I was released early from work so that I could go and buy the outfit that I was going to wear tonight for the event that Andre and I were going to attend. I didn't do the shopping alone I invited my friend Rato. After all she made all of this possible. And besides that she has style she will help me choose a good outfit. It still felt like a dream a dream that I was going to wake up from. Not so long ago I was dreaming about this moment and right now. I was living it..

Rato being Rato she took me to a boutique that had the most expensive clothes that I have ever laid my eyes on. I picked up a heel that was red in colour with golden spikes at the back and the price tag was R9 000..

Rato: The spikes.. I don't like them

I looked around..

Me: Rato this place is expensive

Her: He gave you his card that means "Kill yourself" with shopping 

Me: I don't want him thinking that I'm a gold digger 

Her: Are you serious? This man gave you his card of course he knows that you not going to have any mercy on it 

I looked around for the last time.. 

Me: Fine then.. Please help me pick an outfit 

Her: That's the spirit 

She held my hand and we started walking around.. 

Me: He specifically said everything should be red 

Her: Red? 

Me: I'm guessing that's the theme 

Her: What a sexual enticing theme 


Me: I think this one will do the trick 

The dress was bright red it looked like it could be above the knee level and it had a side split.. 

Her: It's beautiful but it's too bright 

Me: Isn't that the whole point? 

Her: Let me choose something for you 

Rato has been extremely helpful with this whole process I wonder what she's going to get out of this.. 

Me: Can I ask you something? 

Her: Yes? 

Me: Exactly what are you going to get from this? 

She kept quiet for a while.. 

Her: I expect nothing in return 

Me: Really? 

She picked up another dress.. 

Her: Okay maybe I do expect something in return but I'll let you know when that time comes for now enjoy the moment.. You deserve it 

We saw some lady making her way to us.. 

Her: Good day ladies 

We greeted her back.. 

Her: I do apologize that you didn't find anyone at the door to usher you inside we are a bit short staffed today but that's no excuse 

Rato: It's okay we understand 

Her: Can I get you ladies some champagne while you are busy deciding on what to purchase? 

Me: How do you know that we going to purchase something? 

Her: If you weren't then you wouldn't have walked inside unless I am wrong? 

Me: Well-

Rato: Champagne would be nice 

Her: Chardonnay or Moet? 

Rato: Moet please 

Her: Very well 

She walked away.. 

Rato pulled me to the side.. 

Rato: What are you doing? 

Me: What? 

Rato: "How do you know that we going to purchase something" 

Me: What's wrong with saying that? 

Rato: Okay listen... You can't act broke you not broke anymore 

She stretched out her hand.. 

Her: Give me the card 

I gave her the card.. 

Her: Go on and try the dress

I gave her my bag and went to try the dress.. 



I didn't go to Menzi's place. When I left home I said that I was going to buy bread had I daleyed my Grandmother was going to use that to come for my life.. She gave me an attitude when I left but when I came back with the bread she asked me to make her a peanut butter sandwich and tea... 

When I was busy lazing around in my room I received a call from Menzi my heart literally jumped. I was very worried about him I thought that something had happened.. 

Me: Hello 

Him: Nono 

I let out a sigh of relief.. 

Me: Are you okay? I've been trying to get a hold of you 

Him: Ngi ngrand Sthandwa Sam. Askies yezwa? I had misplaced my phone and it was off. I've been looking for it everywhere 

Me: How did you find it? 

Him: My mom was doing laundry. Uthe makathintitha iJean yawa (It came out from my Jean) 

Me: That's better 

Him: Ukuphi? (Where are you) 

Me: I am at home 

Him: Ngize ngizokulanda? (Can I come and fetch you) 

I wanted to say no but my heart didn't wanna have that..

Me: Yes 

Him: Ngiyeza.. Then we can go out and have something to eat 

Me: Okay 

Him: Ngiyak'thanda Sthandwa Sam (I love you my love) 

Me: Nam' Ngiyak'thanda (I love you too) 

Now I was able to smile he knows how to make my day and make everything alright.. 



My phone beeped.. 

SK: Another transaction? 

I nodded.. 

SK: How much has she spent so far? 

Me: I don't know I lost count 

SK: Over a 100 000?

Me: Possibly.. She made two withdrawals of R25 000 cash and she made a few transactions at some clothing shop 

SK: You don't have a problem with that? 

Me: Money has never been a problem to us 

SK: I understand that Señor but after Rebecca do you think you ready to get someone else? 

Me: This one seems strong 

SK: That's what we thought about Rebecca 

Me: SK I am a man after all I have my needs. Money seems to control her when she gets things that she wants I get what I want 

SK: What about Modrid? 

Me: I am not going to beg Modrid to come back

part of the reason why I am doing this is to forget about him and what happened. After all you did say that we should give him some time 

SK: Very well Señor 

Me: What do you think about this one? She will be wearing red 

SK: Red? 

Me: I want her to stand out a woman in red is very attractive and she has a nice rounded arse I am trying to show her off 

SK: I see Señor 

Me: And she's beautiful 

SK: Are we falling in love Señor? 

Me: That will never happen SK I am more sexualy attracted to her

SK: I do hope that this one is going to stay 

Me: She clearly loves money and expensive things so long I shower her with money and gifts she's going to sell her soul to me 

I looked at myself in the mirror again.. 

Me: Get the stylist for me please

SK: Yes Señor 



I walked into the lounge and took the plate and the mug from her.. She was watching TV 

I went and stood at the doorway busy staring at her.. I then cleared my throat.. 

Me: Mawe

She looked at me.. 

Me: U.. 

I cleared my throat again.. 

Me: uMam'Masango akavukanga kahle namhlanje Bengicela ukuyomhlalisa kancane until uBab'Masango abuye emsebenzini (Mam'Masango is not feeling well can I please go and keep her company until her husband gets back) 

Her: Kodwa vele ngoba Intliziyo yakho ilapha kuloya muzi why nje ungathathi amasakana wakho uyohlala khona (Your heart is in that house why don't you just pack up your things and go move in with them) 

I kept quiet.. 

Her: If I say no loya sisi uyongibheka kabi esontweni ksasa (If I say no that woman will give me an evil look at church tomorrow) 

I don't know what gave her the impression that Mam'Masango is "evil". My Grandmother has a way of not seeing herself as evil but busy pointing out innocent people and saying that they evil 

Her: You know how I feel about that woman her daughter is the reason why you flunked at school she wanted you to be like her daughter busy keeping you in that house and feeding you her own things 

I didn't say anything I just let her be.. 

Her: Aii awuhambe kodwa uyazi ukuthi la iGate ngilikhiya ngo 19:00 (You can go but you know that I lock the gate at 19:00)

Me: Thank you 

I walked out to the kitchen with a huge smile on my face.. 



We have spent soo much money that It made me scared. Rato had withdrawn money twice. The other 25k was mine and the other one was hers we deposited into our accounts.. The dress the heels and the clutch bag that I got were also expensive on their own. I have never spent such an amount of money.. 

Rato: Now we should go for lunch

I gave her a weird look... 

Me: Are you serious? 

Rato: I'm hungry and all this shopping has exhausted me 

Me: Rato be serious.. We can't spend more money we have already spent a lot 

She rolled her eyes.. My phone started ringing.. 

Me: Hold here 

I gave her the plastics.. I got it out of my bag and answered the call without even checking the caller ID...

Me: Hello 

Voice: Señorita

My throat immediately dried up.. 

Me: Goo.. Hi.. I mean.. 

Him: I hope you are enjoying your day 

Me: I am.. I mean yes.. I.. I'm sorry I didn't mean to spend soo much money 

Him: I didn't call about that.. I was just checking if everything is alright you not having any troubles getting by with the card? 

Me: I.. No I don't 

Him: I'm glad to hear that.. When you done please do call me so I can send my driver to come pick you up 

Me: That's unnecessary I can get a taxi 

He chuckled 

Him: I am not big on jokes but that was funny Señorita

I didn't reply...

Him: I will be waiting for your call 

He hung up.. 

Rato: And? 

Me: I really don't know what happened 

I looked at my hand and I was shaking... 

To be continued 


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