At around 12:00 in the afternoon my friend Skhumbuzo and I parked at the taxi rank and got ourselves something to eat. We usually buy our food from some woman who sells Plates starting from R35 just next to the taxi rank. I was still very much hungover after eating I wanna nap a bit before getting back to the road...

Skhumba: Mnaka beyinjani iParty? (How was the party)

Me: Beyi right (It was good)

Him: Kube ngizile (I would've came)

Me: Why didn't you?

Him: Ngizoza njani Mnaka uClementine angangifuni so (How would I come when Clementine hates me)

Me: Uyang'dina uClementine (Clementine irritates me)

Clementine doesn't like most of the people I hang around with she says my friends are snakes because they let me fool around with other women and don't tell me that what I'm doing is wrong. Especially Skhumbuzo since he has a few girlfriends. Skhumbuzo is originally from Kzn he has a wife at home and kids. Since he hardly visits home he got himself a few women around here to cater to his needs. Unfortunately he messed around and he now has two kids too.. Skhumbuzo and Melani get along very well they have always gotten along I think that's also one of the reasons why Clementine hates Skhumbuzo...

Me: Ngifuna ukubuyelana no Melani (I want to get back with Melani) 

Him: Yabona manje ucabanga khona uMelani uright kakhulu. Futhi yintle leya Ntombi (Now you thinking straight Melani is good plus she's beautiful) 

Me: Inkinga uMam'fundisi (The Problem is her Mother) 

Him: UMam'fundisi akame kancane. UMam'fundisi onjani ongaxoleli (She should wait a wait what kind of a Pastor is she that doesn't want to forgive) 

Me: Nami uyang'hlula (I give up on her) 

Him: Kodwa njengoba seka noMuntu mhlambe uzoba right (Now that she has a husband maybe she will be better) 

Me: Loya mfazi uyababa (She's way too bitter) 

Him: Asimbheke manje mnaka ukuthi uzoba njani njengoba sekanendonda (Let's see how she's going to be now that she has a husband) 

We laughed.. 

Him: Bazomnika uzoba right (Her sexual frustrations will go) 

Me: Kunjalo mnaka mas'thembe uzoyithola kahle induku (Let's hope her husband will give it to her good) 

We laughed again... 

Him: Wena hamba uyothatha umfazi wakho mnaka uyeke okuningi (Go get your woman and forget about a lot of things) 

Me: Ngiyomthatha mnaka (I'll go get her) 



I got a bit of time to talk to Buli as we were sorting out a few things out at the back I was curious at how suddenly her man changed how he was treating her. Buli's husband was ready to move on with his mistress he was done with Buli and was ready to divorce her. He wasn't living in the house anymore he had temporary moved out just until the divorce was finalized between them.. 

Me: Buli I don't mean to sound somehow kodwa wenze kanjani? (how did you do it) 

She smiled a little.. 

Me: I am trying to get my baby daddy back mara aii ngiyahluleka (I am trying to get my baby daddy back but I'm failing)

Her: kwenzakalani? (what's happening) 

Me: He is fooling with his ex this is the same ex he almost got arrested for a long time ago. I love him and I wanna be with him his family loves me too kodwa yena nje uyala (he doesn't want) 

She looked around and got closer.. 

Her: There's this other woman who helped me with a portion 

My eyes widened.. 

Her: Ngathi fafafa kancane nje ekudleni kwakhe yabuya indoda yam' (I poured a bit in his food now he's back) 

Me: Umdlisile? (you bewitched him) 

Her: Bengizoyenza njani? (What would I have done) 

This was shocking.. 

Her: I was already losing my Husband all his money was going to this girl. With my small salary I had to support my kids

all his money was going to this girl. With my small salary I had to support my kids school fees is expensive. I was suffocating I wasn't making it. I had to do what I had to do.. 

Me: Angeke ngidlise uSibo angifuni abe yinto engilandelayo njalo (I won't bewitch Sibo I don't want him to be my puppy) 

She laughed.. 

Me: I love my man this arrogant I don't want him being a puppy 

Her: Kuyangokuthi uyithela kanjani (It depends on how much you pour) 

Me: Hai cha izindaba zobuthakathi akusezami (witchcraft is not my thing) 

Her: Aii ke hlala unjalo (Be like that) 

Our supervisor made her way to the back.. 

Buli and I we made as if like we were busy our supervisor has a tendency of being unnecessary at times... 



I met up with Gift for lunch he took me to Saint restaurant in Sandton. Gift doesn't mind spending on me and I like it. I like how he makes me feel important. I like how he treats me and spends on me.. We went supposed to meet up for lunch but he told me that he's free and wanted to take me out for lunch so I agreed.. 

Me: Thank you very much 

Him: Do you like the place? 

Me: Yes I do I like it very much 

I was wearing a long skirt that had a split on the side. When I'm sitting and crossing my legs my thigh would be exposed.. Then I was also wearing a V neck t-shirt that exposed my small cleavage perfectly.. 

Him: I'm going on a business trip soon would you like to come with? 

Me: When? 

Him: Sometime next week it's not out of the country but.. I think fresh air will do you good 

Me: I'll have to ask for a few days at work then I'll let you know 

Him: I'll be waiting on your answer then 

I smiled... 

Him: I really want us to spend more time together

I nodded.. 

Me: Can I ask you something? 

Him: You can ask me anything 

Me: Are you having problems in your marriage? 

Him: Why do you ask? 

Me: Because of what we are doing 

Him: Fair enough 

He cleared his throat.. 

Him: My wife is hardly at home she's a career driven woman and she travels a lot. She's more married to her job than she is to me 

Me: What about your kids? 

Him: They are old.. They used to us not being around they've always been in the care of Nannies 

Me: Must be sad 

Him: It is but they used to a good life and that good life is expensive 

Me: That's very true 

The waitress brought us our order.. 

Gift: Thank you 

Me: Thank you 



I decided to pass by at home and talk to my Mother I really need for her to be okay with me starting a relationship with Melani.. 

Ma: Angeke phela Sibo (That won't happen) 

Me: Ma

Her: Kanti why don't you sort things out with Clementine? 

Me: I don't love Clementine 

Her: Clementine is the Mother of your child Sibo! She's a good woman for you 

Me: Wuwe othanda uClementine Ma (You the one who loves Clementine Ma) 

Ma: Melani's family almost destroyed us! You almost went to jail because of her.. Ungangidini Sibo (Don't irritate me) 

She got up.. 

Her: You supposed to be on the road making us money! You don't have to be here talking to me about senseless things.. 

To be continued 


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Sisanda 2019-09-28 12:27:25

Iyooh this woman is evil I hope she won't harm an innocent child.

Sisanda 2019-09-28 11:48:51

What is the ex-wife doing there anyway?

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I don't trust this Cedric guy and why his 'ex-wife"is there?

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It takes time to forgive something like this , what got into you child how can you do something like this

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Clementine you are so desperate it's not even funny. Melanie for your sanity stay away from Sibo.

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Sibo have no respect shame, he wanted to be intimate with Lani in front of their daughter.

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Best mummy ever to sacrifice your dream for your child.

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