We were back to shooting the episode it was still not coming together perfectly. Or should I say I wasn't thoroughly impressed with everything that they were doing. Tashci had gone out to get fresh air after our incident I still didn't have my cocaine meaning that I wasn't at my best.

Me: Cut!!!!

They all exhaled..

Sabelo: What's wrong now?

I went up to them..

Me: Nicinga ukuba kuphi apha? Kuse stadium? Huh?.. Asizanga ukuzodlala ibhola ekhatywayo apha niyandiva? Khanenze into ebhadlileyo okanye nifokofe! (Where do you guys think we are? At the stadium? We not here to play soccer get everything right)

Hlehle: Kodwa siyazama nje Jojo (We trying Jojo)

Me: I don't pay you to try I pay you to do the fucken right thing! You guys think I need you? You think Usapho needs you?

They remained quiet..

Me: I made you who you are! I made all of you if it wasn't for me some of you would be nothing! I am not scared of shutting this whole thing down!

Sabelo: What about our fans?

Me: Fuck the fans! They didn't vote they didn't get us an award! Instead they let some useless no name Drama to get the award so fuck the fans! And fuck all of you!


Me: Do the right thing or else... We shutting this whole thing down you end up being stuck in adverts to make ends meet

I went back to my chair..

Me: We doing this shit one last time!



I went to check up on Mam'Gabi one of the maids earlier on she said that she wasn't feeling okay. I don't blame her though she's old and she has been here for a very long time. She was my Mother's closest friend when my Mother started working here uMam'Gabi was the one who taught her everything ever since from then she also has been close to me. I don't know why she doesn't quit because her body no longer agrees with her when it comes to doing a lot of work. She is constantly complaining about her legs her back and a lot of other things.

She was sitting at the back with her smokeless tobacco(snuff) in her hands and a toilet paper can't separate her from that thing.. I sat next to her on the grass..

Me: Mam'Gabi

She didn't say anything for a while..

Her: Yazi Armani angikutholi kahle (Armani I don't get you)


Her: Uhlakaniphile futhi eskolweni waphasa kahle kodwa impilo yakho nje usuyichithe ekubeni yiGirly (You're smart and you passed your matric very well but you have spent almost your life being a servant)

She sneezed..

Her: Why don't you go to university or get yourself a better job.. Hayi lento oyenza la (Not what you doing here)

Me: Akhukho Lula Ma (It's not easy)

Her: Yini engekho Lula? ngoba unyoko wasebenzela labantu iskhathi eside.. Bayamukoloda ngokuqhubekisa wena eskolweni (What's not easy? Your Mother worked for these people for many years they owe her that much to help you further your studies)

Me: Some other things are not as how they seem Ma

Her: Your Mother spoke about you everyday she used to say "Gabi ang'funi nje ukuthi uMani abeyisigqila salabantu angifuni afane nami" (Gabi I don't want Armani to be a slave here I don't want her to be like me)

Me: Well unfortunately I followed in her footsteps

Her: Don't talk like that.. I promised her that I was going to keep an eye on you but..

She exhaled..

Her: uNontsikelelo wakuthatha wakufaka ekhwapheni (Nontsikelelo took you and put you under her arm)

Mam'Gabi doesn't know what I have been going through with UNdarha..

Her: I'm even surprised that she disagreed for you to go to tertiary.. Your peers are out there living their lives Armani you need to do the same. You need to go out there and live your life it's not like you don't have anything. You have your matric and the money you have been saving up.. Speaking of that money how much is it now?

Me: It's getting there.. Now I just need to research and see where I can go I wanna go far away where I won't be traced. Maybe even leave South Africa

Her: Hau! That's a bit extreme.. Why do you wanna move so far away? You just quiting your job and moving on unless there's more

I looked down..

Her: Armani??

I fought back the tears..

Her: Armani talk to me.. Kwenzakalani? (what's happening)

I looked at her..

Me: Asilutho olutheni ukuthi nje.. (It's nothing much just that)


Her: Kuqale nini? (when did it start)

Me: Ma?

Her: UNdarha uqale nini ukukuhlukumeza? (when did Ndarha start abusing you sexually)

How did she know? Fear took over no one was supposed to know..

Her: You can trust me.. Sengazi is'khathi eside ende ang'kaze ngatshela muntu (I've known for a while now and I haven't told anyone)

Me: How did you know?

Her: I used to notice how he would look at you usemncane (while you were still young)

There way he kept a close eye on you making sure that no boy comes close to you. I did notice that he was raising you up for him. My suspicions were true the time when he separated you and Jojo he's Anger was too much when he found out that you and Jojo were dating and that he even slept with you. He was very mad and he made it a point to separate you guys forever

I wiped my tears..

Me: Uthe uzong'bulala mhla ngacabanga ukubaleka (He said he's going to kill me should I even think of running away)

Her: ukhohlakele loya Baba (That man is evil) but his wife is more evil

Me: She has been good to me

Her: Armani she has allowed this man to abuse her children for a long time without saying anything.. I am very sure that she knows about this but she's not doing anything. All that she knows is to drink everyday

Me: Ucabanga ukuthi uyazi? (do you think she knows)

Her: When your husband is no longer acting right you know

Me: If she knows then why hasn't she said anything

She shrugged her shoulders..

Her: Armani I want you to go from this place

I shook my head no..

Her: Don't let fear keep you here you will stay here with that man abusing you until when? You are 27 years old now Mani.. When will your life start?

She put her hand on my cheek..

Her: He separated you from someone that you truly loved and took your life away it's time now.. It's time to go away from this and I will help you I will help you to escape.. Siyezwana? (do we understand each other)

I nodded..

She came closer and hugged me..

Her: All I know is that he is not God.. Kuzolunga (all will be well)



I saw him approaching the car he had a file with him. He looked around and opened the door immediately when he got in the driver made his way out..

Him: Mhlekazi

Bonza is a very corrupt lawyer he has never lost a case and that's because he plays dirty. He would bribe judges if that's a little bit hard for him to do he would make evidence disappear and the witnesses to disappear. He has been my lawyer and also helps me with other things too what's nice about the whole thing is that he is also Jojo's Lawyer. So he has been helping me to destroy Jojo.

Him: I have something on Jojo

Me: Let me see

He took out his phone and showed me the video I took off my sunglasses. The video it was Jojo doing what he was doing best throwing a tantrum and verbally insulting his staff..

"Fuck the fans! They didn't vote they didn't get us an award! Instead they were let some useless no name Drama to get the award so fuck the fans! And fuck all of you!"

Me: How did you get this?

Him: From someone.. Someone who works inside

Me: This is good

Him: So I should upload it on social media?

Me: I'm wondering why it's not trending as yet

I gave him his phone back..

Me: Anything else?

He opened the file and took out a picture..

Him: I have found Xoliswa

I looked at the picture..

Him: I followed Jojo on Sunday and he stopped at some tattoo shop the person who opened the door for him was Xoliswa

Me: So they have been keeping in contact

Him: Seems that way

I looked at the picture again..

Me: She has changed..

Him: So what should I do next?

I looked at the photo one last time..

Me: You do nothing

Him: I don't understand

Me: Despite what she is.. She is still my Daughter so you do nothing

Him: Yes Sir

Me: I'm keeping this one.. Is there anything else?

Him: This one is big

He passed me some documents..

Him: Armani has a private account.. That's the money in the account currently

Me: It's a lot of money

Him: She has had the account for a very long time now

Me: And you only finding out about this now?

Him: Wasn't easy bribing someone inside the bank for this information.. People who work inside there are very loyal


Him: Why is she keeping so much money?

Me: Because she's planning on running away.. Dammit!!

I hit him with the documents on her chest..

Me: Do you know that she could've ran away possibly skipped the country and we were never going to find her

Him: I'm sor-

Me: Focus Bonza! You focusing much on Jojo that important details are slipping away killing my wife is going to be useless then if Armani runs away

Him: It will never happen.. I promise

Me: For your own sake I hope so lower your guard on Jojo for now and concentrate on Armani

Him: Yes sir

Me: Can't believe loya nondindwa played me like this! All this time I thought we were on the same boat but.. I swear I didn't see this one coming I was beginning to trust her. She planned this she wanted me to trust her so that I can let my guard down and she runs away.. Damn you Armani!!

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