Menzi offered to drive me back home but I insisted on walking. His place is about two streets away from mine and it was around 20:00. I wanted to walk home so I could be alone with my thoughts. I wouldn't say that it's safe to walk alone at this time of the night but it's my neighborhood and I know most people. They know my brother probably now some know my closeness with Menzi. My emotional state and also refusing for him to take me home created an argument between us I'm not the one to argue that's just not who I am and that's not what I do. I don't like fighting it doesn't make me feel good emotionally.. Mam'Masango has always been the best person to talk too when I'm not feeling well. She is the Mother that I never had and she always finds a way to make everything better..

Her: Here you go

I took the mug from her..

Me: Thank you

She sat down next to me..

I let a moment of silence pass between us before I said anything..

Me: I am thinking of letting him go

She knows that I'm seeing Menzi she doesn't fully support the relationship because she thinks Menzi is not good enough for me. I mean every parent would be like that but at the same time she puts my happiness first before anything..

Her: You know that I wasn't for the relationship at first right?

Me: I know

Her: But it's been a month since you guys have been together and I have a different attitude towards your relationship now

Me: When he got ontop of me I had flashbacks of what happened to me in the past when I was young

Her: I get what you saying. You never got counseling for what happened to you and you haven't dealt with it emotionally

Me: It's been long.. I thought I made peace with it

Her: He also has to understand that it's not easy being with someone who has been hurt a lot of times. If he truly loves you both of you will have to work on your relationship. He will have to help you heal

Me: I am not his burden. I feel like he is going to get tired of me along the way

Her: Don't say that.. Despite what happened to you Sandy you also deserve love. You also deserve to be loved

I shook my head...

Me: I don't see it that way anymore.. I feel like I'm too damaged and broken for anyone to love me

Her: Ohh kodwa sisi

I put the mug on the table and she hugged me..

Her: I'm sorry.. Everything that you went through was never your fault. Stop trying very hard to understand what happened or why it happened only God knows why you had to go through that. I might not have all the answers but all I know is that you the most strongest person I have ever known in my life. You still here you still fighting. You haven't lost faith and that keeps you going.. Don't punish him for all the mistakes that others did to you give him a chance and let him be his own Person. If he loves you he will be patient with you and help you through your healing. For you to trust him in that manner you have to first connect with him. When you have connected with him your body will be able to trust him. All that you have to do is to open your heart and give him his place he is not one of those men who hurt you. Give him his place in your heart and don't punish him..



Dr: Tomorrow morning we will have to do a CT scan

Me: I don't need that

Dr: We need to be sure that there's no internal damage

Me: I feel fine just a minor headache that will eventually go away with pills

Dr: You could have a bad reaction to Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs if there's internal damage (NSAIDS)

He looked at SK SK raised both his hands up

Me: If I'm still not feeling well by tomorrow then I'll come back right now just give me something for the headache or I'll resort to whiskey as a pain killer

He shook his head..

Him: Most patients have ha-

Me: Give me something for the pain!

Him: It's your death then

He walked away..

SK: Señor he went to a medical school for 6 years he knows what he is doing. You need to trust him

Me: I have more important things to worry about than a minor head injury if he gives me something for the pain I'll be fine.. You can go and start the car I'll be right there

SK: sí señor (Yes sir)



(Following day)

Mom: Momo

She gently shook my arm and I slowly opened my eyes..

Her: If you still sleepy why don't you go and sleep in the bedroom?

Me: I have an important meeting with one of our suppliers this morning

Her: late night?

Me: Ang'gidlanga grand izolo (I didn't sleep peacefully last night)

Her: Why?

Me: Beng'cabanga ngo Sandy (I was thinking about Sandy)

Her: Is everything okay?

She pulled the chair and sat down..

Me: Ya just that izolo we had a minor argy

Her: You wanna talk about it?

Me: Naa ngi grand (I'm good)

Her: It seems like you have fallen deeply for her

Me: uSandy is very fragile. I don't think she will be able to tolerate relationship problems yiko nje ng'cabanga ukuthi sikhiphe amalobolo so I can ground her

Her: Haibo Menzi

Me: Kuyafana uzohamba (She will leave)

Her: Yini you guys are having problems?

Me: Not yet

Her: Not yet?

I stood up and went to put the mug in the sink..

Me: I don't wanna lose her she's a good girl.. Do you know how difficult it is to find a well behaved girl these days?

Her: Menzi don't hurt this girl and don't play her lendlela okhuluma ngayo it worries me

Me: Angeke ngimdlale (I won't hurt her)

Her: I just fear that she's going to walk away when the going gets tough

Her: Do you want to tell me something?

Me: No

Her: uSandy is different.. Treat her right if you don't treat her right vele uzohamba

Me: Ya I know..



This hotel was out of this world

if you don't treat her right vele uzohamba

Me: Ya I know..



This hotel was out of this world it spoke volumes and it clearly indicated that if you don't have money then you cannot be accommodated. I came from my interview I made sure that I was well dressed. No cleavage was showing and my skirt wasn't too short either.. I arrived about an hour earlier then when it was time I was escorted to the Manager's office. From how he looked at me when I was walking in all the way to the chair proved to me that most of the ladies here got their jobs by opening their legs. It was written all over his face that he was a pathetic sexual fuck!..

Him: Please sit down

Me: Thank you

I pulled the chair and then I sat down I pulled my skirt down a bit. I don't even know why I was doing that because it's short it won't get any longer..

Him: You the one I was told about?

Me: I'm not following

Him: Aren't you Rato's friend? Something like that

Me: Yes I am

Him: She told me about you yesterday that you looking for a job

Me: That's very correct sir

Him: Unfortunately we don't have any space but then.. I can try and squeeze you in for part time

Me: I'll be very grateful

He looked at my thighs..

Him: You scratch my back I scratch yours

Me: That's true

Him: Let me introduce you to the team first and we will handle the paperwork later

He stood up and I did so too then we walked out. The pervert was walking behind me probably staring at my ass..

Me: This is a very beautiful hotel

Him: And very expensive

Me: I can see that

Him: This way

Me: Thank you

Him: If you work here poverty is going to miss you. You will be like family and we always look out for family

Me: I would really love to be a part of the family

He put his arm around my waist. I can't just give in so simple he will think I'm easy then along the way he will get bored of me...

I got his hand off me..

Me: This is a bit inappropriate Sir

Him: I scratch your back and you scratch mine remember?

He tried to put his hand around my waist again but I got it off. That went on until I got pissed and turned around to walk away and I bumped into someone. Clearly looking at the gentleman it was definitely Andre Martínez.

I froze for a few seconds I didn't know what to do after..

He put his hand on his forehead and closed his eyes he had a bandage wrapped around his forehead..

Me: I am so sorry sir I didn't mean t-

He staggered back and his hand was trying to find a counter or a chair to balance on..

Me: Sir are you okay?

I walked up to him and held his hand I directed him to the chair..

Manager: I'll get a glass of water

I picked up his briefcase from the floor..

Him: My pi-

He started coughing..

Him: My pills are inside

I put it on top of the counter and opened it I searched through until I found the pain killers. Then my eyes gazed around for the manager with a glass of water.. I opened the bottle of pills and took out 2 I looked at him and he seemed a bit disoriented...

The manager finally made his way to us with the glass of water I met him halfway and took if from him. I went back to Andre and gave him the pills. His hand was trembling so I helped him to drink the pills.. When he had gulped them down I put the glass on the counter.. Andre tried to collect himself and then he looked at me...

Him: What is your name?

Me: My name is Nomusa it means I have kindness

He nodded..

Him: I've never seen you around.. You work here?

Me: I came for an interview

Him: Well then kindness.. You hired

Me: Are you serious?

Him: I don't joke

Me: of course not.. I'm sorry sir

He looked at me from my face all the way down..

Him: Hope I'll be seeing you around more often

Me: Me too

He looked at the manager..

Him: Sort the lady out with the paperwork would you?

Manager: Yes Sir

Andre: She strictly works at the dinning area

Manager: Yes Sir

He got down from the chair and took his briefcase he walked away but stopped next to the manager and whispered in his ear while pating him on the shoulder..

Manager: I understand Señor

Then he turned again and looked at me..

Him: Thank you again kindness

Me: It was my pleasure

He walked away.. I stood there asking myself what happened



I was feeling a bit better today. My talk last night with Mam'Masango helped she helped me to realize a few things.. When I got to work I didn't spot Menzi anywhere It's a good thing that he is not around because I hate confrontations. I don't wanna talk about what happened last night..

Voice: Hello

I turned around and it was some girl standing at the counter..

Me: Good morning

I walked closer..

Her: Amagwinya akhona? (Do you have vetkoeks)

Me: Yes we do

Her: Okay ngicela 5 (May I have 5)

Me: Alright

Her: Sorry Dade.. Wuwe uSandy? (Are you Sandy)

Me: Uhm yes

She gave me a very weird look..

Her: shame

She put R10 on the counter and went to sit down that was awkward...


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