Tsepo: Sandy ng'cela ung'size la (Sandy please help me here) 

I dropped whatever I was doing and went to him at the barbaque grill

Tsepo: Ng'bekele ilihlo la please ngisaya endlini encane (Please monitor my meat here I am going to the rest room) 

Me: How will I know that it's done? 

Him: Mina I will take care of everything wena just keep on turning it until I get back 

Me: Okay 

He gave me the spatula clamp.. 

Him: Ngiyeza manje (I'll be right back) 

I looked at the meat and kept on turning it I didn't even know what I was doing. I am not used to braaing meat.. 

(after 30 seconds) 

Menzi: What are you doing?

I turned back and looked at him as he made his way to me..

Me: I'm keeping an eye on the meat for Tsepo he went to use the rest room

He walked up to me and took the Spatula clamp..

Menzi: Uyazi ang'kufuni la (You know that I don't want you here)

Me: I was just turning the meat

Menzi: Nono I don't care even if you were just standing and staring at it. We working with fire here what's gonna become of me if you hurt yourself?

Me: You overreacting

Him: Call it whatever you wanna call it Sthandwa Sam' but angik'funi la (I don't want you here)

So I decided to give Menzi a chance and at first I wasn't so sure what his intentions were with me. I wasn't sure if he was going play me or what but it has been a month now. Things between us are very good. Menzi is loving he makes me laugh more than I have cried. He has shown me a different side to life that I never knew existed Menzi's love is perfect in all ways and he makes loving me look so easy.. 

Him: Did you register at the college?

Me: I went but registrations are closed already 

Him: Kwaba kubi Sthandwa sam' (That's bad my love) 

Tsepo came back while Menzi was still turning the meat.. 

Menzi: Angeke sizwane ngalento oyenzayo (We won't get along with what you doing) 

Tsepo: Sengenzi manje? (What did I do) 

Menzi: Kube ushile ke? (What if she burnt herself) 

Tsepo: Uthatha izinto ngamawala (You taking this too personal) 

Menzi looked at him... 

Menzi: Khuzeka 

Tsepo took the spatula clamp from Menzi. What Menzi said to him he wasn't really angry or anything but his tone did come with a warning. What Menzi is to me is something that I have been searching for for my whole life. Now a day can go by without me being stuck and trapped in my dark thoughts. He makes me laugh he shows me how much I mean to him and I don't think I wanna lose all of that. He came into my life and gave me a purpose to live again I pray this is God's way of trying to reach out to me.. 



The creams were taking a bit longer to work their magic that I had to resort to drastic majors because I didn't have much time anymore. What I did was to go to this other "Doctor" who gave me butt injections and they seemed to be working better than the cream and soap. The only problem is that ever since he injected me I have been feeling pain every now and then. Especially when I sit down. He said that the material injected into my buttocks is just gonna grow cells inside of me and in that way my butt will get bigger to the desired level of my choice.. He said it's harmless.. 

I ended up letting go of my boyfriend I can't keep him around while I'm trying to land myself a big fish. He is going to drag and hold me back in every way possible... 

I was at some studio taking pictures it was suggested to me by a friend and it's not that expensive. They take pretty good pictures I wanna upload them on Instagram and attract a lot of attention.. 

Photographer: Can you bend a little for this one 

I tried to bend.. 

Him: A little more 

I tried again.. 

Him: I need you to go all the way down 

I was trying to go all the way down but it was painful the more I tried to go all the way down the more pain I felt shooting through my buttocks. I want this more than anything so I have no choice but to force myself.. 

I forced myself to bend to the acceptable level I bit my tongue up until he was done taking the shot.. 

Him: Perfect.. We can take 5

I got up and fixed the sheet.. 

Him: You can come and see them 

I went over to see them. He is going to give me physical copies of the pictures and also send them to my emails so I can save them on my phone.. 



I looked at her and I had tied her up to the table in a doggy style position. I had tied her in a way that she wasn't going to escape and I also gagged her mouth so that her screams won't escape. I have tried getting myself another random girl that I can do this with but Rebecca still remained perfect. I like Rebecca's innocence I like how naive she is. I am the only guy that she has ever been with and I want to keep it that way. In my house Theresa a special room reserved for our little sexual games that we do now and then... 

Becca did get rid of the pregnancy and the Dr put her again on contraception one that won't require her to drink pills everyday because obviously she forgets. This injection that the Dr gave her under my strict orders she will be having it every 3 months. 

One thing I have noticed is that lately she's not for our sexual activities anymore she doesn't willingly give herself to me and it's fine. For the mere fact that now she's resisting gives me more pleasure. It turns me on really hard... 

I unbuckled my belt and I could already hear her sobbing. I went closer to her exposed butt and ran the buckle from the anus down to her pink sweet hole. She literally flinched when I put the buckle against her anus. I put the belt on the side and opened her butt cheeks more I bent a little and forced my tongue deep inside her hole while squeezing her buttocks really tight. I kept on forcing my tongue in and out her sobs kept on increasing and trust me it wasn't because she was feeling pleasure. I realized that she wasn't willing when she started to push herself forward so that my tounge can slide out of her hole.. I stopped what I was doing and went to stand before her she was wet with tears and her face was also red. I took off the gag.. 

Her: Please stop I'm begging you 

I lowered my pants and my boxers to expose my stiff cock. I grabbed her chin and forced myself inside her mouth. I went far in deep to her throat until she choked and threatened to vomit I pulled out and looked at her. Saliva was dripping from her mouth.. 

Her: Please (Crying) 

For some reason this broken state of hers turned me on even more.. I left her like that and grabbed my belt. I rolled it around my hand and started swinging the buckle part of it around.. 

Her: Ohh my god please stop (Crying) 

I went for and whipped her buttocks each whip left a bruise since my belt buckle was the one that kept on coming in contact with her buttocks. I whipped her very hard and for a few minutes until she didn't have the strength to cry anymore. Her buttocks were very red and she was bleeding now.. 

I put my belt down and got closer to her I inserted my cock inside her anus. That made her to scream very loud. It was very tight that I had to forcefully push it inside it was sad because she couldn't get away. All that she was left to do was to take all the pain in. I pulled out and went down to her vagina a bit of blood and human waste were excreted from her anal area. 

I held her tight and pushed in deep inside her whole. Today I fucked her harder than I have ever fucked her before.. 

Her: You killing me!! (Crying) 

Me: Oh yeah baby.. Ohh yes.. 

She just kept on crying and pleading as I kept pleasuring myself with her. I would move from her vagina up to her anus and then back to her vagina again.. 



I felt hands wrapping around my waist.. 

I turned and it was Menzi. He kissed me on my neck.. 

Him: Can I talk to you? 

Me: Okay 

I stopped peeling the carrots and he passed me the dish cloth so I could wipe my hands. 

He folded his arms and stood against the counter I have never seen him this serious before. It made me very nervous.. 

Me: Is everything okay? 

He wiped his eyes with his hand.. 

Him: Ya.. I just want to ask you for a favour 

He held my hand and kissed it.. 

Me: Okay? 

He ran his thumb at the back of my hand.. 

Him: My Mom wants to meet you 

That was very unexpected.. 

Me: I.. 

Him: Tonight.. 

Me: Tonight? 

Him: Ya.. Futhi ushaye nama salad nyana nje (She even prepared salads) 

Me: I.. I don't know what to say 

Him: I'm serious about you Nono part of me being serious about you is introducing you to my Mother 

Me: Isn't it too soon? 

Him: Ayikho into enjalo la emhlabeni (There's nothing like that here in this world) 

I took a deep breath and looked at him I smiled a little.. 

Me: okay I'll meet her 

Him: Chesa!!

He smiled at me too.. 

Him: Serious? 

I nodded.. 

Me: Serious

Him: Woza la (Come here) 

He pulled me closer to him for a hug and then he started licking my face.. 

Me: Stop it that's disgusting (Laughing) 

Menzi might look like he is mature but trust me he has a bit of immaturity in him he likes playing a lot. I don't mind that though because it puts me in a good mood.. 

I stared deep in his eyes.. 

Me: I love you 

Him: I loved you too 

He gently grabbed my braids at the back and licked my lips.. 

Me: Stop it!! (Laughing) 



When were done with the photoshoot and I was in the dressing room getting dressed I felt extremely dizzy and my vision got blurry. I held on to the counter and blinked a few times but that didn't work I also started feeling very hot and I couldn't breath. When I tried rushing to the door to call for help I ended up on the floor.. 

Me: Help (Whispering) 

To be continued 


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