Mawe: Umuntu uhamba iskhashana nje ubuya indlu ingcolile. Awukwazi nokuthatha iMop usula sule (A person leaves for a short period of time I come back and my house is dirty. You couldn't even mop a bit)

My Grandmother just came back and already she was on my neck. There goes my peace

Her: I know that you have a job now but that doesn't mean you should start behaving like this. It's not even a promising job they can let go of you anytime but here you're acting like you better than everyone

It's not like the house is dirty I do tidy when I knock off. She just wanted to come at me as always...

Her: Bheka nje (Look at this)

I wish I worked on weekends I would be at work now free from this drama...

Her: Usho phela mowungasafuni ukuhlala la ekhaya (Just say it if you no longer wanna live here anymore)

I followed her to her bedroom I put her luggage bag behind the door...

Her: iDust ela (There's too much dust here)

I rolled my eyes behind her..

Her: Obviously tired as I am I'll have to start cleaning

Me: You don't have too.. I'll do it

Her: No I'll do it. Angisho now you think you better just because you working so yeka it's my house I'll clean

Me: I'm going to the shop to get bread do you want anything?

She shook her head no..

I left her there and walked out.. When I was outside I took out my phone and called Menzi I know that I'm going to feel better after talking to him. I dialed his number and his phone was off even last night I couldn't get a hold of him. I only saw him when I knocked off and then when I called later on his phone was off. This is unlike him..



Viola: Musa

Me: Yes?

Her: Your jug of guava juice with strawberries and mint inside

Me: Ohw yes.. Thank you

I took the jug and made my way to the dinning area he was sitting there at the table reading his newspaper. Even when he is alone he still dines privately. The dinning area has a sliding door that leads to the pool..

I collected myself and slowly walked up to him in my short skirt and my high heels..

I put the jug on the table

and my high heels..

I put the jug on the table he didn't even move his eyes to look at me.. I looked at the table everything that he requested was right in front of him. I didn't say anything to him I turned back and walked away..

Andre: Would you like to join me?

I turned and looked at him.. His eyes were still glued to the newspaper. I made my way to the table again and sat down..

Him: Help yourself

I am a very confident person I am loud and no guy has ever intimidated me before. But this man sitting across me he was making me very nervous..

I poured myself juice..

Him: I am attending something tonight and I need a female companion.. Would you like to go with me?

Me: Huh?


Me: I d-

Him: Very well I will give you my card so you can go get yourself something to wear tonight make sure that it's red

Me: Uhm yes sir

I don't even get a say??

Him: With a red lipstick and red heels

Me: Why red?

Him: Because I said so

He was still glued to his newspaper didn't even look at me once..



She laid both her hands on my chest with her nails digging in deeper into my skin. My hands were on her hips she increased her speed a little and her moans got louder too. I made her go up and down faster as I shot my load in the condom. After coming I closed my eyes tried to catch my breath.. She caught her breath too and got off she removed the condom from me..

Me: You have to go

Her: Tell me again.. Why doesn't your girlfriend give you the cookie?

Me: Uvele uyimoshe yonke lento Khwezi (You know how to ruin the moment)

Her: Ngiyaz'buzela nje (I'm just asking)

Me: Mele uvaye (You have to go)

She kissed me on my cheek..

Her: Kanti what's the rush?

I got out of bed and dressed up.. I picked her clothes from the floor and threw them at her

Me: Get dressed

She laughed while shaking her head..

Her: Ya neh

She threw the clothes on the floor..

Her: Woza maan kanti yini? Ngizohamba emini (Come back to bed I'll leave later)



On my way back home from the shop I passed by at the eatery in hopes that Menzi would be there but he wasn't. I even asked Tsepo the guy who grills meat and he said that Menzi didn't come this morning. Maybe he was still on his way. I called him again and his phone was still off now I was starting to get worried. Maybe I should pass by at his house and check him there what if something bad happened to him?


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