A Mother's love and guidance is everything that a girl child needs while growing up. You need that role model you can look up too and aspire to become when you transition from being a child to becoming a woman. I was blessed to experience a Mother's love that was founded in the heart of God where Dad wasn't around Mom was always there. My Mother and I we were inseparable I knew that no matter how cruel the world can be to me my Mother's love Support Guidance and her beautiful smile would always make everything okay. She was my world until one day when she cursed her womb. My Mother's love for me turned into hate that was founded in the heart of the devil...

Police 1: Pastor Cele can't you sit down with your Daughter and fix whatever issues that you two have? Thobisa umoya Ma (Calm your spirit) 

She was sitting on her favourite chair the same chair that connects her spirit to God both in prayer and reading the Bible. I remember when I was young I was very scared to sit on it if I had done something wrong I thought that God would hit me with lightning. That's how sanctified I viewed that chair even now I had no heart to just randomly sit on it.. It was around 23:00 and my Mother was kicking me out of her house. I found it very hard to believe My own Mother? A junior Pastor kicking me out at this time of the night knowing very well that I have nowhere else to go. Worse I have a 5 year old Daughter who is peacefully sleeping in the bedroom where will I go with her at this time of the night?... She even called the Police to escort me out of her house.. 

Police 2: Sisi don't you have anyone that we can take you too? 

I looked at him how can he ask that?. This is my home this is the only home that I know. That's my Mother the same Person who shielded me from a lot of things in this world the same person who carried me for 9 months.. 

Me: I don't have anyone 

Maybe I do know someone who can accommodate us but right now my mind was all over the place to even to think straight I was sunk in and lodging deeper into a cloud of confusion 

Mom: Whoever this is she is no longer my Daughter! She looks like my Daughter but she isn't. This is an evil spirit from the devil trying to detract me from my Godly duties 

I couldn't help but sob when she said that the heels I was wearing were high but not high enough to restrain me from getting to my Mother. I went and threw myself at her feet my tears fell on her feet.. 

Me: Mama it's Me it's Melani.. Please don't do this to me

I searched for her love but all I could get was coldness

hate and anger.. 

Me: If you think I'm evil then please pray for me fix me.. Please fix me 

Police 1: Pastor Cele siyakuhlonipha la emphakathini (Pastor Cele we respect you in this community) 

Police 2: You're a woman of God you can't do this to your child 

Mom: Ephesians 6 verse 1 "Children obey your Parents in the Lord for this is right. Honour your Mother and your Father so that it may go well with you and you may enjoy long life on earth" I have taught you to live by that verse since from an early age because that verse has a promise to it. It has a promise that you will live long on earth and that all will go well with you. Even when you had a baby out of wedlock at the age of 16 I forgave you and accepted the baby. I forfeited the position of being the first female senior Pastor at church because of your unrighteousness act. You turned me into a joke I forgave you Lani. I could've forgiven you once more but this I'm sorry I can't forgive. We can't make it right. This time around you cursed my womb. You cursed the womb that carried you for 9 months I pray that this evil spirit inside of you will come out someday. For now please leave my house 

Me: Mama please 

Police 1: What did she do so bad that you can't forgive her? Doesn't the Bible say you need to forgive? 

My Mother didn't say anything... 

Police 1: Pastor Cele? 

Mom: She seduced my husband she didn't see her stepfather as her father anymore. She saw him as a "boyfriend" she saw me as one of her friends that she can compete with for a Man. Melani wanted my Husband she seduced him everyday and night until the desires of his flesh gave in. My own Daughter was sleeping with my Husband under my roof!! tell me officer.. How do you forgive that? I am human before a Pastor I have emotions. I am not immune to pain I break.. 

How did we end up here? My Mother's love that was once founded in the heart of God turned into hate that was founded in the heart of the devil.. 



This Story is inspired by true life events Names and events have been changed to protect the identities of those involved. 


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