Modrid SK and I were stuck with a big situation or problem rather. If we call the cops or an ambulance with regards to Rebecca's body they will see the marks on her body and that will be suspicious. They might wanna do an autopsy and that will reveal signs of sexual violation which won't really look good for me. Modrid was beyond angry he was hurt and he didn't want anything to do with me at the moment. I even feel like his love for this girl might influence him to turn me in..

Me: Thank you SK

He had put ice cubes on my bruised face..

I looked at Modrid he hasn't said a word..

Me: We need to uhm.. We need to think on how we going to dispose the body. Nobody knows about Rebecca except for her siblings

SK: I think that's a good idea Señor

Modrid stood up and walked away without saying anything..

Me: SK we need to do this ourselves I don't want Modrid knowing where we going to bury the body. If he could know he will lead the cops right to the body and then it will create problems for me

SK: Very well Señor

Me: He is not thinking straight

SK: He did love the girl after all

Me: You see the consequences of love? Now look at Modrid he is turning against me

SK: He will come around Sir

Me: I sure hope he does



Menzi held my hand..

Him: Ugrand? (Are you alright)

I nodded..

He opened the door and we walked in. I was beyond the word "Nervous". I was even trembling a little.. There was this nice smell at the kitchen

it definitely came from the food that was cooked..

Menzi: Momo

His Mom showed up from the other room to the kitchen she was very beautiful and looked a bit younger than how I expected her to be..

Her: Momo

Menzi: uBusy ngani? (What are you busy with)

Her: I was just setting up the table

She looked at me and that made me more nervous..

Menzi: Ngikulethele uMakoti (I brought you a bride)

She didn't say anything..

Menzi: Her name is Sandy... Sandy this is my Mother

Her: Hello

Me: Hello Ma

I bowed a little..

Her: I've had a lot about you

I didn't know how to respond..

It's been a while since I last said the word "Ma". Saying it now felt so unusual..

Her: Okay let's go and eat

Menzi was still holding my hand when we went to the living room..



I felt soo much better after drinking lots of water and also the pain killers that Rato gave me helped.. She had also cooked supper for usnow she was dishing up..

Her: Look who made it out of bed

Me: I feel better.. Thank you

Her: You won't believe what I just found out

Me: What is it?

Her: Andre Martínez is one of the owners of the Ritz hotel

Me: Really?

Her: Yes and he usually goes there to have lunch or dinner with his business partners

Me: okay...

Her: So we need to get you a job there

Me: A job there?

Her: Yes

Me: Rato kuse Ritz (Rato it's Ritz hotel)

Her: Don't sell yourself short

Me: I'm not selling myself short I'm just saying nje ukuthi kuse Ritz

Her: Look we will try to get you something even if it's a cleaning position just so you can get close to him

Me: Yazi I don't understand how you not one of Ms Rich's call girls. You have a lot of connections

Her: Ahh that woman akangeneki easy (That woman is not easily persuaded)

Me: Thank you friend.. Thank you for everything

Her: You welcome my friend



I looked at her body laying there. Her dress had blood and so were her legs..

SK: Señor

I looked at him..

Him: We need to move

We are going to bury her body at the cemetery. I don't think anyone will ever find her. After all no one really searches at the cemetery when one is missing. It's a perfect place to bury her..



I glanced down at my plate. I've only been able to eat small portions I hate nerves..

Menzi's mom looks and sounds really nice

Her: So Sandy what are you currently doing?

I cleared my throat..

Me: Sorry.. I work at the eatery to save up money so I can go to college

Her: That's nice what do you want to study?

Me: Anything that has to do with Engineering

Her: Wow.. Not a lot of girls who would go for engineering

She was very well spoken too..

Me: I really like the field

Her: I wish you all the best.. You are the first girl that Menzi has dated who actually has her life put together

Menzi: Kanjalo vele? (Just like that)

Her: Ngikhuluma amanga yini? (Am I lying)

Menzi: Angisho nex (I'm not saying anything)

We continued eating while talking. This was very nice it was foreign to me but it was very nice I won't lie..


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