I have been into clubs before but this one is something that I have never seen before. You could just tell from the door all the way in that it's not a place that caters to random broke people like us. The only broke people I can pin point could be women who are here for the same reasons as me to loot rich men

I seriously don't know how Rato managed to pull this off how was she able to get us here...

Me: Wow..

Her: Yabona mawuhamba nami ngizokufaka ezintweni (When you with me I will introduce you to things)

Me: Do we even have money to buy whatever drinks they selling here?

Her: You see now

Me: I don't think it would be advisable to just loot someone now.. We first need to buy our own drinks and scan the place first

She shook her head..

Her: Let's go we need to find Mbali

Mbali is one of Ms Rich's call girls the girl that Rato claimed to have seen her twerking videos on Instagram.. I hope she's right about this the last thing I want is to embarrass myself with this girl denying to know Rato and ever watching her videos on Instagram. I have already spent a lot of money on myself including buying a dress that I didn't even need..We walked around passing a lot of people who were dancing some were just chilled at their tables drinking. In some parts of the club it was a bit darker than other parts... We spotted this Mbali chick sitting at the VIP section I recognized her very well because I follow her on Instagram we can safely say that I live for her..

Me: Rato are you sure about this?

Her: Yes I'm sure

I followed her to the VIP section but we couldn't just go through Rato kept on waving her hand at mbali until she set her eyes on us. She was eyeing us as if like we were one of her fans.. Rato told the guy to tell her who we were and that's when she allowed us through..

Mbali: Wow uhm.. I don't know what to say because I never thought that you were going to come

Rato: I couldn't turn down the invitation

She looked at her crew and they laughed..

Mbali: She actually came

She sounded like a snobbish slay queen if there's such.. She looked at us..

Her: Uhm you guys can sit down

We sat down.. I felt so degraded by how she was belittling us she saw us as if like we were nothing to her.. In all honesty though we were below her standards I don't blame her..

Her: Do you guys want something to drink?

Rato: Yes please

They poured us something to drink..

Me: Thank you

This was very awkward I felt like I didn't fit in. I have never had anyone treat me like this I've always been at the top of my game..

Before we could get far with the conversation Ms Rich made her way to us. I even thought that my heart was going to stop at some point. I admire this woman you know when you have a role model that you admire very much and look up too? So much that If you see them walking you will worship the ground that they walking on. That's me with Ms Rich I admire her alot

Ms Rich: Thank goodness that you here flower

Mbali stood up..

Her: I came to celebrate a birthday

Her: I understand but listen..

She started fixing Mbali's revealing top..

Her: So there's someone here who might be a potential client and I need you to go and give him attention entertain him

Mbali: But I.. I thought I was off tonight can't the other girls do it?

Her: No they can't. If I call one of them they will take time to get here but since you already here. You can do the job for us

Mbali exhaled..

Ms Rich: Listen this person is a small fish the actual person that I want is his big brother. The Martinez brothers are said to be very rich.. We need their money

Mbali: I have never heard of them

Her: They originally from Spain I got a call from someone who informed me that the little Brother is here. So I saw that as a good opportunity to use him to get to his big brother

Mbali: Fine... I'll see what I can do

Her: Thank you I owe you big time

Mbali: Where is he?

Her: he is sitting over there with a couple of friends he is the one wearing a black t-shirt

We couldn't see him clearly because where he was sitting it was a bit dark..

Her: Go baby and impress us

Mbali gulped down the champagne from her glass and made her way to the their table..

Rato stood up..

Rato: Eerr Ms Rich

Ms Rich turned and looked at her..

Rato: My name is Rato and I know a lot about you

She looked at her from head to toe..

Ms R: you not the only my dear a lot of people have heard about me

Rato: What I'm trying to say is that.. It would be an honour for me to work for you..

Ms R: You and a lot of girls out there

She looked at her wrist watch and then walked away leaving us there..

Maybe it won't be as easy as I thought getting through to this woman it seems like she has zero respect for people.. We definitely don't meet her standards..



Her: Por favor mi padre tiene dinero él puede pagar si me dejas ir (My Father has money he can pay you off if you let me go)

She was laying on the floor with her hands zip tied to her back. She had nothing on other than her pink bumshort. She didn't have any bra on and her body was bruised pretty bad. I saw the gun aimed at her while she was about to beg for her life again. One shot went through her skull then several shots followed until she couldn't move anymore. Blood started to ooze from her head and snaked it's way around in a trail on the floor one of the bastards turned her over with his boot. He even went as far as kicking her a little to make sure that she wasn't moving anymore. Her eyes had rolled to the back of her head

her mouth was slightly open. There was blood all over her face..

I took the bottle of whiskey and threw it against the wall..

Me: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

I struggled to breath my hand was shaking. No make that my whole body was shaking my anger is too much. My anger is destructive.. I needed to transfer this pain on someone else I needed to cause someone else pain to make myself calm down..



On a Sunday we usually go to church no make that every Sunday we go to church. Going to church is compulsory at my house you will only skip church if you sick. Today we were not going we had to clean and wash pots for yesterday. There was a lot to do around here. Thati left late last night her husband came and fetched her then her Mom and some of our relatives are said to be leaving today..

I got a text from Menzi saying that he was at the eatery and that I should come. I looked at the time and it was 08:00am they don't open every Sunday. They open On the first Sunday of the month and the last Sunday of the month.. I ignored the text at first and then he started calling. Knowing Menzi he is very crazy he won't stop until he gets his way so with my mind telling me otherwise I decided to listen to my heart and go to him...



I was woken up by my phone ringing I took it and checked who it was. I didn't recognize the number but I answered anyway..

Me: Hello

I heard someone breathing..

Me: Who is this?

Voice: Musa..

The voice sounded familiar..

Voice: It's me.. It's Mom

My heart started beating fast my throat raised no words and my mouth felt dry..

Her: Musa?

Me: Why are you calling me? I told you never to call me

I heard her breathing fast and loud her voice was breaking..

Her: Kodwa Musa I just want to know if you okay

Me: I am okay I have always been okay.. Listen don't call me okay? Don't do this to yourself

Her: I don't want to talk about a lot of things I just want to know that..

She sniffed..

Her: I just want to know that you okay that's all I worry about you every day. We don't have to talk about anything I just wanna call you from time to time and check up on you if you okay or not

Me: Bye Ma..

Her: M..

I hung up and threw the phone on the bed. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath..

Me: I'm not going to cry.. Don't cry

I wiped my tears with my thumb to prevent them from falling...



"I am here You don't have to worry. I can see your tears I'll be there in a hurry when you call. Friends are there to catch you when you fall.. Here's my shoulder you can lean on me"

That song was playing when I made my way in I didn't see anyone but his car was outside when I walked in.. I looked around..

Me: Hello??

He showed up from the kitchen holding two plates..

Him: Ehh early so? (You came so early)

Me: You sent me a text that I should come now

Him: Bengacavi ukuthi vele uzozilahlela ekseni so (I didn't know that you were actually gonna come this early)

Me: What am I supposed to do now Menzi? Walk back home and come back later?

He put the plates down on the table..

Him: Ngiyadlala hau (I'm just playing)

He opened the chair for me..

I went and sat down..

Him: Nazo ke (here we go)

He sat on the other chair. It was just your usual breakfast scrambled eggs sausages bacon and sliced tomatoes..

Him: Eish I forgot the juice

He got up and went to fetch the juice. I didn't know how to feel about this no one has ever been this nice to me. Only Mam'Masango

He came back with the juice and glasses..

Me: Thank you

He started eating and I looked at him. Why is he nice to me? Does he wanna play me? No one is ever nice to me..

He looked at me..

Him: You don't like the food?

Me: There's nothing wrong with the food.. I'm just confused

Him: Confused?

Me: What is this?

Him: Hau sidla iBreakfast kumnandi kune vibe(We eating breakfast)

Me: You know what I mean Menzi

Him: Okay bheka (okay look here)

He poured us juice..

Him: Ngiz'shayile ngawe blind futhi (I like you a lot)

I didn't say anything..

Him: Beng'cela nje ukuthi ung'gaye iChance (Please give me a chance)

Me: I don't know

Him: What don't you know?

Me: I've been hurt a lot in my life I don't wanna be hurt again. I'm tired of living in pain

Him: No ngiyakuzwa (I hear you)

Me: Plus it won't be easy seeing each other my Grandmother is very strict

Him: How about uze uzosebenza la in that way I can see you everyday. That's only if there's nothing you doing currently

I looked around..

Me: I have a job at the salon

Him: I don't know how much you getting paid there but mina ngizok'gaya maybe R4500 or so

I looked at him slightly shocked..

Me: Are you serious?

Him: Ngi serious (I'm serious)

I looked at him and I remembered what Fezeka said R4500 is not bad. I can budget some of that money and go back to school..

He held my hand..

Him: You'll think about it?

I nodded repeatedly..

He took my hand and he was about to kiss it but stopped..

Him: Askies

Me: For?

Him: Remember your cousin mentioned that..

Me: Ohw

Him: Angisho ukuthi I feel differently about you I just don't wanna make you feel uncomfortable

Me: I understand..

Him: If it gets too uncomfortable you can tell me

I nodded again..

He went back to eating his food and I still couldn't believe what just happened..


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