Later on that day I got a call from my Grandmother asking me to come back home. This happens all the time. I get to be toyed with as if like I don't have feelings. One moment I'm being mistreated the next moment I'm being called to come back as if like nothing happened. No apology no remorse. We expected to move on from the drama and I'll be very lucky if they don't make everything my fault. At times they have a tendency of blaming everything on us as if like we the ones who made them say those hurtful things. I was just grateful that at least I'll have a place to lay my head at night now that Nomusa's Father doesn't want us at his house anymore I have nowhere else to go if I could be kicked out. The last time I was kicked out I slept in the store room outside. It was very filthy It had nothing but old stuff that my Grandmother kept there instead of throwing away. Like old broken furniture. There's rats it's smelly and very unhygienic. I remember I cried the whole night until the early hours of the morning. I still don't know how I made it through the cold night each time when I tried to close my eyes I could hear the rats moving and making noise. I will never forget that night..

That was a long time ago though the store room ended up being cleaned and Xolani was forced to move out of the house to the store room outside. Even though it was cleaned but it's still not at an acceptable level for someone to sleep in there. He sleeps on an old mattress the door is even broken doesn't close properly. It becomes a big disadvantage when it rains the rain comes in and it floods the place. I worry a lot about him when it rains.. Two of my Uncles were around they'll be leading the negotiations tomorrow together with another Uncle of ours who is meant to arrive late at night... Everyone was proud of Thati from where she turned she would be getting statements like "You have made us proud".. "Thank you for respecting yourself until someone came along and saw a wife in you".. "God bless you thank you for restoring dignity to our surname may the Nkosi ancestors be with you"... "You are going far in life you are blessed"... Other than Mam'Masango I have never had anyone from my family say such words to me. Yes maybe I haven't achieved anything that's praise worthy as as yet but there's a ton of good that I've done. I don't give my Grandmother stress if I'm not at the salon working I am at home cleaning and cooking. My Grandmother sleeps peacefully every weekend knowing that I'm around the house I have never snuck out and went out drinking nor partying. I am always at home being a good girl that she expects me to be. I was raised with fear if I had dated and she found out. I would've been put out for good. She was going to call me a whore tell me that I'm trying to have a baby. She even messed up most of my friendships when I was a teen in the name of "Those girls will lead you astray". The only friendship she failed to ruin was the one that I had and still have with Nomusa. Nomusa didn't care about how my Grandmother felt about us being friends she was stubborn and forced things through. I would get beaten up I would get kicked out but still Nomusa refused for us to end our friendship..

Thati asked me to accompany her to get some ribs&chips I was relieved to go out. I needed to get some fresh air being in this house for too long tends to suffocate me..

Her: If Mom can find out that I went out she would freak out.. Apparently I'm not supposed to be seen walking around at this time

I looked at the time and it was 18:00...

Me: At least we not going far

Thati is older than me. She is 30 years of age and already she has achieved a lot in life. She has a good job I heard that after lobola they won't get married straight away. They wanna move out at the complex and buy a house first. She has car she has a loving and supportive life partner. She is one of my Grandmother's favourite Grandchildren she is adored by the whole family. Her life is just nice. I wish life was that good for me too.. Thati is not always horrible to me she has her days. She's just too much of a drama queen she undermines me a lot she likes bragging and she feels good when people like us who are struggling in life worship her..

Her: Can you please hold my phone for me I just wanna fix my dress

Me: Okay

I held her phone for her. I looked at it..

Me: Which iPhone is this one?

Her: It's an iPhone 8 my love

Me: It's beautiful.. How much does it cost?

She laughed..

Her: You asking as if like you can afford it

Me: I'm just asking for the sake of asking

Her: I'm not sure hubby got it for me as a birthday present but I think it can be 13k or so

Me: It's pretty expensive

Her: Yes it is

I am rolling with a Samsung galaxy grand prime. It was donated to me by Nomusa a while ago. I've had it for a long time now I can't afford to fuck it up because I don't have money to get myself another phone..

Me: I wish that I could get a job so that I can register for N courses in engineering. Then when I'm done so that I can register for N courses in engineering. Then when I'm done get myself a job that I would've studied for and as a time goes on meet someone too and hopefully get married

Her: Such big dreams you have but I don't want you to get your hopes up for nothing. For starters I heard that your matric results are terrible! If grade 12 dribbled you do you really think that you will survive in engineering? Number 2 and I'm sorry for what I'm about to say but.. Sandy when you were young you were sexualy violated. Not once not twice but a lot of times. If my Mother didn't sit you down that time when you were young and asked you what was happening you would've been violated further. Most women who have been through what you went through don't get to have relationships they mostly pitied than loved. Any guy who is going to come your way he won't genuinely love you. He will only be with you out of pity. You have too much bargage sweetie. People like you don't get to have a happy ending in life if it was so then we wouldn't have some people committing suicide. Sometimes we follow in our Parent's footsteps. Look at my Mother and look at me then look at your mother and look at you. I'm sorry but that's just how it is. Your Mother's sins are following you. The same demons that were tormenting her are now tormenting you too.. I'm sorry

I stood there all frozen not knowing what to say Thati is truly her Mother's daughter and her Grandmother's Grandchild..



I closed my salon early today so that I could go out with my friends. I wanted to go back to the flat and prepare myself nicely seeing that tonight we were going to a club that we have never visited before. I alway make sure that I'm dressed to kill whenever I go out because you will never know the people that you might meet. Unfortunately Nolo sent me a text saying that he is going to pass by my place as much as I wanted to say no but I couldn't. I mean he sent me money about two days ago so I have to give him a bit of attention. He found me right when I had finished showering..

Him: Going somewhere?

Me: Yes.. The girls and I are going out tonight

His facial expression changed..

Him: Even last weekend you guys went out

Me: Seeing that we hardly see each other during the week on weekends we always go out.. You know just to catch up

He sat down on my bed..

Him: I thought that this weekend we were going to spend some time together

Me: Maybe next week

Him: That's what you said last week

He was starting to annoy me now..

Me: I'll make it up to you

I went to get my underwear with it's matching bra from drawer..

Him: Are you cheating on me?

I turned and looked at him..

Me: Where is that coming from now?

Him: I'm not a fool Musa.. Are you cheating on me?

Me: No

He got up from the bed and made his way to me..

Him: Then prove it.. Don't go ditch your friends and let's spend this weekend together

Me: But I've already promised them

He dropped my towel on the floor..

Him: That's the only way I'll know that you not cheating on me

Nolo is very insecure and I hate that about him. He is taking this relationship way too seriously and that's now what I want. I don't wanna be grounded by him I wanna do me at all times..

He picked me up and placed me on the dressing table while wrapping my legs around his waist. I placed my hands on the dressing table for balance..

Him: Come on.. Stay with me

He leaned closer and kissed me while he inserted his two fingers deep inside my shaved cookie. Sex with Nolo is not so good he doesn't do it for me just like that married bastard I'm having an affair with.. He kept on finger fucking me while going down to suck my one of my tits. I unwrapped my legs around him and placed them on the dressing table. He stopped sucking my breast and came back to kiss me one last time before he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants on the floor. He was already hard..

Me: I still need to go I can't bail out on my friends

He lowered his briefs then I grabbed his dick and directed it inside my cookie he pushed further in.. He pinned my body against his for dear life while going in and out. I rolled my eyes as his breath hit against my neck..

I wonder if he knows how much he sucks at times I would fake an orgasm just to make him happy. He really needs to up his game if it wasn't for the allowance that he's giving me I would've long ditched him...



We arrived at the eatery and ordered all along I've been retaining my tears and trying to act like what she said didn't get to me. While I knew very well that it did get to me it got to me really hard.. Have you ever had to smile through a broken heart? Have you ever had to fake being okay? That's exactly what I was doing. At this moment I was faking a smile and acting like we good just to avoid drama.. If I cry or exchange words with her she's gonna get home and lie making my Grandmother and her mother to come for my life.....

Her: This place is very nice

Me: It sure is

We had decided to get drinks while we waited for our order. She was having ice tropez while I settled for a Fanta orange..

Me: Is what you drinking safe for the baby?

Her: We'll be fine

They were playing nice songs as always..

"Should I hold on or pass

Will you let me crash..

Should I hold on or pass

Will you let me crash..

You are a citizen

A resident a resident in my heart

You are a citizen

A resident a resident in my heart

You are a citizen

A resident a resident in my heart"

Thati: So vele Menzi owns this place?

Me: Yeap it's his

Her: Yooh the last time I saw him he was up to no good no one in this hood liked him

Me: That was a long time ago ya k'dala wamgcina

I drank my fanta when Menzi came through with some gentleman who was holding a big box.. He pointed to where the gentleman should go and place the box...

Me: There he is

She turned and looked at him..

Me: That one who is wearing a green t-shirt busy pointing

Her: Whaaaat? That's him?

Me: Yes

Her: Yhuuuu ngathi I accepted the marriage proposal way too soon

Thati waved her hand..

Me: What are you doing?

Her: I wanna say hi.. It's been a while since I last saw him

She waved her hand up until Menzi noticed us he wasn't so sure at first if Thati was waving at him. He made his way to us..

This is going to be very uncomfortable for me..

Menzi: Ladies

His eyes were glued on me making me all kinds of nervous..

Thati: Awusakhulanga nje! (You have grown)

She hit him a little on his abdomen..

Menzi squinted his eyes and looked at her all confused..

Thati: It's me.. Thati

Menzi: Thati?? Thati?? Thati??

He thought for a while..

Him: Yeeer jou blacksem! Thati ka Mangena?

Thati: Agh that was a long time ago

Thati once dated some guy from around here a long time ago when she used to visit every weekend..

Menzi folded his arms..

Him: Ehh vele yi waar lento yokuthi bak'thathile? (So it's true that you taken)

Thati: As you can see

She rose up from the chair a little to show him her big belly Menzi laughed and then put his hand on his mouth..

Him: Bese wasbeka vele? uNtway'zini uSerious moss (He even got you pregnant this guy is serious)

Thati: Ya eish... Life

He looked at me..

Him: Umuntu mele ayenze abe serious naye or lamabhari wenu azosiqedela abo Ngwanas (I must act fast before those fools steal all our girls)

I looked away..

Thati: It's good to see you.. Yooh kdala ngak'gcina (It's been a while since I last saw you)

Menzi: Ya izinto zam'zukwana (It's been a long time indeed)

Waitress: Sorry Sisi

Thati: That must be our order let me go and get it

She got up from the chair and walked away I got up too and attempted to follow her when Menzi stood in my way. I literally bumped into him.. He placed his hand on my waist..

Him: Eish askies

I could smell weed from his breath. I quickly got his hand off me and walked away before Thati noticed anything. My heart was beating fast that I thought it was going to break. I stood next to Thati and looked at him he gave me a side smile and winked at me

Thati: Okay asambe (let's go)

Me: Let's go

I followed her as we walked out I let out a sigh or relief. That was very close..


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