Although we have other servants working in the house I am the head servant everything goes through me for approval because I've been here the longest and I know how everything should be done. From cleaning to doing the laundry and then cooking. It's a very difficult job takes most of my time and requires a lot of energy. I get an allowance of R10 000 a month but not all of that is meant for me to spend it right away. R3000 is for medical insurance then I put away R2000 in a private fixed account for emergencies that no one knows about. At times I don't even use the whole R5000 because I occasionally eat at the house I don't buy much groceries.. It was a Monday morning and as always my morning started at 05:30am today we doing spring cleaning. Ndarha won't be around he has errands to run from 8am he will only be back at night. At least we will be able to breath without his aura suffocating us.. I don't know what's with him but everyone seems shaken by him the other maids are really scared of him too. Last night I was on the phone with Nsovo againshe proposed that this weekend we should have a girls road trip from Friday-Mon..

She doesn't know that I'm a servant she knows that my Mother was a servant and that the family adopted me after she died. There's a lot of things that I can't tell her because we sworn to secrecy I just imagine telling her about the affair and she tells someone else then that someone else tells another Person it will be a mess. A very big mess..

I need permission from Ndarha to go to this road trip I need to ask him now since he has a busy week ahead of him I might not see much of him. He's day starts off early too exactly at 6am he is at his own personal gym. He really takes good care of himself that's why he has a good body for someone his age. Most men at this age have pot bellies and most are fat but with him he really spends time at the gym. The door was wide open he was on the treadmill shirtless. He had on the Nikey fitness/compression tights for men with Nikey sneakers. He had his headsets on and I didn't know if it was appropriate for me to disturb him while he is busy I mean I've never done it before and I don't want to upset him but at the same time this is important to me. I need fresh air I need to get out of this house and breath..I started knocking but he didn't hear me I knocked again up until he noticed me standing at the door.. He stopped the treadmill and got off he also took off the headsets..

Me: Good morning

He signaled with his hand that I should start talking he was sweating and breathing fast. The tights were very tight they portrayed everything out including his manhood..He walked over to get the towel..

Me: I need to talk to you about something

Him: What could be so important that you had to distract me Are you pregnant?

Me: No I'm not

He took his phone and kept himself busy with it..


Him: You going to talk to me while you standing so far away? So that anyone who passes through the corridor can hear you?

I got in and closed the door all along he is talking while busy on his phone..

Me: Do you remember my best friend Nsovo?

Him: Should I remember her?

Me: Not really.. Well she called me and asked if we can meet up


Him: I'm still waiting for the part were you meeting up with your friend has something to do with me

Me: We going on a road trip this coming weekend

That caught his attention..

Him: Are you asking or telling me?

Me: I'm asking

Him: Since when do you do those things?

Me: I thought it would be a good idea since we haven't seen each other in a very long time.. Plus I would do with some fresh air

Him: You talk as if like I'm holding you hostage

I kept quiet..

Him: Do you wanna go?

I nodded...

Him: I can't hear you

Me: Yes I wanna go

Him: You can go as long as the maids can survive without you

Just like that? What's wrong with him? I mean Ndarha is very hardcore but he has been soft since from yesterday..

Me: Are you sure?

He gave me a serious look..

Me: I'm sorry thank you.. I'll get back to work

I turned around all excited and made my way to the door then he cleared his throat I walked back to him and kissed him on his cheek..

Me: Thank you

As I turned again he pulled me back to him..

Him: My wife will be up in 10min time meaning we have 10min

What is he doing? We have never had sex in the main house to avoid being caught. He let go of me and went to lock the door I felt somehow about this.. He came back to me and started kissing me as much as this has always been against my will but he tries to make it less awkward by having both of us enjoy it..



Today we got to the studio very early in the morning since we on the last season of Usapho. I want us to close with a bang so that will require a lot of time from the team. We were shooting a scene and the two main characters were busy joking around and couldn't get their lines right which ended up pissing me off because they weren't serious

Me: Ikhona into ehlekisayo? (Is there something funny)

The moment of laughter siezed..

I paged through the script..

Me: I don't see anything that's funny in here

I looked at them..

Me: All I see is everyone joking around and not being serious! Hlehle there's zero energy from you I'm even getting bored watching you

Hlehle: We came here at 6am Jojo we still sleepy

Me: You wanna go back home and sleep? Do that and we will change the whole script that you died and you will be out forever

They kept quiet..

Me: Are we here to play around and waste each other's time?

They still remained quiet..

I clicked my tongue..

Me: Now- (interrupted)

Taschi: You guys are actually doing great we need those bloopers

Hlehle: Thank you Mama Tash

She showed up from behind..

Tash: Hlehle your body language.. Work on that sweetheart when you say.. What's that line again?

Hlehle: I think it's "Buphi ubungqina balento uyithethayo"

Tash: Yes.. I might not know what it means but I need a reaction from you you were dull

Tash is loved around here she mothers everyone and makes sure that everyone is giving in their 100%..

I got up and threw the script on the chair I made my way out to my office. Taschi has been avoiding me since from yesterday now she just comes in and takes over by going over my word busy disrespecting me infront of the juniour staff..

I turned everything upside down trying to search for my coke I thought I had brought it but I couldn't find it..

After about 5 minutes the door opened. Taschi walked in she closed it behind her and exhaled loudly..

Her: They got the lines right we need you back so you can approve the scene

I kept quiet with both of my hands balancing ontop of the table..

Her: Jojo?

I took the stapler on my desk and threw it at her she ducked just in time..

Me: You can't just decide to be my assistant whenever it suits you! Bitch were you been?

Her eyes were wide open she couldn't believe that I took it this far..

Her: Are you serious? Jojo are you serious right now?

I was breathing heavily I was beyond pissed.

Her: I am not one of those girls you date and mistreat! I will have you locked up! Don't try me!

Me: Where the fuck were you yesterday?

Her: Didn't it hit you that maybe I wasn't feeling well since our sexual encounter on Saturday? You very selfish Jojo

I walked up to her as she stepped back until she was against the wall..

Me: Don't ever call me selfish you blonde bitch!

She slapped me across the face..

I grabbed her hair and threw her down..

Her: Ahhhhh (screaming)

She slowly got up and headed to the door I stood at the door preventing her from leaving..

Me: Tash I'm sorry

Her: Please move

Me: I'm sorry please don't leave

Tears streamed down her face..

Me: Babe I'm sorry.. I didn't mean too.. Tash I.. I don't know what got into me I'm sorry.. I can't afford to have you walk out on me I need you.. You know I need you

She wiped her tears..

I tried touching her but she yanked my hand off..

Me: I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry

I pulled her closer to me and let her cry on my chest..

Me: I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt you



Lolitha was going to be around for a week before she goes back to school. She studies at TUT and schools were closed that's why she was around to visit. Lolitha doesn't know that I spend most of my Sundays with Jojo I've been lying about that and giving excuses that I think now she's tired. I don't blame her though the whole situation seems dodgy.

She was still sleeping and I was watching her sleeping peacefully after the whole scenario at the kitchen yesterday we didn't say anything to each other. I love Lolitha with all my heart she came into my life when everything was crumbling down and she made her family to love and accept me I would be a fool to do anything stupid that would end our relationship. I don't know if I should just come clean to her I'm scared that if I do come clean she might spread the word and my Parents will end up tracking me down. I have no intentions of going back home I hate my Father with all my heart and I am not ready to face him anytime soon..



Sometimes I ask myself how Ndarha could be this sexual satisfying at this age could it be that Xolelwa is right is he sleeping with other people? Especially slay queens because most politicians are obsessed with slay queens. Is he exploring other sexual things with them? Is he even using condoms with them? A lot was running on my mind.. He has a small table in the room and I was ontop of it with my legs wide open....I was only left with my bra everything else was on the floor. He lowered it to expose my breasts while his other hand was busy rubbing the mushroom head of his shaft against my whole the harder he did it the more and more I got wet. Even if we can have 3min to get freaky he will always make sure that he performs to the best of his abilities and make the moment worth it.. He put his other hand at the back of my head and pulled me closer for a French kiss of which later on he ran his tongue on my lower lip wetting it in the process. He stopped what he was doing and put both his hands on my waist he pushed me back a little just so that he can suck my nipples while he was doing that he got one of my hands and lowered it so that I can play with myself. He sucked my nipples for some few seconds and then he stopped he glanced down at me as I played with my clit while giving himself a hand job as my naughtiness turned him on more and more.. As much as this was wrong in every level but he has been the only man that I've been with sexually after Jojo so at some point I was bound to start enjoying our sexual encounters. He leaned over and cupped my breast busy sucking on my hard nipple making while making a sound that made the moment more intense I couldn't help myself but moan.. I was really getting closer to having an orgasm. He removed my hand and went down to kiss my clitoris for the first time he spat on my pussy and then he came back up. He stopped teasing me and penetrated me I held to the ends of the table for support. He put his hands again on my waist and started going in and out slowly while glancing down and observing himself going and how my pussy lips clung on to his shaft. He also couldn't hold back his moans but he wasn't that loud.. He started increasing his pace while I closed my eyes moaning..

Him: Mani look at me

I opened my eyes and looked at him he was enjoying from his side and so was I. He kissed me and then instructed me to rub myself again while he was still busy going in and out. I rubbed myself harder as he also went in harder it was soo good that I lost myself in the moment. I felt close to coming and this time around it was more intense than when we usually have sex. My thighs started vibrating I was at the verge of crying that's how intense it was...

Him: You feel good??

Me: You going to make me cry please..

As my screams got louder he pulled out and I just released this has never happened before I thought that I was peeing but he seemed happy to have witnessed that and as always he gave me that shallow smile..

I laid back on the table and he pleasured himself up until he also came..

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