The Lunch went well if I may say but for Ndarha it wasn't so nice. Ever since he excused himself he never returned back leaving us to have dinner with the Minister and his Sons. Mongezi is a ball of energy and he is a fun person to be around I don't know how many times I was blushing and giggling. I felt different for the first time in a long time I felt very relaxed and in a good state. For a moment there I even forgot that Ndarha existed that's how fun the lunch was

This family is very kind and friendly The Minister kept on hinting that they taking me home with because of my food. He really enjoyed my cooking. I don't know how this man can be friends with Ndarha because they different he is very sweet and kind while Ndarha is the devil. I learned later that his wife passed on so it has been him and his kids ever since her death...

We stood at the door bidding them farewell the minister even took some of the food with him..

Minister: Well we had fun I don't wanna lie even though Ndarha left us

Nonts: I apologize he had to attend an important matter

Minister: Next Saturday Me and him must go golfing to make up for this lunch

Nonts: I'll let him know

He looked at me..

Him: Armani thank you very much for the food

Me: You welcome Sir

Him: Xolelwa.. Don't forget to send me an invitation to your wedding

Xolelwa: Yes Sir

Him: Not to keep you ladies any longer.. We will be on our way

Nonts: Drive safely

He smiled and walked out..

Nonts: Mongs..

Mongezi: Thank you for inviting me

He hugged Nontsikelelo and kissed her on the cheek..

Nonts: Thank you for coming I know how busy you are

Mongs: I'm glad I came..

He gave me his charming look and smile..

Mongs: Turned out the lunch was worth it after all

Nonts smiled..

Nonts: I'm glad you enjoyed

He moved to Xolelwa and put his hand on her chin..

Mongs: Hope I'll have a date to your wedding Nkosazana (Princess)

Xolelwa laughed..

Xolelwa: I hope so too

He finally moved to me he put his hand around my waist and kissed me on the cheek

Him: I hope I'll be seeing you again soon Ndoni yamanzi (beautiful lady)

I looked down as he removed his arm from my waist..

Him: Have a good night ladies

He put his hand on my chin and lifted my face up so that I can look at him..

Him: Bye

Me: Bye

He walked out.. Xolelwa started hitting me on the shoulder repeatedly..

Xolelwa: Wow!!

Nonts: Suphapha Xolelwa (Don't be forward)

She gave Xolelwa her glass.. Feel me up

Xolelwa took the glass and walked away leaving me and Nonts alone..

Nonts: Seems like Mongezi has taken an interest in you. He is very charming

I didn't say anything..

Her: You know after we buried your Mom I made a promise to myself that I will love and treat you as if like I gave birth to you

She put her hand on my cheek with tears in her eyes..

Her: I feel like I have failed you somehow.. Ndikuphoxile sana lwam'.. Your Mother must be disappointed in me wherever her soul is

I got emotional too..

Me: It's okay.. You didn't fail me

She wiped her tears..

Her: I wouldn't allow Mongezi to be that close to you if I didn't trust him they more like family to us.. We have known his family for a very long time and he is a very good boy

I nodded..

Her: I'm not forcing you to him but.. He will treat you well.. And I saw some chemistry at the table

I chuckled..

Xolelwa came back with the glass..

Nonts: Enkosi Xolelwa (Thank you Xolelwa)

Me: Let me clear the table

Nonts: don't worry.. You go and rest Xolelwa and I we'll put the dishes in the dishwasher and the maids we'll take care of them tomorrow

Me: Thank you

Xolelwa: I'll come to your quarter later.. We have to talk

I rolled my eyes..

Me: Yeah I know you and gossip

I made my way out of the house..



Following the minor nosebleed came a very serious headache I had drank pain killers and I was laying in bed now trying to fall asleep but I couldn't. So to entertain myself I looked at the pictures of Armani that Xols had sent me via WhatsApp. She looked so beautiful and a bit mature from that 16 year old vulnerable girl that I left a few years ago when moved from Johannesburg to the Transkei. I wonder how life is for her now is she involved with something does she still remember what we had are those feelings still there?. Xols was right maybe the reason why I can't commit to any relationship is because things didn't end well between me and Armani

I didn't get closure and I've never forgotten her.. I decided to call Xolelwa to check up on her

Xolelwa: Stranger!!!!

I chuckled..

Me: How are you?

Her: I'm good and you?

Me: I'm good

Her: I'm glad you called.. How are you holding up with the whole award saga?

Me: Shouldn't you have called a bit sooner about that? What kind of a sister are you?

Her: Ahhhh.. You always busy you know we have to make an appointment to even call you

I laughed..

Me: Yeah whatever you brat!

She laughed too..

Me: How is everything at home? And how is everyone?

Her: You know how life is at home and uMama drinks whiskey a lot now

Me: That's nothing new

Her: uWorse ngoku Jojo.. Ucinga ukuba uTata uyakrexeza (She's worse now.. She thinks Dad is cheating)

I sighed..

Me: Ke ngoku ufuna ndithini Xolelwa? (What do you expect from me)

Her: Andazi Jojo.. If she keeps on going like this she is going to have health problems plus une high high

Me: Andikhathali! (I don't care) she's doing this to herself this is the same woman who chose to stick by that Monster knowing very well the type of Person that he is! She saw what he was doing to us but she decided to turn a blind eye and not do anything!

She kept quiet for a while..

Xolelwa: She's still our Mother despite everything

Me: Yeah Xolelwa leave me alone with Mom and her issues she's a grown ass woman. She can walk away from that toxic marriage but she doesn't want to..

Her: Are you going to come to my wedding?

Me: I wouldn't miss it for the world

Her: Remember the promise that you made?

Me: I know.. I'll make sure that Xolelwa attends your wedding when I find her

Her: Thank you

Me: Other than Mom drinking like a fish.. How are you?

Her: I'm good no complaints

Me: Unjani u Armani? (How is Armani)

She kept quiet..

Me: Xolelwa?

Her: I'm just wondering why you asking about her all of a sudden you have never asked about her

Me: I'm just asking

Her: She's fine

Me: That's good

Her: And no I won't give you her number

Me: Never asked for it

Her: Jojo you know the story between you and Armani she's finally at peace don't bother her

Me: Yes Madam I won't bother her

Her: Well I have to go.. Call again sometime

Me: Okay.. Ndiyak'thanda va? (I love you)

Her: Uthandwa ndim (I love you too)

I hung up..



Me: I don't know seriously

Her: Don't do that Armani I haven't seen you in a while I miss you

Me: I will call you and let you know when we can meet up

Her: I'll be waiting for your call

Me: Okay

Her: Bye Babe

Me: Bye

That was my best friend on the phone with me Her name is Nsovo born and bred I in Venda before her family moved to Johannesburg. We were friends since from grade 8 up until matric then she went to varsity and I fully committed to my Servant's duties. I try not to keep contact with old friends and classmates because I feel like I'm below their standards now they all up in there and I'm down here. My life is really embarrassing. Nsovo is the only one who still forced communication between us after all she was my best friend. We both had dreams she reached hers and I couldn't reach mine.. After that phone call I made my way to my quarter the door was unlocked. That's unusual I always lock it..

I opened and made my way in my heart almost stopped beating when I saw Ndarha standing there. He had his back facing the door. I didn't know how to react I stood there all frozen..

Him: Vala ucango Armani (Close the door)

I slowly closed the door..

He turned around and looked at me he was holding one of my teddy bears..


Him: When did I buy you this again?

Me: It was..

My voice was a bit scratchy so I cleared my throat..

Me: You gave it to me after my Mom's funeral

He looked at the teddy bear with a shallow smile..

Him: I remember you were scared and confused I made a promise to you that I'll take care of you

He looked at me..

Him: Didn't I live up to that Promise?

Me: You did

He looked at the teddy bear again..

Him: The Minister.. He is like a Brother to me and his Sons I consider them my Sons too

I didn't say anything..

Him: Are we going to have a problem Armani?

Me: What kind of a problem?

Him: I don't know.. You tell me... If we going to have a problem then I'll take care of it.. You know I take care of problems very well

I shook my head..

Me: We not going to have a problem

Him: I didn't think so too

He put my Teddy bear ontop of the fridge and made his way to me I took a step back.

He fixed the sleeve of my dress and kissed me on my forehead..

Him: Get some rest..

He made his way out I locked the door behind him and exhaled in relief..

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