Since it was my day off today I had decided to go and see how my Friend Nomusa was holding up it's been a while since I last saw her. With my busy schedule now I don't get time to communicate with her very often even via phone calls because Menzi takes most of my time. Life has been somewhat peaceful with my Grandmother not around I am less unhappy and also less depressed..

I was surprised to see Nomusa's ass bigger than how it was the last time I saw her I am without a doubt that she did something. Her ass cannot randomly grow this big in such a short period of time.. 

Her: Wangena umaduka nezwe (the long lost daughter just walked in) 

She was with a client I couldn't hug her.. 

Me: And then? 

Her: This should show you that you have disappeared for far too long now 

Me: Haibo it hasn't been that long 

Her: Aisuka!!! 

I sat down.. 

Her: So what are you doing here in my struggling corner? 

Me: I came to visit you is that a crime? 

Her: It is a crime if you quit your job over the phone

Me: Hau kodwa Musa 

Her: You're ungrateful kodwa 

Me: Agh whatever 

Her: So how is Menzi treating you? 

I didn't say anything I just smiled.. 

Her: That good? 

Me: Well at first it wasn't like that I thought he was going to play me and what not. I mean we talking about Menzi here so I got into this relationship with an Agenda. I wanted to benefit from it and go back to school but ke the heart betrayed me 

She laughed and clapped her hands.. 

Her: "Ntliziyo inditshintshele.. Yatshintsh'iajenda yam.. Ngqungqushe ndiyakulilela uyayazi andinamama andinatata itshintshile iajenda ndiyakuthanda.. Nyawuza ka Dakhile ndiyakuthanda Thahla ka Ndayeni ndiyakuthanda.. Ndayela yecawe yosiwe yhini mbhem ndiyakuthanda.. Amayeza esintu oyisakele yhini mntram ndithe ndiyakuthanda Andizanga uzokukuthanda ndizopusha iajenda iajenda" (Singing)

Me: Stop it!! (blushing) 

Her: As long as you respect him he is going to treat you good. Guys like him do have love they just want you to respect them. Then nizozwana (You will get along) 


Her: So have you gave up the cookie yet? 

I literally put my hand on my cookie.. 

Me: No 

Her: Kanti lento yenu inesikhathi esingakanani? (For how long have you two been going out)

Me: About a month 

Her: And usavalile? (And your legs are still closed) 

She shook her head.. 

Her: Kuyosa k'dala la kuwe (The sun will shine late on you) 

Me: Anyway what's happening with you? 

Her: Mina I have my eyes set on someone 

Me: Futhi? (Another one) 

Her: This one is different Sandy this one is definitely going to take me places 

Me: What's different about him? 

Her: Sisi ngiyeza (I'm coming) 

The client nodded.. 

She went and got her phone then she showed me his picture.. 

Me: Wow

Her: I know 

Me: He looks very sophisticated and wealthy 

Her: He is.. Cabanga nje Sandy.. He is rich then she showed me his picture.. 

Me: Wow

Her: I know 

Me: He looks very sophisticated and wealthy 

Her: He is.. Cabanga nje Sandy.. He is rich handsome and everything that I've ever wanted in a man. I am even getting an orgasm just thinking about him 

The client laughed.. 

Her: This one he might be a potential husband. If I get him what more would I want? 

I looked at this guy and honestly speaking I don't see him falling for Nomusa. He is at a different level way above Nomusa.. 



Me: Modird didn't come home last night I checked his bedroom several times

Sabastian: Give him time he will come around

He passed me the papers..

Him: We now own Barbados the kidnapping of the little girls was what made the superiors to give in

I threw them on the table..

Him: I thought you would be happy

Me: I'm never happy

Him: That I forgot

Me: He is ready to give up our brotherhood for a cunt

Him: A cunt that obviously meant a lot to him

Me: See this love thing it doesn't do people good

He shook his head..

Him: Give the boy time he will forget about her. He is forced to forget about her I mean she is dead! There's no coming back

His phone rang..

Him: I need to take this.. Excuse me

He got up and walked away..

I took the documents again and looked at them until I was disturbed by a female voice. I looked at her..

Her: Good morning Sir

I looked around and then I looked at her again..

Her: You don't know me but my name is Rato it means Love

Me: You in a private dinning area do you realize that? No one is allowed in here except for the waiter/waitress that's meant to serve us

Her: I know Sir just that..

Me: I need to have a word with the stuff this is inappropriate. I am in a serious and confidential business meeting

Her: I understand sir but..

The manager walked in..

Manager: I apologize Señor

Me: How did she get in?

Manager: She snuck in

Girl: Sir please I won't take much of your time

Manager: You need to leave Mam' before I call security

Her: Okay then please call me

She put a piece of paper on the table..

The manager escorted her out. I took the paper and squashed it before aiming at the dustbin to toss it in.. 



Me: Alright.. Le order iGrand (This order is correct) 

Him: Yes Sir 

Me: Vula lapha sibone (open there and let's see) 

He opened.. 

Me: Count those ones for me 

Him: Yes sir 

I felt someone hugging me from behind.. 

Me: Nono I thought it was your day off 

I turned around and it was some girl by the name of Khwezi. Khwezi and I we were and item until she went to varsity when she left things started to change between us. We never really broke up the relationship just faded on it's own.. 

Me: Khwezi? 

Her: Muntu wam' (My person) 

I looked at Patrick.. 

Me: We will finish off later 

Him: Yes Sir 

He walked out.. 

Me: Entlek ufunani la? (What are you doing here) 

She wrapped her arms around my waist.. 

Her: I need a reason to see my Person 

Me: I'm serious 

She got her hands off me.. 

Her: Konje ngizwile ukuthi you have a girlfriend (I heard that you have a girlfriend now) 

Me: Vele why ungabuyeli lapho uvela khona? (Why don't you go back to where you came from) 

Her: Seng'qedile phela manje (I'm done now with school) 

She moved around.. 

Her: Uyajabula usisiza udla izinto zam' (She is very lucky she has benefited everything of mine) 

I let her be.. 

Her: So is she also good in that department? 

I still kept quiet.. 

Her: Uyak'vumela ukuthi umudle ngalendlela bowungidla ngayo? (Does she let you fuck her the same way that you used to fuck me) 

Me: Ngathi uzong'cika manje (You starting to irritate me) 

Her: Kimi nawe ak'phelanga (We didn't break up) 

Me: Awuhambe tuu (Leave) 

Her: I hope she's ready for competition because I'm taking back what's mine 

She winked at me and then walked out.. 

To be continued 


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