We were still at the Attic buffet restaurant. We were now eating and talking. Though there were circumstances trying to hinder this day from being perfect for my Mom we overcame all of that and had a good time. I felt obliged to say something heavy meals were off the table now and we were having dessert. I slowly stood up and all eyes were now on me.. A cloud of emotions passed through my heart a river of tears wanted to stream down my cheeks. All of what was happening proclaimed to me that indeed we serve a living God. I was very happy for my Mother I was happy that heaven honoured her like this. God's timing is always perfect

Me: Since the day started I've been searching deep down in my heart trying to find the right words to perfect this moment for both my Mother and Mr Cedric. I never thought that at 21 God would bless me with a Father something that I've never had all my life. My Uncle has been like a Father to me thus this far

I saw the ex wife looking down..

Me: I just wanna thank God for this moment I wanna thank God for his blessings upon my Mother's life. She deserves this moment she deserves love

I fought back tears..

Me: I love you MaCele and I am happy for you may you and Mr Cedric find happiness. May your love be founded and supported by God. I wish you both nothing but the best just make me the only child forever

Everyone laughed... 

I raised my glass that had mango juice.. 

Me: To Mr and Mrs Magagula 

Everyone raised their glasses up except for you know who. She wasn't even hiding her jealousy from everyone. I sat down again my Mother smiled at me.. 

Noks: That was good Mzala 

Me: Usho? (You think so) 

Noks: Yes.. Though the Ex-Mrs has been chewing on an onion the whole time 

Me: She will be okay she needs to accept that her time has passed 

Noks took her wine glass from the table.. 

Noks: Uzoba strong 



Clementine wasn't happy with me right now I could see her in her face that she wasn't happy.. Clementine is my second Baby Mama we broke up because she is crazy and she used to stress me a lot. Her jealousy is one that you can't really ignore she used to piss me off... Everything was set we were having my son's 1st birthday party at my Parents house. I think it should've long started I don't know why they delaying.... 

I made my way to Clementine she was busy sorting out a few things and controlling everything.. 

Clementine: change that glass to blue a boy must sit there 

Me: Hey

Her: Hey

She didn't even look at me Buhle was holding on to my arm for dear life.. 

Me: Kanti nizoqala nini? (When are you guys going to start) 

Clementine: Sizoqala ngesikhathi sethu (We will start at our own time) 

Me: It's already getting late 

Clementine: We had a lot to do Sibo please ngehle 

Clementine wanted a big party that really ate out of my pocket I had to even get a loan from my Father to cover most of the expenses.. She gave Buhle a weird look.. 

Clementine: Why doesn't she go and play with other kids ku jumple castle? 

I looked at Buhle.. 

Me: Poonkie.. Don't you wanna go and play with the other kids? 

She shook her head and hid behind me.. 

Clementine: Whooa! Haike that means uzokumamarela the whole day? (that means she will be stuck to you the whole day) 

Me: She doesn't know most of the kids here I don't blame her 

Clementine: Then ufunani la ke uma azozenza iPrincess angafuni ukudlala nabanye abantwana? (Then what is she doing here if she's going to be a princess the whole time and not play with other kids) 

Me: Uva uLesego? (Where is Lesego) 

Clementine: Usendlini

I held Buhle's hand and then we went inside the house Clementine's friends were cooking in the kitchen. I greeted and proceeded to the other rooms my mother was in her bedroom dressing up my son Lesego I knocked.. 

Ma: Come in

We made our way in... She took one look at Buhle.. 

Ma: Sawubona (Greetings) 

Buhle: Sawubona (Greeting back) 

My Mom doesn't really like Melani ever since her Mother tried to have me arrested back when I impregnated her Daughter. I don't think my Mother loves my Daughter she just tolerates her. Worse Buhle looks like her Mother so she's a constant reminder of what Melani's Mother put my family through.. 

Ma: Ugog'wakhe azange akhulume kakhulu? (Her Grandmother didn't give you a tough time) 

Me: Azange akhulume (She didn't say anything) 


Me: Vele le party izoqala nini? (When is this party going to start) 

Ma: Basase busy (They still busy) 

I am the only boy born to my parents I have two sisters and growing up with only girls around me was always stressful. I am the second born and my big sister

the first born took after my Mother. She is very full of shit whilst the last born is a bit reserved. That one likes to mind her own business she doesn't like quarreling... 

Ma: Ubabakho bekakufuna (Your father wants to see you) 

Me: Uphi? (Where is he) 

Ma: At the back braaing meat 

Me: Let me go and check him 

When Buhle and I walked out Lesego started crying.. 

Ma: Haibo boy boy.. Mele ugcoke phela (You have to get dressed) 

Buhle and I walked out we went to the back to see my Father. He was busy braaing meat his friend were sitting by and drinking whiskey. I greeted.. My Father is a very quiet and humble man My mother is the one who wears the pants in their marriage. She controls him a lot.. He gets along very well with Buhle Buhle even prefers him more than my Mother.. 

Buhle: Khulu!! 

Dad: Buhle Buhle 

She ran up to him and hugged him.. 

Dad: Kunjani Buhle? (How are you) 

Buhle: Ngikhona (I am well) 

Dad: Sibo 

Me: Baba 

Dad: Bengazi ukuthi uBuhle Buhle uyeza (I didn't know that Buhle is coming) 

Me: Ya her Mom allowed 

Dad: That's good 

Buhle: Khulu what are you doing? 

Dad: I am braaing meat for your little Brother's birthday party 

Buhle: Can I braai too? 

Dad: No fire is dangerous you going to burn yourself 

I went and sat down on my Father's chair.. 

Melani and her family they help a lot with Buhle financially they not entirely dependent on me unlike Clementine. That's why I'll always love Melani she takes care of herself she doesn't wait on me to do everything.. 

I poured myself a glass of whiskey that they were drinking... 



After eating lunch we all went our separate ways I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep. Cedric dropped me and my Mother off at home first then after that he left to his ex wife's house to see if her and the kids were okay.. I found that highly inappropriate I could see that my Mother was also disturbed by this whole situation even though she was trying so hard not to show it. I laid on my bed and she leaned against my door frame while taking off her earrings.. 

Me: Are you okay? 

Her: I'm fine just very tired that's all 

Me: Are you okay with the whole ex wife thing? Why did they even divorce? 

Her: He wasn't a good husband to her when he found Jesus and changed his ways it was too late for his marriage. They had long divorced so he feels like he owes her a lot for the pain that he put her through and also put the kids through 

Me: He can't feel bad forever

Her: Cedric is a very good man so I don't blame him he has a good heart 

Me: Hai cha asazi (We don't know) 

Her: But do you like him? Are you comfortable with him? 

Me: He seems like a good man so far I don't have a problem with him 

Her: I'm glad.. Did you compile your Cv? He will submit it for you tomorrow 

I shook my head.. 

Her: Ngoba Lani? (Why not) 

Me: I'm happy with what I'm doing njena 

Her: Lani we spoke about this 

Me: Ma..

Her: How can you be proud of showing up in a place full of drunkards half naked every weekend? 

Me: Here we go 

Her: Lani I won't be around forever you have a Daughter and you need a stable job to provide for her. If you don't want a good job then why not go back to school? 

Me: I'll think about it 

Her: That's what you said the last time when we had this conversation 

I kept quiet.. 

Her: Athi ngikuyeke uzicabange (let me leave you to think about it) 

She walked away... 



I won't stand here and force love that I don't have for Maleni's Daugher. I don't like Melani and I hell dare don't like her Daughter more especially because Sibo still has undying feelings for her. I am so glad that Sibo's Mother doesn't like Melani too I mean how will she have a good relationship with him if his Mother doesn't like her. Let alone Sibo's big Sister Sonto. I am trying to get my man back and Melani is going to make things difficult for me her and Sibo are still connected to each other by Buhle. I even hated that Buhle was attending my Son's birthday She shouldn't have came. I didn't want her here.. I stood at the gate and looked at her all over her Father Sibo makes it clear that he loves his Daughter more than anything in this world. He doesn't hate Lesego he loves his son too but I think he loves Buhle more.. I clicked my tongue and went inside the house my friends were still cooking in the kitchen.. I opened the fridge and took out my savanna Loco I looked at one of my friends.. 

Me: Awung'bhekele lapho ukuthi uMamazala akezi (check if my mother in law is not coming) 

Sibo's Mom doesn't really mind that I drink but you know how it is I need to keep that level of respect.. I poured the savanna in a mug and drank.. 

Me: Now I'm tired we have been very busy 

Friend 1: Mara sesiyaceda unga worry (we almost finishing don't worry) 

My level or irritation increased when Buhle walked in.. 

Me: Ufunani? Abanye abantwana bayadlala ngaphandle (What do you want? Other kids are playing outside) 

Her: I want to use the toilet 

She passed through and went to the bathroom.. 

Friend 2: Ufunani vele lo la? (what does she want here) 

Me: Angazi.. Ende ungidina to hell and back (She irritates me a lot) 

I took my mug and went to the bathroom the door was open halfway and she was peeing. I looked at her and deep down I felt so much anger for this child my chest was literally going up and down. I was breathing fire.. 

To be continued 


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