Host: we have come to the most important award of the evening an award that brought this house together tonight. An award that you viewers at home have been long waiting for. Now to present the award for the most watched soap opera put your hands together and help me welcome the living legend uMam' Valencia Mhlanga!

People started clapping their hands as Valencia made her way from back stage to the Mic. She is indeed a living legend she has been on our screens since from 80s so I've heard.. She waited for the house to settle down. The Camera moved from her as everyone was still clapping and making noise it showed us the Audience and then somehow it was stuck on Jojo for a few seconds. My heart literally melted he looked so handsome with his nicely trimmed beard and his wide smile revealing his pure white teeth. As I was still admiring him his girlfriend leaned over and whispered something to him then my smile vanished. Rumors have been circling around that he was involved with a girl by the name of Nomfundo she is a makeup stylist. At first I thought that it was just rumors until Jojo confirmed to the papers and on social media that they actually in a relationship after a few cosy pictures of them were leaked. Xolelwa came in rushing with a bowl of Marshallmellows.

Her: Is it finished? Did they announce the winner?

Me: Not yet

She threw herself on the couch next to me..

Valencia: first and foremost I would like to congratulate the winners who obtained awards for the previous categories.

She paused..

Valencia: It is such an honour for me to be presenting this award this is the biggest award of the night. It is the heart of the whole ceremony. May we please have the nominees for the most watched soap opera.

Voice: The nominees for the most watched soap operas are:

Isibaya- Desireé Markgraa (Bomb Productions)



The Throne - Connie and Shona Ferguson (The Fergusons film)



Uzalo - Gugulethu Zuma and Duma Ndlovu (Stained Glass Productions)



7de laan - Danie Odendaal (Danie Odendaal Productions)



Isidingo - Gray Hofmeyr (Pomegranate Media)



Isikhalo - Noncebo Molefe (Molefe productions)



Usapho - Jojo Ndarha (MetFilm production)



Not only did people clap when they mentioned Usapho but they also made a lot of noise so much noise that uMam' Valencia couldn't continue. The camera moved again to Jojo though he was smiling but I could see that he was Nervous. Nomfundo's hand was under Jojo's strong arm she was busy patting him a bit on the arm with her other hand.. I stood up and made noise too since I was only with Xolelwa in the house..

Me: We taking it home!! It belongs home with the other two!!!! Wuuuuuuuuh!! (screaming)

I sat down..

Valencia: Wow so much love for Usapho

The Audience started screaming again and I quickly went on social media to check. I went on Facebook to check and there was a lot of comments..



"Guys which song are we going to collect the award with? I'm sure it's going to be Ridin' dirty? I hope it is"


"Hmmm guys can you see the Camera is focusing on Jojo a lot they patrolling and trying to catch him ridin' dirty so they can write a headline about him tomorrow"


Vuvu= "Hehe and soze mntaka Aunty they won't catch us ridin' dirty"

Musa= "They trying to catch us ridin' dirty asinavalo LOL"

Buli= "But guys can you see how hot Jojo is tonight?? This guy gives me an orgasm everytime when I see him"

Xolo= "I just imagine those strong arms holding my thighs while he thrusts in deeper and deeper I swear I'll squirt on the first stroke .. Hmmm Nomfundo is lucky"

Sweeto= "Lol that insecure bitch is holding on to him for dear life! Sweety let him breath it's an award ceremony not a night club no one is going to steal him"


The ridin' dirty thing is from a song. Since Jojo is no stranger when it comes to scandals he stopped explaining himself and now when they run an article on him he would just say "Here they're again patrolling and trying to catch me ridin' dirty" so from thereon it just became our motto..

My heart was on my knees now my mouth was dry. I was very nervous if Jojo wins this award then it'll be for the 3rd time now.. Usapho is on it's last season which is Season 3. They wanted to close it with this award..

Valencia: And the award for the most watched soap opera goes too...

This is it Xolelwa and I held hands as she Valencia opened the envelope and paused for a while.

Valencia: And the award goes too... Isikhalo by Noncebo Molefe!!!

Everyone froze for a moment even the winner stood up after 10seconds had elapsed. No one expected this and not too much noise was made. I speak for everyone when I say no one knows this Sikhalo person and drama I have never even seen it playing on any of the mzansi magic Channels. The camera moved from the winners as they made their way on stage and it focused on Jojo for a while I'm sure they were expecting a reaction from him that was going to sell their papers tomorrow but he furnished them with a fake smile and he clapped his hands in unison with the others to congratulate the winner..

Noncebo Molefe: Ohh my I don't even know what to say. I didn't expect this I knew we were nominated but I didn't expect to win such a big award in a category that has the best in the game. I.. I'm sorry but we still trying to process everything.. Wow!! Uthixo uyaphila Modimo o a tshela(God is alive)

Xolelwa: Armani.. Kwenzeke Ntoni? (What happened Armani)

Me: I am not sure

I took the remote and changed the channel..

Xolelwa: Isikhalo? I have never heard of it before where does it even play?

Me: I have no idea


Her: Do you think uTata had something to do with this? I mean he has been trying to shut Jojo down because he hated Usapho

Me: Initially I thought so too but I'm not sure anymore if UTata was behind this don't you think he would've done it a lot sooner? He wouldn't have let it run up to season 3

I clapped my hands once..

Me: I wonder what happened!

I took my phone and checked what people were saying on Twitter:

Zinhle Langa


-SA will always remain corrupt when it comes to the Entertainment industry I wonder how many People they had to bribe to get this Award!

# TeamUsapho


Mbuso Shongwe


-Kudlaliwe ngathi la! We got played!

# TeamUsapho




-I am so disappointed hey.. SAFTA awards what a shame!

# TeamUsapho


Viola Ndimande


-ANC is no longer in power so who do we blame now? TIP (The Independent Party). They knew that Usapho was a drama that exposed the cruelty that happens in politics so now they trying to shut it down! They trying to shut us down!


Something was not right something was definitely not right.. The first two seasons strongly focused on the affairs of the political family what happens behind closed doors then season 3 focused on the corruption of political parties how those in power are damaging our country. Season 3 was more nicer than the last season it deserved to win this award.. If uNdarha is behind this then I salute him he is a snake he waited all this long to strike at the last moment..



I wanted nothing but to be out of there what I felt deep down was beyond what you described as "Anger" or "Mad". I couldn't just get up and leave My assistant Tashi felt like it would add up to my good boy image if I made my way to the winner and congratulated her before we left. She wanted the media to capture that moment so people will think that I am not a sore loser. Where do I even start when it comes to Tashi? I could write a whole book about her. Tashi has been in my life for as long as I can remember she has always been there as my assistant before I even had my own production company she was there before I became this big shot that I am today. She basically runs my life or she is my life. She is the voice of reason she handles my schedule she is my unqualified psycholigist and my sidekick. She's very smart and knows what's good for my image I trust her a lot.. She is a very beautiful blonde and spending so much time together we happened to have fucked a few times but it just ended there no feelings were caught no strings attached just sexually satisfying each other. We have kept that part of our life a secret if the media finds out it'll be a story for days.. We arrived at my place and I was still steaming I needed answers none of this was making sense!. Nomfundo walked in after me while being followed by Tasha I took of my jacket and threw it in on the high chair. I then looked at Tasha...

I took a few deep breaths while counting backwards in my mind to calm myself down. I was so angry that I was even shaking.

Me: Did you see that?

She opened the cupboard and reached for the box of glenfiddich she opened box and took out the bottle while Nomfundo sat on one of the high chairs observing the scenario carefully. Tashi took a whiskey glass then poured a bit of the whiskey and handed it to me I gulped it down without thinking twice. I banged the glass against the kitchen counter while clenching my Jaws. Just as she was about to pour again I took the glass and threw it against the sliding door it only broke when it came into contact with the floor..

Me: Fuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!

That scared Nomfundo a bit..

Tashi shook her head and looked at me she went and took out another glass while a breath escaped her lips. She poured again and I gulped it down..

Tashi: Throw that one again and see what's going to happen

I looked at her and she looked at me she starred me down..

Me: Tomorrow you should make calls.. Find out what happened

She ignored me and got the bandages together with my fingerless gloves in one of the cupboards..

Me: We need to know what happened.. I'm not going to take this lying down

She took my hand and started wrapping the bandage around my knuckles..

Tashi: Tomorrow it's a Sunday.. We can't be making calls on a Sunday. People are relaxing and having nice meals with their families and friends she starred me down..

Me: Tomorrow you should make calls.. Find out what happened

She ignored me and got the bandages together with my fingerless gloves in one of the cupboards..

Me: We need to know what happened.. I'm not going to take this lying down

She took my hand and started wrapping the bandage around my knuckles..

Tashi: Tomorrow it's a Sunday.. We can't be making calls on a Sunday. People are relaxing and having nice meals with their families and friends whatever we decide on has to be on hold

Me: Sundiqhela Nataschi (don't start with me)

She tightened the bandage and then looked at me for a comment I returned a serious look without saying anything until Nomfundo cleared her throat..

Nomfundo: I'll finish up with that Tashi thank you

Tashi had a smirk on her face..

Her: Then I'll pour myself a glass of wine and-

Me: And maybe you should go home.. It's late

Nomfundo got down from the chair and came all the other way around to us she pushed Tashi out of the way..

Her: Thank you.. I'll take it from here (smiling)

Tashi chuckled while shaking her head..

Nomfundo continued with what Tashi had been doing but she wasn't doing it right she was extending it to my fingers..

Me: You not doing it right

Her: How am I supposed to do it? Kahle kahle nje vele ngenzani la? (what am I even doing here)

I looked over at Tashi and she damn wanted to laugh but she stopped herself..

I sighed..

Me: Tashi..

She looked at me I waved my hand around..

Nomfundo looked at me a bit annoyed.. I didn't have time to deal with her nonsense right now I had a lot to deal with. Nomfundo and I have been together for almost 6 months now and she's not a fan of Tashi. I understand where she's coming from no woman would feel comfortable with another woman being that close to her man..

Nomfundo: Good night Jojo

She walked away and I grabbed her by her arm pulling her back..

She looked at me..

Me: Aren't we forgetting something?

Her: Good night

She walked away again and I still grabbed her arm this time the grip was a bit tight...

Her: Ouch!!!

Me: You have a small arm.. Don't make me break it

She looked at me a part of her wanted to be stubborn about this situation but a part of her convinced her to forfeit.. She got closer and perked my lips..

Her: Good night

I let her be she took her small bag and walked upstairs.. Tashi almost choked on the wine while trying to laugh I unwrapped the bandage and threw it on the counter..

Tashi: Maybe I should go too.. I hate driving at night

She gulped down the wine and took her bag she cat walked her way to the door while swinging her small ass two and fro. I made my way to her and put my hand around her small waist she was wearing a sexy black dress. I turned her around and she put her finger on my lips while biting her lower lip.

Her: She's upstairs (whispering)

I swallowed and my eyes landed on her cleavage..

Her: Good night

She removed my hand around her waist and walked away again I was already getting an erection from thinking about the things that I could do to her. She opened the door and I closed it behind her I roughly turned her around and her hair pin fell most of her hair crowded her face. I parted it from her face and looked at her her breathing was a bit abnormal as she didn't know what was going to happen next..She lowered her hand till it landed on my belt all along I'm still staring deep in her eyes and she returned the look. She unbuckled my belt and moved her hand to my already hard shaft. I leaned over as if like I wanted to kiss her but I didn't I felt her warm breath against my lips.

She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as I squeezed her left breast. I then moved my hand up to her throat she opened her eyes and looked at me. I ran my thumb on her lower lip as she opened her mouth and I stuck it in she started sucking it.. She unbuttoned my pants and forced her hand inside. About a few years ago or so I had my Dick enlarged as I felt very much unsatisfied with it's size. It was easy to do that since I have a lot of money and the Dr who did it swore herself to secrecy. I needed to make sure that every woman I fuck they all have the same thing to say about me and that is "He is a bastard but his dick game is on point" So far I have achieved that goal.. At this point of busy teasing each other I wanted nothing more but to be deep inside of her Sex with Tasha is always the best. I lifted her dress up and pulled her underwear down I parted her legs and started playing with her. I could observe her body responding as I vigorously rubbed her bean with my thick thumb she wrapped both her arms around my neck. I went on and she kept struggling to catch her breath she bit her lower lip more harder...

Her: Ohhhh Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. Yes

I moved down to her already wet hole I inserted my thumb and she gasped. I started off slow and then progressed I felt her getting more and more wet..

Her: Ohhhhhh Jojo...

Me: You like that?.. How does it feel?

Her: It feels good.. It feels very good..

She kissed me but the kiss faded as she couldn't control herself. I kept on going until she couldn't keep still. I stopped and unlocked the door she pulled her panties up and then we walked out. I didn't want Nomfundo catching us red handed because Tashi's moaning was getting a bit louder..

We didn't even get that far I pulled her back against the wall. I pulled her panties down again I lifted her left leg up and held it for support. She unzipped my pants and lowered them it was a bit dark where we were and a bit far away from the door. She went down and pulled my briefs with her before I knew it I felt the warmth of her mouth against my Dick. I placed my one hand against the wall and the other hand was at the back of her head. She went for it she went in deeper until I felt her gagging. She pulled back..

Me: Ohhh shit

She held it tight with her hand and started shaking me it felt very good I won't lie. Before she put back in her mouth she spat on it a few times when she got in I pulled her closer for a deep throat and she almost vomited. She pulled back and started coughing a bit...I grabbed her hair..

Me: Who told you to pull back? Choke on it bitch!! Vomit if you have too

She took it in again for the last time

Me: Ohhhhhh fuck!!..

I pulled her hair back..

Me: Just like that baby

She really knew how to handle her business.

I pulled her up with her hair I smashed her lips against mine. I held her left leg again as she directed me in she broke the kiss and gasped for air her as I penetrated her..

Her: Fuuuck Jojo!!... This thing feels bigger than the last time!!

I pushed in deeper..

Her: Wait.. Wait.. Wait..

I ignored her plea and made my way in she was a bit too tight or maybe it's been a while since she last had me deep inside of her..

She pushed me back a little..

Me: Tashi stop it!!

Her: Its.. Ohh my word..

She wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her head on my shoulder as I went H.A.M (Hard as a MotherF**) on her pussy.

Her: Jojo it's painful (Crying)

Me: That is for making me lose tonight!!

Taschi is my everything she should've seen this shit with the awards coming before it happened..

Her: I'm.. I'm sorry (Crying)


Just when I was leaving the house to go and retire on my bed I was met at the door by the parents. They hardly around most of the time it's just me and Xolelwa around the house. Their lives are very busy I didn't know that being a Deputy president could be this tiring.. There's something about the Father of this house though I have lived with him most of my life but I haven't gotten used to the person that he is. No matter how welcoming the environment is when he walks in the atmosphere changes and he makes everyone feel uncomfortable. For a minister I don't know why he doesn't work on his heart I hate the fact that at church he keeps this facade of being a good religious leader but behind closed doors Isaac Ndarha is a devil

Isaac: Armani.. You still up?

They had to attend some dinner with a few other important people they always have to keep appearances since the president cannot be in many places at once..

Me: I was about to go to my quarter and sleep

I moved back as they made their way in..

Him: What has been keeping you up this late?

Me: Xolelwa and I we were watching movies

He nodded and looked at his wrist watch..

Him: Well it's late I should go to bed.. Good night

Me: Good night

He walked away and left us at the kitchen. The only part of my happiness around here is Umama uNontsikelelo she is a very kind person and she treats me like a Daughter not forgetting the kindness of her Daughter too.. Xolelwa..

She took off her fur coat and handed it to me

Her: Zihambe njani iHaward? (how did the awards go)

I swallowed..

Her: uJojo uyifumene la Haward? (Did Jojo win that award)

I cleared my throat and looked down..

Her: kukho ingxaki? (Is there a problem)

I looked at her in that elegant green dress even with worry written all over her face she still looked beautiful..

Me: uJojo.. UJojo khange ayifumane iAward (Jojo didn't win)

She looked at me for a while and laughed..

Her: That was not funny

I maintained my serious expression and she saw that it wasn't funny..

Her: If Jojo didn't win then who did?

Me: Some other drama.. Isikhalo

Her: Isikhalo? Isikhalo santoni? Isikhalo saphi? (Isikhalo?.. What is that)

I shrugged my shoulders..

Her: kodwa.. Yeyake Armani andiyivisisi ncam' le uyithethayo thetha into evakalayo(But.. Armani I don't understand what you telling me)

She started blowing air on her face trust this woman to be dramatic..

Her: uthi kwenzeke ntoni? Yatsho yonyuka ne high high (What really happened? My BP is sky rocket high now)

We heard uNdarha calling from the living room..

Him: Nontsikelelo!!

Her: Ndiyeza Tata (I'm coming)

I gave her the coat..

Her: We still going to talk about this

Me: Good night

Her: Goodnight Bhabha

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