Later on I had nothing to do I was very bored so I decided to play around with some of my Mother's designs just blending in different colours here and there for beautiful spring African dresses. Something that someone would wear to church or even at work. It wasn't complicated designs just simple dresses for women which ranges from size 28-40... I heard a knock at the door..

Me: Come in

The door opened and Cedric stood there..

Him: Hi

Me: Hi

Him: Was checking if you managed to compile your CV so I can go with it tomorrow morning

Me: Not really

Him: You haven't?

Me: I haven't

Him: I don't mean to sound somehow but you passing on a very good paying job. You can be able to do a lot of things for yourself

Me: I am very comfortable with what I am doing it might not be paying a lot but I love it. I do believe that with time I will get there

Him: That's very true.. That's the spirit always go for what you believe in

Me: Thank you

Him: Let me leave you to work then... Where is Melani?

Me: She went to attend her little brother's birthday party 

Him: Okay then.. Good night

Me: Good night

Speaking of Melani Sibo was supposed to have long dropped her off. It was 19:00 now it was way too late. I took my phone and called him but he didn't pick up I then sent him a text message. I hate it when he does this..



The party was great actually it was more than great. The kids had fun Lesego looked good and we took a lot of photos too. Now it was just a chilling session for Adults most kids had gone home. We decided to end the party with just adults chilling and listening to music we were even having a few drinks..

Sibo's little brat ended up blending in and playing with other kids she became less of an annoyance and I was good with that..

I was holding on to the kitchen counter preventing myself from falling. I had one too many drinks and my balance wasn't that stable but I tried to maintain it because if I fall then this whole session is going to flop.

Sibo was behind me and holding on to my waste for dear life I felt him deep inside of me and not to mention how hard he was fucking me right now but it felt really good. Or maybe it's the alcohol that was making my hormones to be unstable. I noticed how he was breathing and how he was moaning also that he was enjoying himself too. That was the main goal. He removed his other hand from my waist and brought it to the front so that his fingers could fondle with my clitoris while he was still deep inside of me.

I couldn't keep still my legs started to vibrate as the pressure shot through my entire body paralyzing me in between. An orgasm was building up and I had no doubt that it was going to be an intense one. I did not hold back my screams especially since I was very close to coming.. He kept on going until I had that orgasm I pressed his hand hard against my cookie as I moaned whilst overwhelmed by feelings of pleasure. When everything settled down I pressed his hand hard against my cookie as I moaned whilst overwhelmed by feelings of pleasure. When everything settled down and my body was able to relax again. I caught my breath and he pulled out. That was the best orgasm ever. He turned me around and kissed me the condom was wet with my juices. He picked me up and placed me on the counter he stretched my legs very wide. He rubbed his dick against my sensitive clit then I directed him back inside.. He started off slow and then increased the pace. I was tired now I wanted him to come already. He moved his hand to my neck he didn't strangle me for dear life that I couldn't breath he was gentle. He went on and on until he was close to coming that's when he changed the rhythm and went very fast then his grip around my neck tightened. He moaned a bit louder until he came. That's when he loosened his grip around my neck and he also caught his breath. Though my cookie was a bit sore but that was the best fuck..

He leaned over and kissed me I got him right were I wanted him... 



I had just finished bathing and still there was no text nor missed call from Sibo he was really starting to upset me. He knows the rules Buhle is going to preschool tomorrow she should've been preparing for bed already. My Mom walked into my bedroom without even knocking.. 

Mom: Where is Buhle? 

Me: I'm trying to get a hold of Sibo 

Mom: Sibo is being very disrespectful now and I don't like it. He is throwing his weight around a lot while they never even paid for damages. I gave him a chance and he is proving himself to be the same person over and over again! Right now we have the right to call the police and say he kidnapped Buhle 

Me: I'm sure uzomuletha Ma (I'm sure he will bring her back) 

Mom: Nini? (when) 

I took my phone and called him again a female voice answered.. 

Her: Hello? 

Me: Ngicela ukukhuluma no Sibo (May I please talk to Sibo) 

Her: Sorry uBusy 

Me: Can you just give him the phone it won't take long 

Her: Sisi we sibusy  futhi ngicela uyeke ukufonela umuntu wam' ngaleskhathi (Please stop calling my man at this time of the night) 

Me: I just want my Daughter nje that's all 

Her: Ya-

I heard Sibo in the background.. 

Sibo: uphendule iPhone yam? (are you answering my phone)

Her: Beyiringa umlibe (It was ringing without stopping) 

Sibo: Do you see me answering your phone? 

Her: Do you have anything to hide kanti? 

They're continued arguing and I just hung up My mom looked at me and shook her head..

Mom: Ngiyamfuna uBuhle (I want Buhle back here) 

What Sibo is doing is not on this is disrespectful to me and my Mother.. After everything that we've been through to keep the peace between all of us? He goes and does this? This was below the belt... 



We drove back to his Parent's house he has been in a bad mood since I answered that call. Sibo is crazy he really thought that I was going to let him answer a call from another woman while I was still naked in his his kitchen. Especially when that woman is Melani? He was being disrespectful Yes I know we not dating but this is my way of getting him back and I'm not sleeping with him just so he can tell another woman that he loves her in my presence that's just not on.. He parked next to the gate.. 

Me: Sibo 

Him: Eyy awungiyeke (leave me alone) 

He opened the door and got out I rolled my eyes and went out too.. 

To be continued 


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