I drove Buhle home to her Grandmother's place I can't let her spend a night at my place because I wake up very early. By 4am I'm supposed to be on the road I can't leave her alone in the house. She was sleeping in my arms as I knocked at the door.. The Dragon Lady's car was parked inside the yard

Some man opened the door..

Him: Good evening

Me: Evening.. Is Melani around?

Him: No

Me: Her Mother?

Him: Yes.. Please come in

I made my way in I stood in the kitchen leaning against the fridge..

Him: I'll get her

Me: Thank you

He went and got her.... 

I wonder were Melani is I just hope she's alright where she is. Her Mother walked in.. 

Her: Sibo 

She looked confused.. 

Me: MaCele 

She waited for me to explain my standing in the middle of her kitchen.. 

Me: I brought Buhle home they called me at her Preschool that no one picked her up she was left alone 

Her: Ini? (What) 

Me: I found her crying 

Her: I told Melani to pass by Buhle's preschool and get her because I was going to close the store late tonight 

The gentleman who opened the door for me showed up too.. 

Him: Kwenzakalani? (What's going on) 

Her: Melani left umntwana ePreschool 

Him: Where is she vele? 

Her: I have no idea 

Me: I've tried calling but her phone is on voicemail 

The man stepped closer to take Buhle from me I believe he is the new man of the house

Him: May I? 

I was hesitant at first I don't want any man around my Daughter especially one that I'm not familiar with.. 

He took Buhle from me.. 

MaCele: Thank you Sibo 

Me: It's a pleasure can I at least be told next time if one of you fails to fetch her from preschool so I can do it? 

MaCele: It was a mistake that won't happen again 

Me: I see 

I buried my hands deep in my pockets... 

Me: Good night 

MaCele: Good night and thank you again 

She closed the door behind me.. 



He gently put his hand at the back of my neck I felt his penis deep in my throat and he was moaning like a bull. I pulled out and then went again he moved his hand from my neck and he stroked my weave.. I went on giving him a BJ for a few seconds then I pulled out again I then started giving him a hand job. It was pretty dark and we were parked a few

Streets from mine in a place were people hardly pass. Even if they passed they won't know what's going on Gift's car the windows are tinted.. I kept on giving him a hand job and then his big hand grabbed mine he made me squeeze a bit tighter and go a bit faster as he was close to come. His breathing changed and he moaned a bit louder than he did when I was giving him a BJ. It didn't take him long to release his white fluid when he was done he let go of my hand

I was just being naughty about the whole thing I really didn't think that he was going to give into the BJ. I took the wipes from the dashboard and wiped him.. 

Me: I have to go it looks late 

Him: Why don't you take a day off tomorrow? I wanna spend a day with you 

Me: I don't know about that but I'll speak to my Mother about it when I get home 

Him: Then you will ring me 

Me: I'll do so 

He kissed me.. 

Him: Goodnight 

Me: Night 



He picked up after the 3rd ring.. 

Sibo: Clementine 

Me: Hello 

Him: Ya? 

That was called.. 

Me: Are you still working? 

Him: No.. Today I'm laying off early

Me: Why don't you fetch me so I can spend a night at your place? 

Him: Tonight I just wanted to drink beer and watch soccer 

Me: Ohw 

He didn't say anything.. 

Me: What ended up happening with Buhle? 

Him: I drove her home 

Me: Okay.. uMelani bekakuphi? (Where was Melani) 

Him: I don't know.. I found her Mother 

Me: Ohw.. Okay 

Him: I have to go.. Sharp 

Me: Sharp 

He hung up... 

That broke my heart a little He didn't even ask about Lesego and he didn't tell me when he's gonna come and see him. Sibo is not a good Father to our Son He is only there for him financially. Other than that he doesn't care... 



I got home and my Mother was sitting in the lounge on her usual chair reading her Bible.. 

Me: Good evening Mama 

She took off her glasses and closed her Bible 

I just knew that I was in trouble I was in a lot of trouble.. 

Her: Ubuyaphi Melani? (Where are you coming from) 

Me: I was with Khethiwe 

Khethiwe is my best friend.. 

Her: Until this time? 

Me: We went out for a movie

I was in a lot of trouble.. 

Her: Ubuyaphi Melani? (Where are you coming from) 

Me: I was with Khethiwe 

Khethiwe is my best friend.. 

Her: Until this time? 

Me: We went out for a movie I guess we lost track of time.. Ngiyaxolisa (I'm sorry) 

Her: How can you go out with Khethi for a movie knowing very well you had to pick up Buhle from school? I sent you an Sms 

I unzipped my bag and took out my phone. I had a lot of missed calls and a voice mail then my Mom's text message. Gift is not a fan of me putting all of my attention on my phone when I'm with him so my phone was on silence... 

Me: My phone was on silence.. I'm sorry 

Her: Buhle was at the preschool till late Sibo fetched her 

I didn't say anything...

Her: You giving Sibo an upper hand to fight for custody of his Daughter what you did today. The court will find you unfit to raise Buhle 

This was a stupid mistake... 

Mom: "For nothing is secret that will not be revealed nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light" Luke 8 verse 17

Here we go... 

Her: Whatever it is that you doing in darkness will eventually come to light because whatever that you doing that makes you to even forget about your child is definitely something that's not good 

I didn't say anything... 

Her: It's your life I understand but don't forget that you living under my roof. My rules come first if you think you can't obey my rules then you can leave 

Me: Yes Mam'

She opened her Bible and I walked to my bedroom... 



The following morning I prepared for work while thinking about what Buli said to me.. 

I am not a witch I am not into witchcraft and I don't wanna start now. At the same time I love Sibo and I can feel that I'm losing him.. 

Ma: Clementine 

Me: Ma

Ma: We have ran out of a few things we don't have cooking oil sugar and milk 

Me: I'll come back with them after work

You would swear that my Mother is not working she contributes to nothing. She will tell you that she has to support my Grandmother too and that she doesn't earn that much.. It was in the middle of the month and I was also dead broke I sent Sibo a text:

"Lesego has a terrible cold I need R200 to buy him some medicine at the pharmacy" 

I hope he will transfer... 



Sibo asked to take Melani to Preschool this morning I know that he was also going to give me shit about last night. My Mother wasn't around she had already left together with her husband.. 

Buhle: Mommy why didn't Grabdma fetch me yesterday? 

Me: Grandma closed the store late 

Buhle: Why didn't you fetch me? 

Me: Mommy was busy but Grandma will fetch you today 

Buhle: Okay 

We heard a knock at the door.. 

Me: I'm sure it's Daddy 

Buhle went to open.. 

Buhle: Daddy!!! 

Sibo: Princess.. How are you? 

Buhle: I'm good too

Me: Hi

Him: Bowukuphi izolo? (Where were you last night) 

Me: I went out with Khethi yesterday and lost track of time.. Sorry 

My phone vibrated on the counter I checked it. It was a bank notification Gift transfered R500 for me. I smiled and sent him a thank you text.. 

Sibo: Princess go get your bag 

Buhle ran to the bedroom to get her bag. Gift replied back to my text:

"I hope my request of spending the day with you has been considered my love" 

Out of the blue Sibo snatched my phone from me.. 

Me: Sibo wenzani? (what are you doing)

He checked it... 

Me: Sibo give me my phone back 

Him: So ubufebe yibo obukwenza ukhohlwe umntwana ePreschool 

Me: You have no right going through my P-

He did the unthinkable and slapped me.. 

Then he threw my phone on the counter. It's not really the first time that he raises his hand on me he's done it a few times back when we were still dating to keep me in order... 

Buhle ran back to the kitchen with her bag... 

Sibo: Are you ready to go? 

Buhle: Yes 

I tried to go up to her and kiss her goodbye but Sibo picked her up.. 

Sibo: Let's go then 

Buhle: Bye Mommy 

Me: Bye Baby.. I love you

Buhle: I love you too 


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PHAMZA-LEE 2019-10-01 15:19:37

Ai Meleni and Clementine are cut from the same loth shame, Sibo didn't choose good women to mother his kids.

Phamza-lee 2019-10-01 15:08:27

Melani is starting to act reckless shame for a mother she should be securing her daughter's future instead of acting like she doesn't have a child and she still has privileges of chasing dreams like that. And worse forgetting her child because of a fling. As for Clementine she needs to stop comparing herself to Melanie then she'll be the happiest of them all.

thabile mhlongo 2019-10-01 15:01:46

Mnxm uSibo awujoli naye mos wayihlanyisa manje

Chuma 2019-10-01 09:31:52

That was uncalled 4 Sibo