We all took off our glasses when the light came on.. Sabastian was standing in front of us next to the "machine" that he was presenting on..

Him: Gentlemen this piece of steel needs no further introduction and explanation. As we have watched the video we already know how it operates. The bidding will start at R250 000

Everyone went silent..

Sabastian: R250 000 will get you 5 of these

I saw some gentleman raising up his flag..

Sabastian: R250 000 for the gentleman with a red flag.. Can I get R300 000?

Abdul raised his flag..

Sabastian: R300 000 from Mr Abdul.. Can I get R350 000?

No one raised up a flag..

Sabastian: R350 000?


Sabastian: R300 000 going once going twice

I raised up my flag..

Me: R500 000

Sabastian: R500 000 from Mr Martinez.. Do I hear R550 000?

I looked at Abdul and he sat this one out..

Sabastian: R500 000 going once.. Going twice..

Abdul leaned over to the gentleman that was sitting next to him I believe that it was his right hand man..

My Brother Modrid leaned over to me and whispered..

Modrid: Are we going to make it out of here alive?

Me: Yo espero que sí (I hope so)

Sabastian: The bidding has closed and the 5 silencers have been sold to Mr Martinez for R500 000

Everyone started clapping then Abdul turned and looked at me. He nodded his head little I did so too..

My name is Andre Martínez. I am 35 years of age and originally from Spain. I came to find a home here in South Africa about 5 years ago following and incident that happened back at home. See I am part of this mafia gang and this other time a few and trusted members from the gang betrayed us. They made alliances with our rivals and when we went after them it brought back serious consequences. The rivals captured female members of our families and held them hostage for at least two years where they brutally tortured them raped them and then later on murdered them. Amongst them was my Mother Sisters and my Daughter. After that horrible incident I was only left with my younger brother Modrid. I can't really count other relatives because we weren't that close with them. Seeing that the war was not going to end Modrid and I decided to flee Spain. After all there was nothing left for us there anymore... Modrid is the only family that I have now not forgetting our loyal Uncle SK who came to South Africa with us.. What happened to my family was something that killed the human being in me I turned into something that's colder than ice. All those videos I watched where my Mother my sisters and my daughter were tortured. They turned me into something and someone else since from then I have never been the same again..

What I do now is something that most people would find heartless but I don't care. My family wasn't shown any mercy they were slaughtered like animals so why should I show mercy to others? I don't show mercy and I hell dare no longer have emotions..

What we do now is buy and sell weapons to other countries. In simple terms we fund wars and bloodshed. Especially in countries such as Israel Afghanistan etc. Our Mafia gang is the biggest in the world our members are all over. Every country we start war with we make sure that we win the war so that we can control the government. We take control of their everything. We dictators and we enforce strict measures. We are known as the Dark Lords and our mission is to take over a lot of countries..

Modrid handed me the glass of champagne.

Me: Thank you

Modrid is 30 years old he is my right hand in all of this....

Modrid: Warning.. Nine to five

I saw Abdul making his way to us.. Abdul is Muslim originally from Afghanistan. We butt heads a lot I don't trust him and if it was up to me I would've long had him taken out..

Him: Martinez

Me: Abdul

Him: We in the same gang why do we have to scratch each other all the time?

Me: I don't know what you talking about Señor (Sir)

Him: I wanted those silencers

I wanted to take them to Kabul with me

Me: I think I need them more than you do

Him: Afghanistan is holding around 100 foreigners from different countries hostage. We need those guns to use them in fighting against our enemies. Countries that will try to rescue them. We need that ransom money DL (Dark Lords) needs that money

Me: Let's be real Señor Abdul you think 5 silencers will do the trick? As we speaking the Russians might be sending their military enforcement to Afghanistan right now to rescue some of their people that your country is holding hostage. You really think that 5 silencers will do the trick?

Modrid chuckled..

Him: What do you even need the silencers for?

Me: I am a collector of beautiful items they will blend in well with my other toys that I have collected

Him: This is not a game!

He got closer and so did Modrid..

He looked at Modrid..

Abdul: One of these days Martinez

Me: Don't forget I have friends in high places

Modrid: By that he means we have snipers on the rooftop keep your dogs on a leash. Should we be followed it's going to rain red

SK made his way to me..

SK: Are you ready to go Señor?

I made SK my personal driver. I keep people that I trust very close to me instead of strangers..

Me: Have a safe trip back home Señor Abdul until we meet again

I looked at the time and it was 00:00am the meeting took longer than expected tonight..

SK helped me to wear my jacket and then he gave me my gold walking stick. I got shot a few months ago so my right leg is taking forever to recover..



I woke up very early the next morning to help around. My Grandmother and my Aunt made the lobola negotiations seem like it's a tradition wedding ceremony. She literally invited a few people from church and around the neighborhood. Some of our neighbours even came early to our house so that they could help with the cooking. I find all of this very unnecessary she just wants to brag that's all.. Ever since my encounter again last night with Menzi I can say that sleep eluded me the whole night. I struggled to sleep..

I was sent to go and fetch some muffins that were baked yesterday at some house. The woman who baked them is my Grandmother's friend they go to church together.. I call them church friends..

On my way back home I decided to call Nomusa that whore is probably still sleeping hungover as hell from last night. You can't separate Nomusa from clubbing.. Surprisingly when I canceled the call she called me back.

Me: Yazi ngithi uzobe usalele? (I thought you would still be sleeping)

Her: Kuphi izolo angiyanga ndawo (I didn't go anywhere last night)

Me: Hau kanjani? (how come)

Her: Haai maan! This boyfriend of mine is starting to annoy me! Ngifuna ukumyeka (I want to leave him)

Me: Nolo loves you

Her: I don't have time for love

I shook my head..

Her: And then why are you calling me so early? Don't tell me that witch is at it again

Me: Not really

Her: Then yini?

Me: I wanted to talk to you about something

Her: Yini Sandy? (What)

Me: Don't laugh neh

Her: Khuluma bo! (speak up already)

Me: I think Menzi is into me

She laughed..

Me: Mxm! (clicking tongue)

Her: I'm laughing because it's only now that you noticed

Me: You also think he is into me?

Her: When he is around here in town he stops by at the salon to greet me and ask me about you by that time you would've knocked off

Me: Why you never told me?

Her: Because you wasn't going to give it any thought.. Uyazazi ukuthi unjani (You know how you are)

Me: Well since you know him well.. How is he?

Her: Wait are you considering dating him?

Me: I didn't say that

Her: Well uSharp vele for girls like you

Me: Girls like me?

Her: uMenzi uyahlupha maan (Menzi is problematic) he likes well behaved girls like you. Une temper Nyana (he has a temper) I would never date him because I don't want stress.. Usese wumfana omncane la kimi nale temper yakhe (he is a small boy to me with his temper)

Me: Ehh so mina I must be at the receiving end of his temper?

Her: Angisho wena angeke umhluphe (You won't trouble him)

Me: Hai I don't know

Her: I didn't want your first real relationship to be with a guy like Menzi but ke.. At least uzok'qinisa nyana uthambe kakhulu (At least he will toughen you up you're too soft)

Me: I didn't say I'm going to date him my Grandmother would kill me and..

I remembered what Thati said..

Her: Manje why did you let me waste my airtime knowing very well ukuthi you won't take my advice?

Me: Bye Musa I'll see you on Monday

Her: Voetsek!

She hung up.



Menzi is a good friend of mine we've been friends since from when we were teenagers. Siganga kphela (we were very naughty).

Sandy is more than a friend to me she's like my baby sister and I care a great deal for her. I really didn't want her first real relationship to be with a guy like Menzi Menzi is a headache. Though I know that he has a lot of love to give but he is shit and he will definitely stress Sandy. Sandy is going through a lot already I don't want her stressing more. Menzi had his share with bad girls I was surprised to see him going for more reserved girls now. Girls mazithi 19:00 on a weekend instead of being out there partying she'll be at home watching whatever is playing on TV. He likes those type of girls now...

I heard someone knocking I closed my eyes and let out a sigh. I'll never get some sleep.

My useless boyfriend was called in to come to work this morning later on when he knocks off he won't find me here. I won't be busy entertaining his foolishness I have a plan with my life and I'm sticking to it..

When I opened the door my friend Rato was standing at my door step..

Rato: Wena nja! Usalele (You dog you still sleeping)

She made her way in..

Her: Sakumela ke izolo? (we waited for you yesterday)

Me: Ya eish.. Boyfriend annoyance

She rolled her eyes..

Her: You haven't dumped him already?

Me: Not yet

She shook her head..

Her: Nci.. Nci.. Nci.. You not serious

Me: Anyway how was last night?

She followed me to my bedroom I threw myself on the bed and held my teddy bear..

Her: Ahhh nothing much happened

She sat on my bed..

Her: But ke guess what?

Me: Ya?

Her: Remember that video of mine twerking that I posted on Instagram?

Me: What about it

Her: You won't believe who commented

Me: Who?

Her: One of Ms Rich's girls

My eyes widened..

Me: You lie!

Her: I'm telling you... She said tonight they'll be at the rising sun celebrating a friend's birthday she told me that I should come

Me: Please tell me that you lying

Her: Nope.. Nex

Me: Wow!! At least wena umdidi unawo vele (At least you have a big ass)

Her: The cream and the soap you sent me a pic of last night.. Vele you have faith in them?

She laughed..

Me: Don't laugh

Her: Try them mngani... You will never know

Me: I can't believe that tonight we finally going to meet one of the girls

Her: Yabona ke izindaba ze boyfriend mele zime (You need to put your boyfriend on hold)

Me: With immediate effect

Her: We should be going out to do shopping

Me: We must dress to kill

Her: Yizo skeem

I can't believe this.. Things seem to be working out now.. My dream is going to come true


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