"Aw sukum' ushayizandla

If you still in love"

I was now at home doing a few chores before I take off later to have dinner with Menzi's Mom. I'm nervous but yet excited Menzi has become the biggest blessing in my life. He is a part of me that reminds me to keep on breathing keep on living even when this life is harsher than acid rain. He gives me hope and makes me believe that there's still good people in this world. God brought him into my life at the right time to help carry some of my pain for me...

I heard the door opening as I was washing dishes and busy day dreaming about this perfect part of my life Xolani walked in..

My Grandmother is not around a relative of ours is no more so she went there for the funeral. She will only be back sometime next week. At least we breathing fresh air. She made it very clear though that I should never leave Xolani alone in the house she doesn't wanna come to an empty house... 

Another biggest priority of mine is to get Xolani into a rehab so that they can help him be rid of this addiction. We all that we have in this world he needs to clean up his act because I don't wanna lose him. Menzi gave me R500 extra on my payout I got R5000 instead of R4500. I have opened a fixed account and deposited R2500. I will continue putting in R2000/R2500 every month they'll be my savings I do believe that  money will definitely come in handy one day. I wiped my hands and took my phone I paused the song that was playing. I hate giving Xolani money because he takes that money and use it to buy drugs that's like taking 50 steps back. There's no improvement at all... He went straight to get bread at least I bought polony and cheese for us. My Grandmother knows that I work at the Eatery I mean she was gonna find out anyway. Lying wasn't the best option. She had asked me to contribute with buying groceries I didn't complain after all Xolani and I we eat here.. 

Me: Later I'm going out 

Him: Uyaphi? (Where are you going) 

Me: Out with a friend 

I haven't told him about Menzi

I didn't complain after all Xolani and I we eat here.. 

Me: Later I'm going out 

Him: Uyaphi? (Where are you going) 

Me: Out with a friend 

I haven't told him about Menzi I don't know how he's going to feel about it.. 

Him: Sowune soka? (You have a boyfriend) 

Me: I didn't say that 

Him: Uz'phathe kahle. Uyayazi iSituation yala endlini ntwana one mistake ukuphela kwakho (Take care of yourself. You know the situation around here. One mistake you out) 

Me: Ya I know 

Menzi I we haven't had sex yet I think that's something we need to talk about first. I don't want to fall pregnant I'm not ready for a baby



Rato: Nawa amanzi (Here's a glass of water) 

Me: Thanks 

Apparently I fainted at the studio I did wake up after a while when they were even thinking of calling an ambulance for me. I didn't wanna go to the hospital I called Rato and she fetched me. She took me straight home.. I was still feeling dizzy.. 

Me: Angazi mara this whole procedure doesn't feel right 

Rato: It's still early days. You did it about what? 3 weeks ago? 

Me: Ng'cabanga kanjalo (I think so) 

Her: Just make sure that you drink a lot of water during the day and also buy a massage cream. It will help ease the pain 

Me: It felt like I was on fire 

Her: It will get better with time 

Me: I hope so

Her: Drink your water 

I drank the water.. 

Me: I need to upload those pictures on Instagram 

Her: You will do that later 

I passed her the glass.. 

Me: Thanks 

Her: Remember the goal 

Me: Andre Martínez 

Ever since that night at the club it was made clear to us that Modrid's big brother meant a lot to Ms Rich financially. Rato went and found some information about him his name is Andre Martínez and he is loaded. He is also very handsome Judging from the picture that she came back with that is a big bonus. If only I could get him then Ms Rich will definitely acknowledge my existence. We still don't know how I'm going to get to him he is a very private person. We don't even know if he is into clubs and that kind of lifestyle. Even if he is not we will have to find another way to get to him.. 



I threw the cigarette bud on the ground and stepped on it. I saw Soldier approaching from a distance I've long been waiting for this fool. He decided to show up now.. 

Me: Kunini ngik'mele wena mhlathi wakho (I've long been waiting for you)

He shook my head.. 

Him: Eyy ang'sebenzi wena phela (I don't work for you) 

Me: Ng'bonga nje ukuzwakala kwakho (I'm grateful that you showed up)

Him: Zkhiphani? (What's going on) 

Me: Awung'tshele.. Usese nama connections lapha eCollege? (Tell me.. Do you still have connections at that college) 

Him: Maybe.. Why? 

I hit him a bit on his chest.. 

Me: Ngidinga iFavour nyana (I need a favour) 

Him: Khuluma ngilalele (speak I'm listening) 

Me: Cava ke.. uNana's wam' ufuna uk'yenza i engineering lapha (Look here.. My girlfriend wants to do engineering there) 

Him: Ya ngisalalele (I'm still listening) 

Me: akakhonanga uku register (She couldn't register)

Him: Yini? Ufuna ukwenza ama N? (She wants to do N courses) 

Me: I think so.. Awum'zamele lapho (Make it happen)

Him: khona vele sek'valiwe (They done with registrations) 

Me: Aii maan yenza kwenzeke (Make things happen) 

Him: Ngizobona ukuthi ng'phuma kanjani (I'll see what I can do) 

Me: Yizo nja yam' (That's the way it is) 

Him: Sowuzishaya nabafundile manje (You going for educated girls) 

Me: Umuntu uyashintsha (A person can change) 

Him: Kusho kanjalo phela (It looks that way)

Me: So uzong'thinta moss if konke k'hamba kahle (You will contact me when all is going well)

Him: Sure case nja yam'

Me: Yizo 

We bumped shoulders... 



I was looking at the sprinklers watering the grass. My mind was very far away..

I heard SK calling out behind me..

Sk: Modrid!

When I turned Modrid punched me in the face. I took a few steps back..

Sk: Modrid don't do this

Modrid: What did I say to you?

I have never seen him this upset my hand was on my chin. He almost dislocated my jaw.. SK held him back..

Sk: Modrid I'm warning you

Modrid: Couldn't you just leave her alone?

Me: Ohw Becca

Modrid: I'm going to kill you!!.. You son of a b***

He tried to break free from SK..

Sk: This is your Brother Modrid

Modrid: Not anymore

He broke free from SK but didn't come to attack me..

Sk: Señor

I looked at him..

Sk: Rebecca committed suicide.. Modrid found her hanging at the cottage

Me: What?

Modrid: See what you've done!!

He charged at me before I knew it we were both on the ground taking turns in punching each other. With my leg giving me problems I was at a disadvantage..


To be continued 


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