Later on when I knocked off at 14:00 I went and did a photoshoot so that I can get more high quality pictures to post on my Instagram account. I have 15k followers on my Instagram and the highest I have got on my pictures was 9500 likes and 650 comments it was when I posted a picture of me in a lingerie. I was advertising for some lingerie store that just opened not so long ago and they paid me R1500 for an hour. 

Gift was present in this current photoshoot. 

I'll be paying R250 for 10 pictures.. Make that Gift will be paying on my behalf.. 

Sisqo: Nice give me another pose

I changed to another pose.. 

Sisqo: Very nice 

Gift was standing there and looking at me he gave me a shallow smile. I am starting to fall for Gift. He has less drama he is more mature and he influences me in a good way. I know my growing up without a Father might come across as me  having Daddy issues Yes my Uncle was there but he was not always there. He was only there when he was needed.. 

Sisqo: I think we done you can come and look at them 

I made my way to him and Gift picked the the robe that was on the small couch and handed it to Me.. 

Me: Thank you 

He also came closer so that he could see the pictures... 

Sisqo: Take a look 

He showed me the pictures they actually looked very good.. 

Me: Wow 

Sisqo: I like this one 

Me: I like that one too 

Sisqo: Should I print them out for you? 

Me: Yes please and also can you send them to me on WhatsApp? 

Sisqo: Ofcourse 

Me: I'd really like that 

Sisqo: Let me print them out for you 

He went to print them out.. I looked at Gift he was busy on his phone.. 

Me: What did you think about the pictures? 

Him: They look good.. You looked beautiful as always 

I sensed a vibe from him... 

Me: Are you sure? 

He put his phone deep in his pocket.. 

Him: I am old school a woman taking pictures only in her underwear and bra is a bit foreign to me but I'm getting used to how things are done now 

Me: Ohw 

Him: I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable 

He put his hand on my shoulder.. 

Me: It's okay I understand 

Him: I don't want you to feel like I am trying to control you 

Me: No it's okay I understand 

Sisqo came back with the printouts.. 

Sisqo: Here you go 

Me: Thank you 

Sisqo: I'll also send on whatsApp as requested 

Me: Thank you very much 

Gift: If we done I would like to make the payment please 

Me: I'll go and get dressed 

I made my way to the dressing room.. 



I received a call from Buhle's preschool apparently she was left alone. She wasn't picked up at the usual time. I tried calling Melani but her phone took me straight to voice mail I couldn't call her Mother. I don't have her number and even if I did. I wouldn't call that dragon.. I asked if they can keep her for at least another hour because I had passangers The teacher agreed and also explained that we going to be charged for overtime. I was a bit worried this is not like Melani. She wouldn't do that unless something was wrong.. 



I had called Sibo to come and fetch me from work he told me that he won't be able to do that. He had passangers and he said something about fetching Buhle from Preschool Why isn't Melani getting her child from Preschool? I make arrangements for Lesego. Her Mother wants things done according to her so why can't they make necessary arrangements for Buhle? This whole situation made me very angry.. I got a lift from Buli I just saved myself R18.. 

Me: All that he ever does is focus on Melani

he has two baby Mamas and Mina I always come last. Me and my Son we come last 

Buli: That's wrong Mele aniphathe ngokufana nonke (That's wrong he has to treat you guys the same) 

Me: Even when he has to give me money for Lesego he complains. Lesego is 1 he has more needs than his Precious Princess Buhle. He is still on formula and nappies aren't cheap. Buhle knows how to go to the toilet and she is not on baby milk but she gets more money than my son does 

Buli: I don't mean to sound insensitive but.. When things happen like this it's quite clear what you need to do Sisi or else you will find yourself in a lot of mess. You will be left to financially take care of your Son alone and you don't even earn that much 

Me: Wait.. Are you saying that I should try witchcraft? 

Her: It's not witchcraft you just taming him a little nje.. Umuthi kancane 

Me: Hai I don't know I have never done this sort of things.. It's sounds dangerous 

Her: Haike uzohlala ukhala (You will always be crying)

Me: You turn left here 

Her: Remember how stressed I was? Remember how I used to cry everyday at work? I was even losing weight. I thought that I wasn't going to make it after someone encouraged me to do this.. Now I'm happy my husband is back sometimes you have to do things that you not comfortable with to get your way survival of the fittest my Dear. Kusemhlabeni la Hlakanipha.. 



Gift: Do you want us to go out and eat before I drive you home? 

Me: I think I'll pass I have to get home it's a bit late now for me to be out I'm home by 18:00 now it's 18:30

Gift: Are you sure? 

Me: Yes I am 

Gift: Alright then.. I'll take you home 



After dropping off all the passengers I went and fetched Buhle from preschool. She was crying when I got there because she was the only child left she ran up to me when I made my way in.. I picked her up.. 

Me: It's okay Baby 

Teacher: How are you Sir? 

Me: I'm fine thank you 

Teacher: We have been trying to call Melani her phone is on voicemail and uMaCele hers is off 

Me: I understand.. Thank you for calling me 

Teacher: It's okay.. I'm just happy that someone came to get her

She put her hand on Buhle's back.. 

Teacher: It's okay Nana 

Me: It's okay.. Let's go home 

The Teacher went and got Buhle's bag for me I signed that I picked her up and then we left. I demand a good explanation from Melani for leaving my Daughter until this late at the Preschool... 


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Sisipho 2019-09-30 14:55:43

Mxm Clementine ya bhora Melanie am disappointed huwe shem

Maka Lebo D Radebe 2019-09-30 13:59:57

Melanie you forgot your daughter at school really, busy with a married man. Clementine is so boring always whining about Buhle and Melanie.

Aggy 2019-09-30 12:20:22

Sibo is a bull***t

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UClementine yisdina sentombazane nje

Thembisile Welele 2019-09-28 19:02:08

Always have and always will be the best..sis presh is my number one.much love.