Pastor N: "What therefore God has joined together let no man separate" - Mark 10 verse 9..

It was very quiet in church as Pastor Nkuna proceeded with the ceremony..

Pastor N: We all know uMaCele she has been a Daughter of this church for years now and she has served the Lord faithfully. Some of you know her because she has helped you in the ministry of Christ she once even led the youth. I am proud to stand before the congregation this afternoon in Joining uMaCele and Mr Magagula together in marriage. Mr Magagula joined our church about a year ago since from then he was taken by uMaCele and asked for her hand in marriage 

Buhle: Mama

I looked at her..

Buhle: uKoko no Khulu (It's Grandma and Grandpa)

I thank God for this day sitting here and witnessing my Mother's happiness was breathtaking after everything that she has been through. She deserves this moment and all the happiness in the world.. 

My Mother had me when she was 19 years old by then she had just started varsity and my father was doing his last year at that time. They went to the same varsity or rather they met at varsity. My Grandfather was a Pastor and when he found out about that he was very disappointed. It was very humiliating for him because he was always teaching the youth about staying pure and his own Daughter fell pregnant out of wedlock. As if matters couldn't get any worse My Father forced my Mother to abort but she refused. My Father made it clear that he was not ready for a child he had big plans for his life after varsity and a baby was going to slow him down. Since my Mother had refused to abort he ended the relationship leaving her to raise me all on her own. She was a private paying student at that time so unfortunately she had to drop out so that the money they were using to pay for her fees would go into raising me. It was very sad and painful for her especially when she had to witness her friends flourishing at varsity and realizing their dreams whilst her life was stagnant because of me. I can only imagine how she was feeling. I was heartbroken when she first told me her story but she would say and I quote "You not the reason why I couldn't realize my dream the choices that I've made back then based on my stupidity was the reason why I failed to realize my dream". My Mother has loved me unconditionally despite what my Father did to her though it must've not been easy for her to even witness him getting married a few years later whilst she was still facing the hardships of raising me. Her life seemed to be not moving she had given up all hope. Since she couldn't just sit at home and feel sorry for herself she decided to help her Mother who was a tailor back then. That's when she fell in love with sewing and today she runs her own store where she is selling traditional clothes. The store is doing very well and she does get big orders such as designing and sewing traditional attires for weddings tombstone unveiling and other important events. I am very proud of her. All those years of being a struggling young mother she thought that her life was over just because she had a baby at 19 which forced her to drop out of varsity she didn't know that God was in control. When her friends and People that she went to school with graduated and started working her father made her to find comfort in church to keep her from becoming depressed. She started participating in some duties at church like helping at the kitchen going out with evangelists and occasionally preaching in young adults and youth services. Little did she know that she was being prepared for her journey ahead she would be like "Baby I was in a PIT meaning that I was a Pastor In Training". Today she is more successful both as a juniour Pastor and a business woman. God restored everything that she thought she lost though marriage found her years later but at the end God showered her with more blessings. My mother took after her Father and became a Pastor when her Father died she was meant to be the senior pastor of the church but because of the mistake I made the elders of the church saw it fit to make someone else a Senior Pastor. She was devastated but as time went on she let go. The reason why she forfeited the position was that at 16 I fell pregnant. My Mother was leading the Youth at that time and the church elders found it highly hypocritical that she was teaching young people about taking care of themselves and saving themselves for marriage whilst her daughter fell pregnant at such a young age. They took it as if like at home she failed to guide me she suffered for my sins. Not only was she disappointed

she suffered for my sins. Not only was she disappointed but she was very angry too. I had fallen pregnant for a guy who was 26 years old I used to ride his taxi everyday after school and in the morning when I went to school. His name is Sibo and we broke up after I had given birth. My Mother was hard on him she even threatened to have him arrested cause when we were sexual I was still 15 going on 16 so in order for him not to go to jail we ended our relationship. My Mother ended up forgiving him though I mean he wanted to be a part of his Daughter's life and it would've been wrong of us to keep him away. I know how everyone views the situation in my defense I was young and foolish at the time. You know how the adolescent stage is I used to give my Mother a tough time. Sometimes we got along and sometimes we didn't. She was my biggest enemy I always thought that she was out to ruin your life.. Sibo was very charming things he used to get me made me think that he had a lot of money. I wasn't in need but I liked how he used to spoil me. He wanted me out of all the girls that he could have in my high school or in our hood he chose me he wanted to be in a relationship with me. I remember when I had finally gave in and we started dating I would walk around at school with a Tiara on my head because I felt like a princess. Sibo is very popular his father owns at least 3 taxis of which one of those taxis was used to transport high school kids. Recently he added a caravan to transport primary school kids that man is well connected. He could get into any business that he wants. He is fearfully respected in the neighborhood only my Mother is able to butt-heads with him.. 

See the woman who raised me is very loving and kind but she doesn't take nonsense. You would think she would be soft just because she's a Pastor but she isn't. She has always been a bit strict and difficult that's why she was chosen to lead the youth until my forseen circumstance of falling pregnant.. 

Cedric Magagula I don't know him that well he came into my Mother's life a few months ago he seems like a good person he makes her happy he respects her and that's all that matters to me. He works at the municipality and he has been trying to get me in currently my state of employment is not impressive. 

I am a social influencer I do a lot of club appearances and I model part time. The modeling part comes of from me taking pictures in some of the designs my Mother does a few designers were impressed by my pictures on Instagram and asked me to do the same for their brands. It's not really as exciting I don't get paid much because most of the designers aren't that famous but nevertheless it's good exposure for me.. 

Pastor N: Ngicela imindeni iphakame (May both families please stand up)

I looked at my family and my Uncle signaled that we should stand up we stood up. Then the Magagula family also stood up it was his ex wife his Mother and their kids they were sitting a bit far from us. I don't know why the ex wife was here she probably wants to ruin everything for my Mother.. The congregation clapped hands as my eyes were stuck on the ex wife her expression wasn't impressive. You would swear that she ate a lot of lemons. We then sat down... The official traditional wedding ceremony will follow today the Pastor is blessing their union and the rings in front of the congregation so that they can continue with their relationship without being judged... We still planning the whole wedding ceremony it's planned by me and my Mother. 

To be continued 


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