Chapter Two

I walked in to my office with a gentleman and a beautiful lady sitting at reception dressed in suits and tie the stood up as I made my way in and I just knew there were there for me.

Me: Good morning beautiful people.

“Hi I am detective Howell and this is Detective Andy from the South Africa Murder Investigations Team”


Me: How can I help you?

Detective Andy looked around and then looked at me and she said.

Detective Andy: May we go to a place that is more private?

I looked at my receptionist and then back to the two detectives.

Me: Sure Follow me.

I walked to my office as they followed me I stopped at Soni’s desk.

Me: Morning Soni.

Soni: Hello Mr. Shange.

Me: Please take messages for me as I will be a bit busy this morning.

Soni: Okay Mr. Shange.

I walked on to my office as the two detectives followed me. They sat down as I settled in on my chair.

Me: Coffee?

Detective Andy: Yes Please. Strong and black with no sugar.

I looked at Detective Howell.

Detective Howell: Sparkling water please?

I picked my phone up and I dialled Soni.

Soni: Hi Mr. Shange.

Me: Soni please get me sparkling water and Strong black coffee for my visitors.

Soni: Okay and will you have your usual?

Me: I will have green tea with honey I think it is about time I detox a bit.

Soni: Okay Mr. Shange coming right up.

Soni: You are star.

Soni: Thank you.

 I hung up as I opened my MacBook.

Me: So what do I owe this visit this early?

Detective Andy: We have a few questions we have to ask you regarding the death of Vuyolwethu Tile.

Me: Tile?

Detective Howell: That is her Maiden surname but since she was divorced that surname was brought back to life by herself before she was murdered.

Me: Divorced?

Detective Andy: Yes she was.

Me: I had no idea.

Detective Howell: Now you know.

Me: Yep.

Detective Howell: Okay according to our source you and Vuyo were very close.

Me: Yes we were.

Detective Howell: When was the last time you were with her?

Me: I can’t really recall but it was shortly after I heard she was found dead at one of her husband’s warehouse.

Detective Andy: Ex-Husband.

Me: Oh yes Ex-Husband.

She gave in a faint smile and went on back to her note book.

Detective Howell: How many days before then?

Me: 4/5 or 6 days before but it was less than a week.

Detective Howell: Where did you see her?

Me: At her house.

Detective Howell: That was right after you were released from being arrested for being in position of drugs?

Me: Which had not enough evidence.

Detective Howell: Because Vuyolwethu was the one who planted the drugs in to your car.

Me: According to the camera’s Yes.

Detective Howell: And Camera’s done lie.

Me: True.

Detective Howell: So why would you go to see someone who wanted you to be arrested?

Me: I just wanted to know her side of the story.

Detective Andy: And what was her side of the story?

Me: That because her business was not doing well and she needed cash from me which I did not have at the time so she planted drugs in my car as payback for not lending her.

Detective Andy: So it was just business related and not more of infidelity?

Me: Vuyo and I were friends.

Detective Howell: Friends with benefits?

Me: Her Ex-Husband and I were friends which made her more of a sister to me.

Detective Howell: So Vuyo and you did not have a sexual relationship?

We got interrupted with the knock on the door and Soni walked in with my orders.

Soni: Here we go.

Me: Thank Soni.

She placed it on the table and walked out I took my mug and started drinking my green tea.

Detective Howell: Beautiful PA.

Me: Yes she is married.

He gave in a sarcastic smile and looked back in to his note.

Detective Howell: Shall we continue.

Me: Please.

Detective Andy: Did you and Vuyo have a sexual relationship?

Me: Yes before she got married to Sithembiso her ex-husband.

Detective Howell: And you were fine with it?

Me: When someone tells you they don’t love you anymore you cannot force them to be with you.

Detective Andy: I see.

Detective Howell: So how was your relationship with Vuyo after she told you why she planted the drugs in to your car.

Me: I understood where she was coming from she needed me and I was not there to help her out Anger can make you do a lot of crazy things.

Detective Howell: When you left her house was she alone?

Me: Her kids were there.

Detective Howell: Do they know you?

Me: Yes they do.

Detective Howell: Did you speak to Vuyo afterwards?

Me: After what?

Detective Howell: After you seeing her?

Me: No I didn’t I tried to reach her Line the next day but her phone was off.

Detective Andy: Does your wife know Vuyo?

Me: Yes she does.

Detective Howell: How is their relationship?

Me: I would say it is fine they get a long and they respect each other.

Detective Andy: Does she know that Vuyo and you used to be lovers.

Me: Yes she does.

Detective Howell: And she is fine with that?

Me: Why wouldn’t she?

Detective Andy: So she is okay with Vuyo calling you and you visiting your ex-lover.

Me: Lethokuhle knows that I love her and would never cheat on her.

Detective Andy: According to knowledge you have cheated on her countless times.

Me: Not with my late best friend’s ex-wife.

Detective Andy nod her head while detective Howell kept her eyes on me.

Me: Anything else?

Detective Howell: Yes when last were you and Vuyo sexually active?

Me: What does this got to do with finding out on who murdered her?

Detective Andy: According South African Forensics Team Vuyo was two weeks pregnant when she was discovered.

My heart race increased and my palms started sweating.

Me: Damn.

Detective Howell: Will you answer my question.

Me: What was your question again?

Detective Howell: When last were you are Vuyo sexually active?

Me: I can’t really recall we have parted together and something led to something else.

Detective Andy: So you did sleep with Vuyo?

Me: Sometimes.

Detective Howell: But you just said she was your best friend’s ex-wife.

Me: It is not something I am proud of but Vuyo and I always found each other attractive.

Detective Andy: Does your wife know that you were screwing your best friend’s ex-wife?

Me: No.

Detective Howell: Poor Mrs. Shange.

Me: But this irrelevant in this case.

Detective Howell: It is.

Detective Andy: Are you going to tell or we should?

Me: This has got nothing to do with my wife.

Detective Andy: She could have killed Lethokuhle her motive could have been that she is cheating with you.

Detective Howell: You know an angry wife.

Me: You cannot be serious.

Detective Howell: We need to investigate her as well.

Me: My wife is dealing with a lot right now we just lost out daughter at birth and she is getting used to a new born baby and the business on the side not to mention that Vuyo was a close friend of ours.

Detective Andy: I understand but we also have a job to do.

Detective Howell: Vuyo also had kids that wants justice for their mother.

Me: I know.

Detective Howell: Where were you between the 22nd and the 25th of last month.

Me: My wife got admitted in hospital so I was in and out of hospital.

Detective Adndy: If you don’t mind me asking why was your wife in hospital?

Me: She slipped and fell so she had to be admitted as our twins were in danger.

Detective Andy: According to the report she had a bashing on her head and also bruises on her body.

Me: Like I said she slipped and fell.

Detective Howell: Are you abusing your wife Mr. Shange?

Me: That is irrelevant to this investigation Sir Howell.

Detective Andy: Okay I think that’s it for today.

Me: Thank you My PA will see you out.

Detective Howell: Thank you.

They both woke up and headed to the door Soni walked in after a few minute and cleared my desk.

Soni: Everything okay?

Me: Yes. Thank you Soni.

She walked out and I called Mamiki to find out where Lethu was as I knew she was not going to take my call.

Mamiki: Hello Mr. Shange.

Me: Unjani Ma?

Mamiki: I am fine wena unjani?

Me: Ngiright Ma Ukhona uLethu?

Mamiki: Yebo ukhona.

Me: Ngicela ungikhulumisa naye.

Mamiki: Okay bamba kancane.

I held on the line until I heard Lee’s voice.

Lee: Lethu here.

Me: Babe.

Lee: Sonke ufuna in?

Me: Babe listen two investigators will come to the house regarding the death of Vuyo.

Lee: Today?

Her voice crackling judging to the way she responded.

Me: I am not sure when but u need to see you before you speak to them.

Lee: why?

Me: We all need to stick to one story babe if they come through today don’t answer any question as you are not okay arrange another day with them or tell Mamiki to tell them you are not in.

Lee: Okay I will.

Me: Can I see you later?

Lee: Yes later is fine.

Me: Thank you. Please put Mamiki on the line.

Lee: Okay.

I hanged on until Mamiki’s voice came through on my line.

Mamiki: Hello.

Me: Ma

Mamiki: Yes.

Me: Two detectives will come at the house today please don’t allow them in tell them Lethu is at my mother’s house and make sure Lethu’s car is locked in the garage.

Mamiki: Okay Nomzane.

Me: Thank you Ma.

She hung and I called king.

King: Nigga.

Me: I messed.

King; Ngani?

Me: Vuyo was pregnant.

King: How do you know?

Me: Detectives were here and they told me.

King: Shit what did they want?

Me: Questioning me about my whereabouts.

King: What did you tell them?

Me: That I might be the father.

King: Fuck Bro.

Me: What if they ran paternity test? This would have hit me hard.

King: True you did well but what about Lee.

Me: That means I have to tell her the truth.

King: Damnit.

Me: It’s over for me.

King: Tell her you had to lie to cover up for her.

Me: Eish bro I need to think.

King: Harre boy.

Me: Sure nigga.

I hung up and sat back on seat trying to think. What am I going to do? Lee will know the truth now that all along Vuyo and I were fucking on the side.

I tried working but my mind was just too occupied with this Vuyo drama.

After a few hours my phone rang and it was Mamiki calling.

Me: Hello.

Mamiki: Hi Nomzane Unjani?

Me: Bafikile?

Mamiki: Yes but I told them Mrs. Shange went to visit home and she is not back as yet.

Me: Thank you.

Mamiki: They gave me their card and asked me to call them once Mrs. Shange gets back.

Me: Okay Ma Ngiyabonga.

I hung up and I called Soni to tell her to cancel all my meetings as I needed to rush home. I packed my things and headed to my car then I drove to Virginia.

Mamiki was busy in the kitchen was I arrived.

Me: Hi Ma.

Mamiki: Hawu Bengingazi uzosivakashela.

Me: I just came to checks on Lethu and the kids.

Mamiki: They are sleeping at the moment.

Me: Lee?

Mamiki: The master bedroom.

Me: Thank you.

I walked pass the girl’s rooms and they were indeed sleeping I walked in to our bedroom and Lethu was sitting outside the balcony.

I walked towards her and I kneeled next to her.

Me: You okay?

She shrug her shoulders.

Me: I got you.

She nod her head.

Lee: I didn’t hear come in.

Me: That’s because your thoughts are million miles away.

Lee: You can say that again.

Me: Come inside it is cold here.

She smiled faintly as she stood up

I took her hand led her inside the bedroom as I closed the sliding door.

Lee: How are things at work?

Me: A bit hectic I had to get a few interns because we were backlog but they seem to be doing pretty well.

Lee: That is nice how is Cici holding up?

Me: She seems to be okay even with the new position.

Lee: I am proud of her.

Me: Myself.

She smiled as she looked away since I was starring right in to her eyes.

Lee: Look… I am sorry for mistreating you the other day I was angry and I had no right to stop you from visiting your kids.

Me: I am sorry too for what I said.

Lee: So we good?

Me: Good?

Lee: No hard feelings.

Me: Oh yes we good.

We both sat down next to each other on the couch in silence I could tell Lee was not herself.

Me: Are you sure you are okay?

She didn’t answer me neither did she look at me.

Lee: I can’t believe I killed Vuyo.

Me: I am sure it was an accident.

Lee:  It wasn’t I wanted her dead Sonke after what she did to my baby.

Me: What did she do?

Lee: She injected her with some drugs Sonke right in front of me.

Me: Do.. I mean do you remember?

Lee: Yes I do.

Me: So you know what happened?

Lee: Not clear enough but memory is coming back slowly.

Me: Want to talk about it?

Lee: She tried to kill me but I fought her until I had the gun I pulled the trigger more than once Sonke and after that I don’t remember what happened.

She started tearing I could tell this was hurting her. I pulled her in to my arms as she broke down and cried.

Me: I killed someone Sonke and there is no coming back from it.

Lee: You had to babe it was either you or her.

I held her tight as she mumbled through her tears.

Me: Shhhh babe it is not your fault.

She cried in my arms until she calmed down my heart broke as I knew I was the cause of all this mess.

I pulled her out of my arms and looked right in to her.

Me: It was be okay Sithandwa Sami I promise.

We started right in to each other’s arms and we kissed the kiss went on too deep as the blood flow rushed as my manhood aroused.

I felt her soft hands slowly moving on my body and I knew that I needed her right there and then.

I placed my hands on her boobs massaging it she moaned. I stopped kissing her as I stood up before her and I removed my t-shirt she bit her lower lip as she stared at my abs and that made me as hard as a rock I lifted her t-shirt as she helped me remove it then I went back on in to kissing her as I unbuckled her bra then I ran my tongue on her nipples then she moaned a bit louder. We both got lost in each other as we removed each other’s jeans she laid on her couch with her lace hot panties on as I ran my fingers on her clit making moan and want me more. We kissed passionately as we both got lost in each other. Just to leave her with my thoughts I went down on her as I attacked her honey pot with my tongue I felt her fingers digging deep in to my hair as she moaned out my name and I played her around  with her clit until her lower body shook uncontrollably as I tasted her fruits. I kissed her body until I reached her mouth then we went in to a deep kiss as I slowly removed my boxes and entered her slowly I felt her feet being wrapped around my waist as I went on deeper in her and she screamed my name I felt my blood flow getting stronger and I started speaking in tongues while she spoke my name out loud. I slammed in to her harder and harder as I felt her nails digging on to my back and she held on tighter to me then I felt a hotter sensation on my manhood and I knew she just climaxed again I lifted her left leg up as I slammed in to her while deep kissing her then I climaxed splashing my boys inside of her as she kissed my neck uncontrollably then I collapsed on top of her while breathing heavy.

Me: You Okay?

She couldn’t even speak as I asked her that question but her eyes told me unsaid words that yes she was okay but not so much fine with what just went down now.

She nod her head and then looked away as she took a deep breath in.

Me: I am sorry I guess I got carried away.

I slowly pulled out of her as she laid on the couch she slowly pulled her legs together as they were apart I took a thrower and handed it over to her as she wrapped it around her.

Lee: I am sorry just that it has been a while.

Me: I understand.

I wore my undies and sat next to her as we both looked at each other.

Me: Can I at least hold you?

She gave me a look and faked a smile.

Lee: Sure.

She turned around and leaned her body towards me as I laid down on the couch and held her tight for some reason it felt like I was dreaming having her in to my arms but it felt like there was this bearer that kept our hearts from connecting.

She started tickling her fingers while I held her tight. And I felt the need to find out where we stand.

Me: Lee are we ever going to get through this?

Lee: I don’t know Sonke.

Me: So where to from here?

Lee: I think its best we keep away from each other for now.

Me:  But you my wife.

Lee: About that.

She sat up right and faced me.

Lee: I have signed the divorced papers I think you should too.

Me: Divorce?

Lee: I need to move on from here Sonke we not good for each other.

Me: Said who?

Lee: Said me.

Me: I love you Lee I don’t want to divorce you.

Lee: I want out Sonke.

Me: What about Yanda and Owethu? Are you even thinking of them?

Lee: I cannot stay in a marriage I am not respected on for the sake out daughters.

Me: Baby I am sorry and I can prove how sorry I am.

Lee: I think we have reached that stage Sonke we are pass that “I am sorry” and “I will make things right”. We need this more thee you think we don’t.

Me: So this moment we just shared mean nothing to us?

Lee: It was a moment of weakness Sonke we are humans.

Me: I love you Lethu.

Lee: I will always love you too Sonke but this is how far my love goes.

Me: You have found someone else?

Lee: No how can you even say that?

We got interrupted by a knock on the door and it was Mamiki.

Mamiki: Sorry to disturb but both of you but dinner is ready.

Lee: Thanks Ma Siyeza.

I couldn’t even look at Lethu after what she said.

She got up from the couch and went in to the en suit and same back after a few seconds and started dressing up.

Lee: I think we should go eat before the food gets cold.

Me: I am not really hungry.

She stopped dressing up and sat down on the bed and faced me as I sat on the couch all lost.

Lee: I am sorry that we had to end up here I wish I could take the blame but I won’t. We have tried numerous times to save this marriage but we have failed. We can’t keep forcing things that are not meant to be and you out of all people should understand that.

Me: So this is it?

Lee: We better off apart Sonke.

She dressed up and then walked out the door leaving me and my heart tarnished.

I woke up and got dressed then I went to check on the girls Owethu was awake then I fed her the bottle as she glued her eyes on me then I burped her afterwards and laid placed her on her rocking chair then I took her to Yanda’s room who was colouring a book. I kissed her and then carried her and Owethu in her rocker to the living room.

Lethu was playing with her food when I walked in while Mamiki was busy enjoying her food.

Mamiki: Hawu sebevukile?

Me: Yep.

Yanda got off me and walked towards her mummy as they hugged each other.

Lee: How is the princess doing?

Yanda spoke in her baby language with her mummy as I placed Owethu in front of the TV on her rocker.

I kissed her as I headed back to Lee I carried Yanda and I kissed her as I placed her on her tight stool and buckled her in and handed over her food.

Me: Daddy loves you.

She didn’t even look at me as she dug in to her food.

I took my car keys.

 Me: Nisale Kahle.

Mamiki: Dinner?

Me: I am not hungry.

Lee woke up and walked towards me she looked a bit sad but probably she was faking it since she wanted nothing to do with me.

Lee: You okay?

Me: You know I am not.

Lee: I am sorry.

Me: Listen I will be moving in a Zimbali now. I thought being closer was going to help repair our marriage but I see that your mind is made up. Please have the rest of my clothes packed so I can Tino can pick them up.

Lee: Okay.

I kissed her on her cheek.

Me: Thanks for today.

I walked out of the house and in to my car a part of me died inside my bedroom when Lee told me she is divorcing me but it was what it was. Explaining to her about Vuyo was going to make no difference since she said she is leaving me for good.


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