Sibo dropped off Buhle the next morning at around 05:00am. He didn't come in the house he called me when he was at the gate so that I could come and get her. I was very upset at what he did we never agreed on Buhle sleeping over. He was supposed to bring her back late last night at least..

Me: What you did was wrong

Him: Buhle is my Daughter too la kini mele  nikwazi lokho (Buhle is my Daughter too you guys need to get used to that)

Buhle was in the taxi sleeping it was a cold morning..

Me: You didn't say anything about her sleeping over

Him: Melani ubuyile Ubuhle angithi?

Me: Let me get her 

Sibo's attitude was a bit off this morning or maybe it's the hangover that's making him to be this grumpy..I opened the door and got Buhle she was fast asleep..

Me: At what time did she sleep?

Him: I'm not sure

Me: Thank you for bringing her back though

Him: I'll talk to you later

Me: Bye

I went back inside to put Buhle to bed..



Mom: Here is your coffee

Me: Thank you

I shouldn't have drank this much last night knowing very well that I was doing an early shift today

Mom: Uzogeza skhathi sini? (At what time are you going to bath)

Me: 06:00am

I live with my Mother my Son and my little Brother. My Mother is a domestic worker she doesn't work everyday though just 3 times a week. My little Brother is still in school he's in grade 12 and I work at Pep. When my Mother is off she looks after Lesego for me when she has to go to work I take him to creche..

Mom: How was the party Yesterday? 

Me: It was good I can't complain Lesego had the best party.. Unjani ugogo? (How is Grandma)

My Mother wasn't at the party yesterday she had to go see her Mother who is very sick..

Mom: Ahh she's still the same

Me: Namanje akafuni ukuza azohlala nathi?(she still doesn't want to live with us) 

She shook her head..

My Grandmother lives with my 16 year old cousin. I heard my cousin is hardly at home she is always sleeping over at her boyfriend's place. She's hanging around with girls who are older than her and they a bad influence to her. My Mother had suggested that my Grandmother should move in with us just until she gets better but she refused. She doesn't wanna leave Mathabo all by herself Mathabo being my cousin. No one wants to live with that girl she is very disrespectful and lazy too...

Mom: At what are you going to prepare for work?

Me: I'll bath at 06:00am Ma I already told you 

Mom: How are things between you and Sibo?

Me: Agh if it wasn't for Melani and her Daughter. Sibo would be mine I wouldn't be sharing him

Mom: Ucabanga ukuthi uJola no Melani? (You think him and Melani are an item)

Me: I doubt.. Both families secretly hate each other they will never work

Mom: Worse her Mom is a Pastor but her heart

Me: To think ukuthi she once wanted to have Sibo arrested what about her Daughter? What 15 year old opens her legs for an older guy

Mom: I was happy at church they didn't make her a Senior Pastor kube sikuphi manje?

Me: That woman is full of herself

kube sikuphi manje?

Me: That woman is full of herself I don't like her at all

Mom: Siyafana nje (The feeling is mutual)



My Mother leaves with Buhle every morning. She drops her off at Preschool then she heads out to her store. I follow later on with a taxi at around 8:00am because my shift starts at 9:30 From 9:30-16:30.. After bathing I went back to my bedroom to get dressed. My phone rang it was Gift. Gift is a guy that I've been in communication with he likes my pictures on Instagram and then one day he sent me a DM then we started talking. We have met up twice if not thrice he would take me out for lunch.. At first I was skeptical about the whole thing especially when I found out that he's married but it's not like we have a serious thing going. I'm not a threat to his marriage this is just me having fun it's nothing other than a fling.. 

Me: Hello 

Gift: How are you? 

Me: I am well and you?

Gift: I'm good... Are you still at home? 

Me: Yes just preparing to go to work 

Gift: Can we go out after work? 

Me: Yes definitely 

Gift: That's good.. I'll send you some money to get yourself something to eat during your lunch break 

Me: I'd appreciate that a lot.. Thank you 

We haven't slept together as yet I don't know if we will. Honestly speaking I don't even know what I'm doing I just like the attention he gives me. He makes me feel important and it's a been a while since a guy has taken such an interest in me. Not that I am not attractive most guys who do take  interest in me just wanna lay me down especially after seeing my almost nude pictures. Gift is the only one who has never looked at me in that way I'm not saying he doesn't find me sexual attractive. I'm saying he hasn't made it known to me.. I'm keeping this one a secret he is older than me and I don't want to be judged. My fetish for older men is really taking a toll on me I find them a bit mature than my age mates.. 



I was now at work and we were about to open in a few minutes. We were congratulating one of my colleagues her husband bought her a car. A Renault Cleo brand new and straight from the dealership. Things between her and her Man weren't so sweet a few months ago he was leaving her for his mistress and then all of a sudden he is madly in love with her again and treating her better. I really thought that she was going to die she was beyond heart broken. He wasn't even taking care of her and the kids anymore. His money was going to the mistress and now he is back to his senses? I don't wanna be negative but that's a bit strange.. 

Me: Congrats 

Buli: Thank you 

Me: I'm glad things are now better between you and him It was not nice seeing you that broken 

She exhaled... 

Buli: I know.. I am grateful that my husband is back and we working things out 

Me: Me too 

She walked away.. Something was not right about this whole situation.. 

To be continued 


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Maka Lebo D Radebe 2019-09-25 03:58:19

Melani wy did you sleep with your stepfather, let me judge until the story unfold.

rofhiwa 2019-09-23 13:50:23

Sibo is in trouble Clementine will use muti on him since she desperately wants him back and if that happens i feel pity for Melani and her daughter since Clementine will be controlling Sibo

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i also suspect that the collegue is using ubuthakathi and Clementine will also do the same to win Sibo back i really dont love this Clementine chick.

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Clementine's friend is using a witch doctor really why a suddenly change and Clementine is gonna witch Sbo