out there)

He found a spot and then parked his car..



The Doctor's visit was very disappointing I know that she didn't really say I'm not pregnant but her words were very discouraging. I really wanted this I truly want a baby. I know very well that a baby is going to initiate a relationship between Me and Jojo..I looked at myself in the mirror and wiped my tears.

I wasn't fronting when I told Jojo that things between Me and Jamie are not good anymore truthfully speaking our relationship is dead. It has been dead for a very long time now. I think his constant traveling is what drove us apart and then spending more time with Jojo sort of ignited those old feelings that I thought were buried.. I looked at the time I'm sure Jojo is done by now. Speaking of the Devil he made his way in..

Me: You done?

Him: Yeah I'm done

He looked at Me..

Him: You good?

Me: Yes I'm okay

Him: Maybe we should go out you know spend a night at some hotel.. What do you think?

Me: I think it's a great idea

Him: Is Jamie at your place?

Me: No.. He to his place

Him: We'll stop by at my place first I wanna get a few things

Me: Okay

Him: Shall we?

I nodded..

Him: After you

I'm glad he proposed that maybe we can try again tonight..



I opened the door and walked in Master followed Me. I looked around and it was quiet. Usually the helpers are around going up and down busy with something..

Me: It's very quiet

Master: Yeses!! This house is beautiful

I walked around with Master still following Me..

Master: Lo Ndarha wenu une Mali moss neh? (This Ndarha of yours has money)

Xolelwa walked in she didn't notice us at first as she was glued to her phone. When her eyes finally moved from the screen and landed on Me she screamed and dropped her phone..

Her: Ar... Armani

Me: Hey Xoks..

Her: I can't..

She covered her mouth in shock..

Me: It's really Me

She didn't know what to say..

Nonts: Xolelwa Yint-

She also couldn't believe her eyes..

Her: Armani??

I started to get a bit Emotional Nonts put both her hands on her head..

Her: uThixo undivile (The Lord heard Me)

I wiped my tears..

Xolelwa was the first one who came and hugged Me..

Her: I thought I was never going to see you again

Me: I'm back.. It's Me

We broke the hug as Nonts made her way to Me.. She also gave Me a tight hug..

Her: I am so sorry Armani

Me: It's okay

She broke the hug and looked at me with her hands on my cheeks..

Her: Let me look at you.. They didn't hurt you?

I slowly nodded..

Her: I failed you Armani

I shook my head No..

Me: Don't say that.. You didn't fail me

Master cleared his throat..

Me: Sorry Skeem

I moved away from Nonts and went back to Master..

Me: This is Master Nonts put both her hands on her head..

Her: uThixo undivile (The Lord heard Me)

I wiped my tears..

Xolelwa was the first one who came and hugged Me..

Her: I thought I was never going to see you again

Me: I'm back.. It's Me

We broke the hug as Nonts made her way to Me.. She also gave Me a tight hug..

Her: I am so sorry Armani

Me: It's okay

She broke the hug and looked at me with her hands on my cheeks..

Her: Let me look at you.. They didn't hurt you?

I slowly nodded..

Her: I failed you Armani

I shook my head No..

Me: Don't say that.. You didn't fail me

Master cleared his throat..

Me: Sorry Skeem

I moved away from Nonts and went back to Master..

Me: This is Master he is my hero. He played a role in my escape. He helped in hiding me he is Mam'Gabi's Nephew.. They really helped

I looked at him..

Me: This is uMam'Nontsikelelo

She shook his hand..

Nonts: Thank you soo much.. I don't know how we can repay you

Me: And that is Xolelwa She is Mam'Nontsikelelo's Daughter

Master extended his hand to Xolelwa..

Master: Kunjani Xolelwa? (How are you Xolelwa)

Xoks: Ndiyaphila wena? (I am well and You)

Master: Ngi ngrand

Their handshake lasted a bit longer..

Nonts: We were actually going out shopping I had forgotten my Purse.. That's why you were able to find us

Their handshake seized..

Me: I'm glad I did

Nonts: I am going to cook a nice dinner this is a very special day. God brought you back to us

Xolelwa: I agree

Nonts: With that being said I also want you to temporarily move into the house with us up until we can install a better security system at the Servant's quarters. After what happened I'm not letting you go back in there until I'm sure that you safe

I nodded..

Me: Okay

Nonts: Xolelwa you will have to go and get a few things that we going to need I'll make a list.. You will go alone I'm no longer coming with you. I need to help Armani get settled in

Master: I can drive her

Nonts: Ohw

Master: We can use my car.. That's if you okay with it

Nonts looked at Me and I nodded..

Nonts: I guess you can drive her then

Master looked at Xolelwa..

Me: It's okay Xoks you can trust him

She slightly nodded..

Xoks: I'll go and get my bag



Loli and I stopped by at Wimpy to get something to eat first before heading home..

Me: How is school going?

Her: School is going fine.. How is work?

Me: Not bad

We continued..

Her: Can't believe that I'm finally going to meet your family

Me: I should've done it a lot sooner

Her: It's okay.. You had your reasons

She took my milkshake..

Me: And then?

Her: I just wanna taste

Me: Why didn't you just get a chocolate milkshake?

Her: Stop being stingy.. It's not like I'm going to drink the whole thing.. I just wanna taste

She tasted it..

Her: See.. I didn't finish it

Me: What's next? You wanna taste my food too?

Her: Don't be like that


Her: Do you think your family is going to like me?

Me: Why do you ask?

Her: Well it turns out that I'm not dating an ordinary Person you come from a very powerful family

Me: I'm still the same Person

Her: Promise me one thing

Me: Yeah?

Her: Promise me that nothing is going to change between us and that you won't find someone better than Me?

Me: Don't be crazy.. Nothing is going to change between us.. I love you I'll always love you

She smiled..

Me: Finish her food so that we can get out of here I'm sure my twin sister is waiting at the door. She can't wait to meet you

Her: Can't wait to meet her too



I was back at my quarters I kept on staring at the spot were I laid the whole night crying and bleeding after Ndarha had beat me up. It was clean and the sheets were changed. Nonts scared me when she walked in..

Her: It's just Me.. I didn't mean to scare you

This place hides both good and bad memories. Good memories that I created with my Mother and bad memories that Ndarha created for Me all of a sudden I had this fear and I couldn't get everything that he did to me out of my head..

Nonts: Gabi cleaned and washed the sheets

I looked around..

Her: You don't have to stay here anymore you can stay with us in the house for as long as you want

Me: Thank you

Her: I just called Mongz he has connections he said he will get us someone who can install a better security system

Me: Thank you Nonts..

Her: Let's get your clothes so we can go back to the house I don't want you here anymore. This place is just going to remind you of what happened

I went and took all my teddy bears from the bed and put them in a box..

Me: I'll take them inside first

Her: Okay.. I'll get everything from the wardrobe to the suitcase

Me: Okay

I took the box and walked out when I was outside I could finally breath. Nonts is right I cannot be living there anymore..

I made my way in back to the house I used the sliding door that led to the Servant's quarters from the living room.. On my way in I heard a bit of whispering and giggling coming from the kitchen that was weird. Xoks and Master left a few minutes ago.

I carefully made my way to the kitchen and I saw Jojo with some white lady but they didn't see me..

Her: Stop it what if someone walks in

Him: There's no around everyone had plans

They were in a compromising position she was on top of the kitchen counter and he was in between her legs. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and he had his around her waist. They weren't naked but still.. She looked a bit familiar I've seen her somewhere..

Her: Shouldn't you be getting whatever it is you getting so we can go?

Him: We will go

He kissed her on her neck she enjoyed it judging from how she closed her eyes with her hand moving up to the back of his head. He moved from her neck and kissed her on her lips. She ran her hands down to his belt as his went up to squeeze her breasts I don't know what happened but I dropped the box that I was holding. They stopped and looked at Me..

Her: Ohh my.. I thought you said there's no one

Jojo was beyond the word "Shocked" he kept his eyes on me and I kept mine on him.

Nonts walked in..

Nonts: Mani I..

She looked at them..

Nonts: Jojo!!!

I broke they eye contact and picked up the box I then turned and made my way upstairs

Nonts: Rhaaaaaaa Jojo wenza ntoni? wenza ntoni kwi kitchen unit yam' (What are you doing on my kitchen unit)

I walked up those stairs as quickly as my I could without even looking back..

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