Before my Mother left this morning I asked her if I could have my day off today instead of Next Week to my surprise she agreed without asking me any questions. She also told me that she will fetch Buhle from preschool so meaning I have to be home by 17:00 before they come back and I need to cook for them.. I honoured Gift's request of spending a day with him he took me out for breakfast and then after I went and did a bit of shopping with him. He bought me a few clothes.... At first I was scared to pick clothes he told me to relax and take clothes that I wanted so I did but I didn't take much. 

When we were done with buying clothes we went to some lodge. He wanted us to talk.. 

Me: Thank you for the clothes 

Him: You welcome I'm glad you like them 

Me: I do.. A lot 

Him: That's good 

He sat down.. 

Him: I brought you here to this lodge because I wanted to talk to you 

Me: Okay... It sounds serious 

Him: It is well at least to me 

Me: What is it? 

Him: I think it's pretty clear how now I feel about you 

He pulled me so that I could sit on his lap.. 

Him: I am very much attracted to you and I have feelings for you I enjoy spending time with you

Me: I enjoy spending time with you 

He ran his hand on my thigh.. 

Him: So long you make me happy I'll make you happy too 

I nodded.. 

Him: As I've mentioned before my wife and I we very busy we very much committed to our careers than we are to our marriage. She's hardly around we don't have time for each other. I can say that our marriage is falling apart. We now strangers to each other we just keeping it together for the sake of our kids 

Me: I understand 

Him: I want you to make me happy I'm married and if you have someone that you in a relationship with then it's fine but when I want to see you then you have to avail yourself. 

Him: If you make me happy then I'll give you all your heart's desires 

I smiled... 

Him: Like right now 

He moved his hand up to my breasts and squeezed them... 

Him: I want you to make me happy 

He kissed my cleavage... 



I was called to the Manager's office I got scared a bit... 

Me: Good morning Mrs Dambe 

Her: Clementine 

I sat down... 

Me: You wanted to see me? 

Her: Yes 

Me: Okay 

Her: Unfortunately I have bad news

My mouth went dry.. 

Her: The company is retrenching and it is with great sadness that you one of the people who are going to be retrenched 

My heart went down to my knees.. 

Her: I've been checking you out for a week now and I'm not impressed with your work you late most of the time. You slacking customers have been complaining that you slow at the till. You prefer working at the back most of the time so that you could always be on your phone. You don't help around with unpacking the stock your colleagues have been complaining about you

This was not happening... 

Her: Before you leave today I want you to sign this document so I can submit it to the head office 

I didn't believe this I couldn't believe this.. 

Her: I'm sorry Clementine you will get your salary for 3 months and I wish you luck with all your future endeavors

I can't afford to lose my job this is going to be a serious setback... 



He was sitting on the bed and I was kneeling in between his legs giving him a blowjob I noticed he enjoyed this more than anything. 

He pulled me back up by my hair and kissed me. My hands were on his thighs for balance as I was leaning forward kissing him.. He gave himself a hand job as we continued kissing then he laid back on the bed and I got on top of him. I took the condom that was next to us and I unwrapped it I slid it down on his rock hard penis and I directed him inside of me. He closed his eyes and bit his lower lip as I fully welcomed his penis deep inside of me. Obviously this situation was going to be more about him enjoying than both of us enjoying but either way I didn't care. So long he treats me good then I'll try to satisfy him as best as I can.. 

He held on to my hips as I went up and down on him starting off slow and picking up the pace when I was comfortable. There way that he was tuned in into the moment made me realize that it's been long since his needs were satisfied sexually... 

Him: Ohhh Baby 

I was happy to see that he was enjoying himself After all he really treats me like a princess... 



I wasn't in a good mood today

After all he really treats me like a princess... 



I wasn't in a good mood today my patience was even wearing thin with clients today. It was difficult for me to believe that Melani is with someone she has been single for a long time now I had hoped that me and her would fix things. I was her first I don't know what made me think that she will always be holding on to me and what we used to have. 

As I was waiting for the taxi to get full I checked her Instagram. She had uploaded a pictures and she looked good in that bathing suit to even think that someone else is hitting it drove me insane. I got upset and locked my phone I then put it in my pocket.. 



I know that at some point Melani would go back to the dating game my wish had been that she would be a lot smarter than she was when she fell pregnant. Thought she would open up her eyes a bit more and be careful. I am aware that being a Junoiur Pastor will always affect our relationship there's things that she doesn't wanna talk to me about because she will feel judged. My Daughter is very beautiful very humble and smart. I want the best for her at all times and I want her to do something with her life something constructive. I am the only Parent that she has when I'm gone I want to rest in Peace knowing that she's independent... I don't want her depending on anyone for anything. 

I was in my office on the phone with a good friend of mine I decided to ask someone else for advice... 

Friend: As much as you a Pastor you need to understand that you also a Mother. Melani needs her mother's guidance right now and not a Pastor that's going to preach to her. It's not nice when your child starts doing things behind your back then the next thing she comes back pregnant again or decides to do a back door abortion because her Mother is a nightmare to talk too. She's a girl child yes be firm but also be her friend so she can be able to confide in you at all times

Me: I hear what you saying I guess I'll have to loosen the belt a little 

Her: You a Pastor and Melani is not don't force her to live according to your standards 

Me: I just don't want her to repeat the same mistake again it was hard dealing with her first pregnancy I don't want to deal with another pregnancy. It will also affect my position at church remember how it was with her first pregnancy 

Her: I remember very well just don't be too hard on her 

Me: I'll try not too and thank you my friend for the advice 

Her: Anytime 

Me: Have a blessed day 

Her: You too 

Me: Bye 

Her: Bye 



It's been a while since I was last intimate with someone and I don't wanna lie this felt good. It felt really good... I was now at the edge of the bed and he was standing in between me with my legs wrapped around his waist. Gift's body is not a nightmare he doesn't have a potbelly and he doesn't have a 6 pack either. He is not fat and doesn't have too much chest hair his body is good for his age and he is stronger than I had anticipated. 

I could tell by how he was grabbing tightly on my thighs. I kept on rubbing my clit as he went on I enjoyed the pleasure that took over me. I wet my fingers and went back to rubbing my clit this time around faster than the last time. I rubbed my clit up until I came it was a great feeling to experience an orgasm again... I missed having sex



Buli and I went to deposit money that the shop made yesterday and on our way back to the store we went to the toilets first because I was an emotional wreck.. 

Buli: I'm sorry Clementine 

Me: I don't know what to do because my Mother's salary won't take us far she doesn't earn that much and Sibo will only send money for his child

Her: Clementine maybe I should take you to that woman who helped me I'm sure she can give you something so you don't get retrenched. I mean what do you have to lose by going to her? Stop crying and take a stand for once or else you will find yourself without a job soon 

To be continued 


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Peaches 2019-10-05 01:06:28

I almost liked Melani

Makhey 2019-10-04 04:00:14

I don't trust Gift

Maka Lebo D Radebe 2019-10-04 02:31:54

Clementine you never know what you have until you lose it. Wy slack at your job. MaCele I hope you will have a chat with your daughter.

Maka Lebo D Radebe 2019-10-04 02:17:05

Melanie your child must come first against all odds, if Gift really loves you he must understand you have a child so your phone is a must ukuthi uyiphendule.

Verah 2019-10-03 22:33:46

But guys Melani didnt forget her daughter. She just didnt know that there were change of plans. Her mistake is having fun and forgetting that as a mother you should always be available because there could be any kind of an emergency

Verah 2019-10-03 22:09:16

Clementine not right how. Not right because she used what you dont know but would kill to have

Verah 2019-10-03 22:03:50

Clementine we are used to girls like you they end up losing it all

Verah 2019-10-03 21:58:19

Dont you even dare Clementine

Verah 2019-10-03 21:43:42

A few months ago and he is being accepted into your lives like this. Forgive me but im suspicious and dont blame me blame the introduction

Verah 2019-10-03 21:34:24

Tjo i am already preparing for the roller coaster ride. This story is so familiar

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I hope Gift knows his place and isn't controlling. Sibo, you had no right to slap her, you broke up mos and wena you slept with Clementine

Nokwazi 2019-10-03 18:22:36

Oh my goodness Lani, how could you forget Buhle, busy with photoshoots. Clementine you need to stop comparing kids.

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Its about to get messy

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Cement kunjalo ukonqena