Sometimes I hate that union ceremonies at church are held in the afternoon right after the service at around 13:00 and they can take up to 30min - 1hr tops. My Mom took a bit longer than that I was even dying of hunger.. After the ceremony we drove up to the Attic buffet restaurant for lunch just the two families The Pastor and a few of the elders in the congregation. The ex wife was with us still looking bitter as hell the mask of sour lemons that she was wearing didn't look good on her. What puzzled me is how everyone from the Magagula family seemed to be trembling at her feet including Cedric himself. My Mother's new fiancé was supposed to be entertaining my Mother but instead he was busy giving his ex wife most of his attention.. 

From my Mother's family it was just Me my Uncle my Aunt my cousin and my Grandmother. My Grandmother lives with my Uncle and his wife. Grams only had two kids my Uncle being the first born and my Mother being the last born. That's the only family I have and that's the only family I know. We a small family and there's too much peace and love not that we don't fight we do fight and then sort out our differences later. We do have other relatives but you know how it is with relatives we not that much close with them. My Uncle had 3 kids two of them passed on he's now left with one child. My cousin Nokulunga. Nokulunga is 30 years of age and I take her as my sister since I don't have any siblings I am the only child born to my Mother.. Cedric was sitting in between my Mother and his ex wife the ex wife wasn't engaging in the conversation She was on her phone and would occasionally raise her wine glass to take a sip. Her behaviour was embarrassing for an adult... 

Noks: Mzala I think your phone is vibrating 

Me: Serious? 

Noks: Yebo checka (Yes check) 

I unzipped my bag and took it out indeed it was vibrating. It was a call from Sibo.. 

Me: Hello? 

I couldn't hear him clearly.. 

Me: Hello??? 

My Mom gave me a weird look I hung up on him and sent him a text:

"Can't hear you" 

He replied after a few seconds.. 

"I'm outside" 

I whispered to my cousin.. 

Me: Ngiyabuya (I'll be right back) 

I got up from the chair and walked out by now I was wearing my sleepers. I couldn't tolerate the heels anymore my feet were aching.. I took Buhle with me and we walked outside I spotted his taxi parked outside just close to the main gate.. 

Buhle: Papa! 

I held her hand and we walked to the gate Sibo got out of the taxi.. 

Buhle: Papa!! 

Sibo: Poonkie

Buhle ran out of the gate to her Father Sibo picked her up and tickled her.. Buhle couldn't stop laughing Sibo is a good father that's what I admire most about him.. He turned his cap the other way around.. 

Sibo: Njunju 

Me: Sibo unfunani la (what are you doing here) 

Sibo: Yini izinto ezi snax manje? Kanti uBuhle bengakazi kimi vandag? (Whats with the attitude wasn't Buhle supposed to come to me today) 

Me: Aren't you supposed to be attending your Son's birthday? 

Sibo has another child with some crazy girl.. 

Sibo: Angithi yiko ng'lande uPoonkie (That's why I came to fetch Buhle)

Me: Buhle can't go with you wasn't Buhle supposed to come to me today) 

Me: Aren't you supposed to be attending your Son's birthday? 

Sibo has another child with some crazy girl.. 

Sibo: Angithi yiko ng'lande uPoonkie (That's why I came to fetch Buhle)

Me: Buhle can't go with you I did tell you that we will be having a union ceremony for my mother today at church now you interrupting our lunch

Sibo: Aii Njunju Umqimbi ngeke ume Uma uBuhle angekho (The ceremony wouldn't have stopped if Buhle wasn't there) 

Me: Uyathanda uk'qala izindaba (You like starting issues) 

He put Buhle down.. 

Sibo: Poonkie get in the taxi 

Buhle went and got inside the taxi.. Sibo looked at me from head-to-toe.. 

Sibo: Unjani mara wena? (How are you) 

Me: I'm good 

He bit his lower lip while grabbing his trunk.. 

Him: Things that I'm thinking of doing to you right now that dress is shaping you very well 

I rolled my eyes.. 

Me: Bring her back ngo 18:00

Sibo: Mara ubani odla izinto zam' ye? (Who is fucking you) 

Me: Bye Sibo and please take care of my Daughter. I don't trust your crazy baby Mama 

I walked to the taxi to say Goodbye to Buhle. 

Me: Nana 

Buhle: Mommy look.. I'm driving 

Me: That's nice sweetie give Mommy a kiss 

She gave me a kiss

Buhle: Mbaaaaaaa 

Me: Be a good girl for Mommy okay? 

Buhle: Okay Mommy 

Me: I love you 

Buhle: Love you too 

I closed the door just when I turned around I bumped into Sibo.. 

Me: Sibo 

He moved me from the driver's door to the side and pinned me against the taxi with his hands locked on the sides of my waist.. 

Me: Sibo maan eish

He lowered his other hand down to my hip.. 

Him: Mara uyazi ukuthi Mina nawe azange sihlukane angisho? (You know that me and you we never broke up) 

The whiskey smell on his breath was all over my face it was mixed a bit with the smell of a cigarette. Back when we were dating I hated the fact that he used to smoke but right now I didn't find the smell bad.. 

Me: You have been drinking angithi? 

Him: Mara ngiringa iwaar angithi? (I am being honest) 

How we broke up really left us broken because we were still very much in love with each other My Mother was the one who came in between us and for his own protection we decided part ways since my Mother was threatening to have him arrested 

We couldn't even risk seeing each other secretly I didn't want him to go to jail. 

I remember how big the quarrel was for both families his Mother threw a few words at me and my Mother wasn't backing down either. I never thought that eventually things would be better between all of us but all differences had to be put aside for the sake of Buhle.. After Sibo I think that I've had two relationships they never worked out then I decided to be single for a while. I'm still currently single.. He forced his hand under my dress.. 

Sibo: Wena usese wumuntu wam' uyakwazi lokho? (You still my person) 

I was taken and intoxicated by what he was doing to me.. 

Me: S.. 

He kissed me while his hand made it's way inside my underwear Sibo has no manners whatsoever. It has always been like that with him.. I parted my legs a bit to give him more room his finger came in contact with my clit. He started rubbing it while we were still kissing which sent and electrical shock throughout my whole body.. I moaned his name softly in between the kiss.. 

Me: Sibooooooo

For a moment no one else and nothing else existed Other than us and what he was doing to me. He lowered his finger down to my hole and forced it in. By then I was almost soaking wet I was painfully aching for him to put his rock hard dick inside of me

Me: Please don't stooppp...(moaning) 

Him: Let's quickly get in-

Me: What about Buhle? 

Him: Sizobona (we will see) 

He stopped fingering me and stepped back a bit.. 

Me: I don't know Sibo I have to go back inside and we can't have sex in the presence of Buhle 

Him: Asiyojika epozini lam ke (Let's go to my place) 

Me: I can't this is my Mother's special day 

Him: Angisho ngizok'buyisa manje manje (I will quickly bring you back) 

Me: No I don't think so 

Buhle: Mommy

Me: Yabo no Buhle sekakhathele (Buhle is tired) 

He sighed in defeat.. 

Him: Ku grand ke (It's alright) 

Me: Manje ukwatile? (So now you angry) 

Him: No sharp mbhemi (It's all good) 

He walked away... 

Him: Stop uploading half naked pics of yourself on social media angiyithandi lento yakho (I don't like what you doing) 

Me: Why uba nenkinga asjoli moss (We not dating so why you tripping) 

He showed me the middle finger.. 

Me: yabo sahlukanela zona lezi (That's why we broke up) 

Him: Uyanya sahlukaniswa wunyoko (Don't be crazy your mother is the one who forced us to break up) 

I stood there and waited for them to leave while waving at my Daughter. 

When I couldn't see the taxi anymore I made my way back in actually I rushed in.. I bumped into my Mom standing at the door. She pulled her serious intimidating face that screamed "I want an explanation" 

Me: Sibo was here to fetch Buhle

Mom: uSibo doesn't know that today it was an important day for me? 

Me: Uyazi Ma (He knows) 

Mom: Manje? (and now? ) 

Me: They having a birthday party for his Son bekukudala am'celile uBuhle (He long asked for her) 

Mom: uMa uSibo edelela kubo futhi edelela nawe then it's okay kodwa umtshele ukuthi mina angavuki ang'delelile (If Sibo is disrespectful at his house and he is also disrespectful to you then it's okay but please tell him to never disrespect me) 

Me: Yebo Ma (Yes Mom) 

Mom: It's an important and a very special day for me we shouldn't even be fighting 

Me: I know.. Ngiyaxolisa (I'm sorry) 

Cedric walked up to us.. 

Him: Is everything okay? 

Mom: I believe so 

She said that while looking at me.. 

Mom: Lani 

Me: Everything is okay 

Cedric: Let's go back inside and join others 

We all went back inside and joined the others.. 

To be continued 


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