My day has started off really bad but when Menzi gave me that call it went from bad to being nice. We chilled at the Eatery just Me Him and his friends. It was a really nice moment and I was enjoying myself very much.. He was laid back on the chair in a very relaxing position and I was sitting ontop of him. I found it a bit uncomfortable at first with all his friends around but when I got to see how much of a crazy bunch they are I decided to relax and go with the moment. 

Menzi: Umnandi? (Are you enjoying yourself) 

Me: I'm enjoying myself thank you 

Tsepo: Siyabona Sandy (Thank you very much Sandy) 

Me: Ngani? (With what) 

Tsepo: Since vele wena no Menzi ni together ngisho ne environment la ekhaya seyingcono. Phela bekuyi Vur Vai left and right (Since you and Menzi are together the environment here has even changed. He used to be difficult) 

Menzi: Yabona izinto zokphapha uzophela nou umcimbi (You see this tendency of yours of being too forward this gathering might just come to and end) 

Tsepo raised both his hands up.. I looked at Menzi and shook my head.. 

As we were chilled minding our own business the girl from the other day made her way in. Then she walked up to us.. 

Tsepo: ngathi kuzoshuba la (It's about to get messy) 

Her: Sanibonani (Greetings) 

I was the only one who greeted back.. 

Her: Kumnandi moss (This looks nice) 

Menzi squeezed my waist this girl's presence seemed to be annoying everyone. It looks like she's not a likeable person.. 

She turned to me.. 

Her: Sandy right? 

I nodded.. Pity I didn't remember her name anymore.. 

Her: Menzi 

Menzi: Khwezi 

He didn't even look at her.. 

Her: Let me not ruin this gathering I was just greeting you guys 

She turned and then walked away Menzi clicked his tongue..

Tsepo: Ubuye nini lo? (when did she get back)

Menzi: Ubuza mina? (you asking me)

I think there's some bad blood between this girl and Menzi even a blind person can see it



I looked at myself one last time in the mirror and Rato sure knows how to pick an outfit. The dress was short and very tight it took out the shape of my butt perfectly..

Voice: Senorita

I took my clutch bag and walked out of my bedroom to the living room..

Me: I'm so sorry

Him: It's okay.. Are you ready to go now?

Me: Yes

That was Andre's driver he came up to get me..

I led the way and he followed I locked the door behind him and then he led me to the car that was parked at the entrance. It was a white Royce Rolls he opened the door for me and I made my way in..

Me: Thank you

Andre turned and looked at me

he had been staring outside the window..

Him: I even thought of sending a search party up there

Me: I'm sorry that I took long

Him: Forgiven.. May I say that you look very lovely

He took my hand and kissed me..

Me: Thank you very much

He looked good too in his expensive 3 piece black suit..

Him: Would you like something to drink?

Me: No thank you.. I'm fine

Him: Very well Señorita

He turned and stared out of the window as we took off.. 



Me: Here you go 

Valerie: Thank you 

She took the glass from me... 

Her: Moet.. What exactly are we celebrating? 

I raised my glass up in the air.. 

Me: Cheers to me being a pimp

Her eyes widened.. 

Her: What? 

Me: Girl I am in the process of making a lot of money 

Her: Tell me everything 

Me: I have pimped Nomusa with a very rich bachelor I am going to coach her and monitor her. She will be enduring and taking it all while I get the moola 

Her: You are baaaaaaad!!! 

I sat next to her.. 

Her: I can't believe that you made it happen 

Me: Ms Rich is going to be jealous he heart is going to ache. One of my girls has sunk her claws deeper into a potential client that she desperately wants 

Her: You know this means war she's going to come at you with everything 

Me: I am ready 

Her: I sure hope so



It was getting dark so Menzi decided to walk me home. The walk was awfully quiet his mind seemed to be very far away..I kept on stealing glances at him I wanted to ask him about that girl but at the same time I didn't wanna upset him seeing that the girl brings out the worst in him.. 

Me: Thank you for walking me home 

He looked at me.. 

Him: Kanti you were expecting someone else to walk you home? 

He held my hand.. 

Me: I didn't say that hau 


Me: I really had a good time with you

Him: Wish we can do this more often

We stopped halfway and he pulled me closer to him..

Him: I love you 

Me: I love you too 

He kissed me.. 



We arrived at this other big house I have never seen anything like this before.. 

Andre: Shall we? 

I put my hand under his arm and we made our way in.. At first I thought that this was a hotel of some sort but when we made our way in it was actually a house. I felt so important being in a presence of such rich and classy people. We captured a lot of attention with all the eyes that were on us as we walked around.. This house made me realize that people out there are living people are rich and we just a bunch of those who are surviving.. I kept my smile I made sure that my walk was captivating. I saw most of those Men giving me a nod or a side smile.. Andre pat my hand a bit... 

Him: I know how it looks like but just remember that despite the money and the status we no different from you. We all human beings 

Me: I'll keep that in mind 

I saw a gentleman making his way to us.. 

Him: Martinez 

Andre: Sabastian 

He gave him a handshake and then he turned to me.. 

Sabastian: Malady 

He took my other hand and kissed it.. 

Sabatian: Such a beautiful lady 

Andre: I know how to pick them 

Sabastian: Very true 

Voice: Martinez 

Andre: Mr Wong 

Sabastian moved so the gentleman could make his way to us it was a Chinese man. He looked a bit older.. 

Mr W: 你好吗 (How are you doing) 

Andre: 我做得很好,你先生 (I'm doing very well and you Mr Wong) 

Mr W: I'm good 

He greeted me too.. 

Mr W: That was impressive 

Andre: I will be fluent very soon 

Sabastian: Let me leave you gentlemen and the lady 

He walked away.. 

Mr W: 你很漂亮 (You beautiful) 

I didn't understand what he was saying Andre leaned over and whispered in my ear.. 

Andre: He is saying that you beautiful 

Me: Uhm..

Andre: say "谢谢" it means "Thank you" 

Me: 谢谢 (Thank you) 

He smiled and then walked away.. This is going to be a long night.. 



I walked in and closed the door. Since the gate wasn't locked I searched through the drawers for the padlock. My Grandmother made her way into the kitchen from the lounge.. 

Her: How is Mam'Masango doing? 

Me: Ungcono (She's feeling better) 

Her: That's good to hear.. I wanna start cooking 

Me: Okay 

She took the pan from the stand.. 

Her: Angizizwa kahle (I am not feeling well) 

Me: Yini indaba? (What's wrong) 

She didn't say anything.. After maybe 5 seconds I felt something very hard coming in contact with my back.. 

Mawe: Uyinja!! (You are a dog) 

I turned and looked at her.. 

Her: Uphume la wathi uya ku Mam'Masango kanti uya ekufebeni (You left here saying you going see Mam'Masango but in actual truth you were going to bitch around) 

She attempted to hit me the pan again but I blocked it by raising my arm it hit my arm and I screamed because it was very painful.. 

Her: Phuma!! Buyela la uvela khona! (Leave and go back where you coming from) 

I walked out I literally walked out. I didn't beg I didn't cry in front of her deep down I was tired of her shit. I walked out without even looking back.. 

To be continued 


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Just when I was enjoying the chapter had to end....cannot wait for mor