I ask myself almost everyday how my Mother manged to land herself a job as a servant for the Ndarha family. The most powerful well respected and rich family known around Gauteng. No random citizen would ever get a job like that not even if they served their loyalty on a gold platter. Each time she would say and I qoute "Mani.. The things which are impossible with men are possible with God that's how he got us from the slums of Johannesburg to a more beautiful place" I've come to realize later in my life that actually the first part of her speech was quoted from the book of Luke 18 verse 27 (nkjv). She taught me to be grateful for the life that we lived because no one would've provided us with such other than God. He saw our sufferings and decided to show mercy upon us.. My Mother made everything seemed beautiful no matter how ugly it was. Even if the Ndarha family was said to be impolite to her she would never mention it. Instead she would try to find beauty and gratitude of that situation..

Our servant's quarter was very beautiful and welcoming. We had a television set we had a bathroom a mini kitchen and we had two bedrooms. Despite the title that it carried the Servant's qauter became my home from when I was 6 years old until now.. My Mother had to prove herself and her loyalty to the family being a family that's always in the public eye we had to be perfectionist in everything that we did. Our lives were rehearsed I had to familiarize myself with confidentiality and discreet from a very young age no one and I mean no one was supposed to know what happens behind closed doors we were sworn to secrecy.

Now a little background on the Ndarha family:

UTat'Isaac Ndarha was part of the struggle him and some dear friend of his David Mdluli were comrades who committed their lives in fighting the apartheid system that had oppressed our kind. Though they were pretty young at that time but their spirits and willingness to make our country a better place weren't young at heart. Unfortunately when he's friend got arrested UTat'Ndarha left all that he knew in persuit of something different by then his heart had been stolen by a beautiful lady named "Nontsikelelo". As if tragedy couldn't stop following him their relationship was short lived her family hated the fact that UTata was doing nothing with his life but persuing a passion that was going to disappear like a puff of smoke. They didn't want their Daughter to be married to someone who was a comrade who might get arrested anytime. It didn't matter to them that he had left that life the title and deeds of being a comrade never left him. When they broke up UTata worked a few odd jobs to make ends meet so he could help his family financially..He came from a low class family he's Father was a Pastor and his Mother was never employed. He had no qualification whatsoever as he dropped out of school in grade 9 to be a part of the struggle. In his early 30s he took over his father's church who had passed on from a heart attack he changed the name of the church to "Shield of faith ministries" and that's how he became a minister. Fate brought him back his long lost lover when they reunited uNontsikelelo already had a baby from her previous relationship after her failed relationship with UTat'Isaac. It wasn't very difficult for him to take her back with the Baby by then Nontsikelelo was a qualified teacher and not forgetting that she was very beautiful. They both decided to leave their place of birth in the Transkei for a better life in Johannesburg. That's when the gold in the city of gold fell on Ndarha's hands. Still a person who was very much interested in politics he started his own political party named "The Independent party" while also starting another branch of "Shield of faith ministries" in Johannesburg. He struggled a bit to get support judging from the fact that there's a lot of political parties but then with the help of his old friend David they joined forces and made the party a success. It wasn't hard for the party to be successful because his friend was now recognized as one of the people who fought during the struggle because of his jail time. To cut the story short their political party went on to become an influential party it shocked everyone when they won the last general elections and became the ruling party. They're currently still in power and they want to keep it like that for years to come. UTata agreed for his friend to take the presidency seat after all he was the one who made the party to gain popularity and get a lot of votes. It was fitting for David Mdluli to be the president while UTata became the deputy president. He continued with the church to honour his Father's legacy

the church has grew since from then until now.. When the political party came into power UTata and his wife were already blessed with two twin girls they named them Xolelwa and Xoliswa.. Xoliswa is no longer a part of our lives not because death took her away from us but.. Let's say that's a story for another day.. After the passing of my Mom the family decided to keep me since I had nowhere to go my Mom had passed on when I was just 12 years old. I grew up in their household life was good I was young by then and they played the Parent role in my life so I never felt that void of being Motherless. Things were good and I mean very good until I turned 15 that's when Jojo and I started feeling something more for each other than typical Step Brother and Sister. Jojo is Nontsikelelo's Son that she came into the relationship with and UTata raised him as if like he was his own. I thought that he was Jojo's biological Father but then he slapped him with the truth after finding out about our relationship he was so angry at that time that he beat us senseless. He beat us so bad that my body was bruised for at least two weeks or so. I was then sent back to live at the Servant's quarter in hopes that Jojo and I won't see each other that much anymore. We did stay away from each other for a month or two but then we got back together and we kept our relationship a secret. We kept it a secret until I turned 16 and Jojo was 19 that's also when he broke my virginity. We were so young and so very much in love we had plans and we were going to make it out together.. It wasn't long until his Father found out again and this time he threatened to kick me out Jojo who cared a lot about me decided to move back to the Transkei and lived with his Mother's family only if he's Father would still keep me around and that was the last I've heard of him. Before he left he promised me that he would be back for me when he has gotten his life in order but years passed and he never came back Jojo never came back for me nor came back home but he still keeps contact with his Mother and his sister Xolelwa. I lost all hope of him coming back when I saw him acting in some Xhosa drama and that small role opened doors for him in acting up until he created and produced his own drama "Usapho". That's when became the biggest thing that happened in the film industry. Now I just see him on social media on Tv and in the papers. The hate between him and his father or step father rather was fueled more over the fact that Jojo's drama circled around the affairs of this family. He protrayed exactly what happens in the family behind closed doors that was his revenge to the man that he hated soo much. See uIsaac Ndarha is not the picture perfect minister or person that he claims to be he is a cold hearted and ruthless man. He has physically and verbally abused Jojo from when Jojo was young I'm guessing it was easy for him to do so because he wasn't his biological child. Nontsikelelo came to realize her Husband's true colours when he started getting rich he totally changed but she couldn't leave. She was in this marriage too deep she was enjoying the benefits and the good life that she allowed this man to abuse her Son. I thought he was only like that to Jojo I was shocked to witness him doing it to one of Daughters Xoliswa. When she came out that she was lesbian he did what he did best and that was beating her in hopes that he would get the "demon" out of her but Xoliswa never changed. She stood for who she was and what she believed in that's when her Father sent her to the military and made sure that it's a military base that was very far from us. Unlike Jojo we never heard from her. She never called nor wrote us we don't even know if she's still alive.. On the other hand Xolelwa was saved by the fact that she was a pushover she feard her father more than anything in this world. She followed his rules and today she works at some government hospital as an HR her Father got her the job and also blessed Xoliswa's fiancé with tenders. She is 21 years and she is set to get married very soon to an older man who was chosen for her by her father this man is a minister of sports and recreation.. When it comes to me he started feeling somehow about me after the whole Jojo situation I held on so that I could get my matric and leave. Maybe go study somewhere and never look back but.. Things didn't really go according to plan. After completing my matric he told me that it was pay back time I had to take over and be the servant. Serve them for what they have done for me and my Mother he even went as far as threatening me that if I run away he will find me and make my life a living hell. He will make sure that I don't get hired and when I have suffered enough to his satisfaction he will have me killed. I am 27 years of age and my life hasn't even started yet my life revolves around the lives of my "Masters" after all I am the Servant's Daughter..

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