Later on after spending some time with my Sister I decided to drive back home and rest a little I needed to take the urge off and I was happy to not have bumped into any traffic officers in my state.. When I got home Nomfundo was in the lounge with a visitor and they were watching a movie her visitor looked familiar.

Me: Molweni (Greetings)

They both looked at me..

Nomfundo: Where you coming from?

She got up and came to me..

Me: I was out visiting a few friends

Her: Ohh.. Okay..

I looked at the lady..

Her: This is my Sister Charmaine remember I once showed you her picture

Charmaine also stood up and made her way to us..

Me: I did think that she looked familiar

I extended my hand to her..

Me: How are you?

Her: Ngiyaphila wena unjani? (I am well and how are you)

Me: I am good

Her: Just so you know.. I'm a big fan Usapho is the best thing that has ever happened to us or to our screens

Me: Thank you.. I appreciate that

Her: I think that you deserved to win that award

Me: You and a bunch of other people

Her: Ohw

Me: Sorry if that was offensive

Her: No it's fine

I looked at Nomfundo..

Me: I'll be upstairs resting a bit

Nomfundo: Okay

Me: Was nice meeting you Shantel

Her: It's Charmaine

Me: My bad.. Charmaine

I walked out while yawning and I made my way to my study. I locked the door behind me

and went to the shelf. I removed a few books then I got my cocaine. I have been doing cocaine for a few months now I was introduced to it by one of my friends who is also in this industry. It is very addictive and very expensive at the same time..



The guests had arrived It was the Minister of transport with his two sons. When Ndarha said 6 guests I didn't think that he was counting himself Xolelwa and Umama uNontsikelelo. They were standing in the living room busy talking and I started with the drinks. UNdarha and the Minister were going to have whiskey then the rest were going to have juice.. His other Son was not around as yet

Ndarha: Siyabulela Armani (Thank you Armani)

He said that when both of them have taken their glasses from the tray I moved on to Umama no Xolelwa and the Minister's Son. The youngest..

Xolelwa: Thank you

Nonts: I had mixed Nontsikelelo'a drink a bit with whiskey it was her orders

She took a sip and then looked at me..

Her: Nantso ke Nontombi (That's it my girl)

I gave our youngest guest his juice too. I wasn't wearing a maid's uniform I had on a simple dress my pumps and I had covered my weave with a doek..

Me: Let me start preparing the table

Xolelwa: Do you need help?

Me: No thank you.. I'm good

As I was about to walk out some gentlemen made his way in. He buttoned his jacket and fixed his tie he made his way to the Minister and Ndarha. The minister greeted him with a hug and Ndarha shook his hand..

Ndarha: Armani

I made my way to them..

Ndarha: get this gentleman a glass of whiskey please

Gentleman: On the rocks

I slightly bowed and then made my way to the kitchen to pour him a drink. He was good looking had a beautiful smile and looked like he was in his late 20s. There way that the minister was busy interacting with him and hitting him on the shoulder a little. I could tell that it was his Son the one that they were waiting for. I took his drink to him and he had moved from his Father and Ndarha he was busy entertaining his little Brother and Nonts together with Xolelwa..

Me: Here is your drink Sir

Him: Thank you

Me: I'll start preparing the table

I walked away and left them interacting to prepare the table for them..



"Hands up in the air I just want the I just want the baddest bitch in the world Right here on my lap.."

I was listening to music all fucked up and checking a few tweets I bumped into Tashi's tweet and it read:

"So my friend had rough sex last night and today she can't get out of bed told me that it's sore"

I know that the tweet was indirectly related to me.. I replied:

"You make me sick"

I tossed my phone on the desk and laid back on the chair for some reason the cocaine today had different effects on me. I wiped my face with my hand and it came back with blood I stood up and went to check myself in the mirror.. I was having a nosebleed..

Me: Shit!



I stood there and checked if everything was okay before I could call them to come and dine. Carbonet Sauvignon was next to the guava juice for those who were not going to drink and next to each plate were two wine glasses. One glass had water and the other glass they will pour a drink of their choice..

I saw the Minister's son making his way to me..

Him: Hey

He greeted me with a smile..

Me: Would you like me to get you anything Sir?

He chuckled..

Him: No.. Not really

He put his glass on the table..

Him: Heard you were the one who prepared this lunch for us

Me: Yes Sir

I would steal glances at him and then look down..

Him: Please call me Mongezi

I bowed again..

Me: Okay.. Mongezi

Him: You Armani right?

Me: Yes Si.. I mean Yes Mongezi

Him: Well I'm a bad person because Nontsikelelo and I were gossiping about you

I didn't know how to respond..

Him: Why don't you join us?

Me: I.. I don't think that's appropriate

Him: Come on

He turned around..

Him: Can Armani join us for lunch?

Nonts: Of course she can.. Armani is part of the family

He turned and looked at me..

Him: See

I smiled a little but my smile vanished when I saw Ndarha looking at us.. He didn't look happy at all..



It's always nice spending some time with Jojo I'm grateful to still have him in my life especially with everything that's going on.

I got to my place and Loli was cooking..

Me: Mmmm.. Something smells good

She didn't say anything..

I put my keys on the table not my car keys unfortunately I don't have a car as yet. My business doesn't generate much money for me to get myself a car.. I went up to her and hugged her from behind I tried kissing her on her cheek but she moved.. She was playing music from her phone..

Me: What's wrong?

She walked to the fridge while singing loud to the song that was playing on her phone..

Loli: Just don't make no excuses no no.. Why you gotta lie to me Just be a man about it.. Baby you don't gotta lie to me no.. Just be a man about it

I chuckled while shaking my head..

Me: Okay if you going to be childish about this suit yourself

I made my way to the bedroom as she sang louder..

Her: If you cheating just be a man about it and admit it!!!!!! (shouting)



Mongezi was sitting next to me and he was being a gentleman he first opened the chair for me and now he is putting the napkin on my thighs..

Me: Thank you

Him: You welcome (Smiling).. Would you like the juice or wine?

Me: I don't drink.. Juice will be fine

Him: And she doesn't drink.. Wow

I chuckled.. When I brought my eyes up and looked at everyone Ndarha's deadly stare gave me chills down my spine..

Mongezi: here is your juice

Me: Thank you

Nonts: Armani I must say that you a good cook

Me: Thank you

Minister: This food is really nice

Me: Thank you Sir

Minister: See Son.. This is the type of woman that you should marry one day.. Intombazana elishayayo ibhodo (A girl that can cook)

Nonts: And not lezinto ekuthwa zi hey hey queens nton nton

We all laughed at that comment..

Xolelwa: They called Slay Queens Mama

Nonts: Zona ezo (Those ones)

My napkin fell..

Mongezi: Don't worry I got it

He picked it up and placed it on my thighs again..

Him: This is too sexual for me just so you know stop dropping your napkin on purpose (whispering)

I laughed..

Me: It wasn't on purpose (Whispering)

Him: Dammit and I believe you (Whispering)

I laughed..

We heard the chair being dragged back..

Ndarha got up.. He loosened his tie

Him: I'm coming.. I need some fresh air

He walked away.. Nonts picked up her glass on the table and smiled..

Her: "Chairs" to Armani.. Sana lwam' uyakwazi upheka (You can cook)

Everyone else raised their glasses up too..

"To Armani"

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