Twenty Six

Chapter Twenty Six


I woke up with my head banging Lethu’s phone was ringing non-stop.

She was still laying on my chest cuddling me. I moved her over so I could reach for her phone but it stopped ringing so I laid on my back watching her sleeping. She looked more beautiful than ever. I kissed her forehead.

Deep down I wondered how I had ever let a woman like her slip away from me. She opened her eyes as I was just lost in her beauty. I wanted Lee so much but maybe we were better off apart I will never be good for her.

She smiled as she looked at me.

Lee: Staring at somebody while they sleep is not allowed you know.

I smiled while shaking my head.

Me: Go back to sleep It’s still early.
Lee: My head hurts.
Me: I will get us aspirins.

I woke up and walked to the en suit I took out aspirins from my toiletry bag and I headed back to the room with a glass of water. I gave Lee two and I took two and I got back on to the bed.
I checked the time of my phone and it was just after 4am. Lee snuggled on me as she tried to sleep but I just got hard like I normally am in the mornings.

I think she felt is as she tried kissing me I hesitated at first but honestly we both nothing to lose. We kissed passionately and next thing you know I was on top missionary style and grinding on Lee. She was moaning my name and we kissed in between to try and keep her from making so much of noise. She wrapped her legs around my butt and I started making love to her I couldn’t help myself but place love bites on her leaving my mark is a compulsory with Lee. Her body started to tense up and made me want to cum as we grinded against each other. We both reached a climax even though I wanted to fuck her hard but I am sure I will get that chance again after today.

We cuddled in bed until we both passed out. I woke up with Lee up and running to the bathroom I followed her as I was not sure what was wrong I found her throwing up on the toilet.

Me: Alcohol is not for you babe.

She laughed in between her vomiting I walked to the room and wore my shorts then I went to the kitchen and got Lee ice cold water. I walked back to the en suit and she was brushing her teeth.

Me: You Okay?

She shook her head.

Lee: Ngibuyekile.

I laughed out loud as she said that.

Lee: You don’t believe me?
Me: I do I just want you to say that in 5 months’ time from now.
Lee: Remind me I will.

I ran the water for her in the shower she got in and I brushed my teeth then I went to fix the bed and neaten our bedroom as everything was all over the place. Lee’s phone rang again and Swazi was calling and my heart rate increased as I answered it.

Me: Lethu Shange’s phone Hello.
Swazi: Hi Mr. Shange May I speak to Lethu Please.
Me: She is taking a shower right now you leave a message and I will get her to call you back.
Swazi: Not to worry I will ring her later on.
Me: Sho.

I hung up even without hearing what else he had to say. I placed Lee’s phone back on the table and Lee just walked out of the en suit.

Lee: You were saying something?
Me: Swazi Called.
Lee: Oh what did he want?
Me: I Should be asking you that.
Lee: How would I know?
Me: Keep thinking I am dumb.

I walked past her to the en suit I took a shower and then I walked to the room and Lee was sitting on top of the bed.

Lee: You clothes are on the rope.
Me: Thank you.
Lee: I don’t know why Swazi called.
Me: How about you call him back and ask him.
Lee: I tried but his not answering.

I just shook my head while dressing up.

Lee: I will check on the kids.
Me: Cool.

My face was pulled like a tiger I knew Lee might be seeing someone but Swazi what fuckery is this? The thought of Lee with that fucker made my insides turn.

After dressing up I went to the dining area where everyone was sitting. The food smelled divine as my mother placed everything in dining table. She called us and we all settled down. She looked at me and then looked around.

Mom: Where is Lethokuhle?
Lee: Checking on the kids.
Mom: Pease go call her.

With an annoyed face I woke up and walked to the kid’s area the door was half opened and Lee had Yanda on her lap.

Me: Mom needs you.

She didn’t even look at me she just nod her head. I walked out walked back to my seat. Lee walked back after a while and sat next to me.

Mom: Thank you everyone for coming on this weekend away. It has been a pleasure having all of you here. This has been nothing but a blissful weekend for me.

She looked at Sisanda and Shane.

Mom: I am glad that you have found such an amazing man I like him for you and Shane you better take care of my daughter.

Shane: I will Mom I promise.

Shane and Sisanda looked at each other like two love birds.

Mom: The Khumalo family Thank you for respecting me and spending time with my family. Jt and King. You guys are amazingly beautiful and thank you for joining us.

She looked at me and Lee.

Mom: I have been avoiding the two of you lately and I apologize for it I want the two of you to know I love you and I will support the both of you with every decisions you guys make. She looked at Ceecee.

Mom: My baby girl I love you angithi uyazi.

Ceecee: I know mom.

She looked at us all.

Me: I have also found love and I would like to introduce him to you guys.

Me: Someone?
Mom: Yes Sonke We met at a teacher’s conference we have been together for almost a year now and I am too old to be sneaking around all because I am scared what my kids will say.

Me: So you have a boyfriend?
Mom: Yes and he is outside to meet you guys.
Me: Wrong timing Ma Really wrong timing.

I woke up and I walked outside the patio I sat there thinking on how my mom can embarrass me like this in front of my friends King came out and he sat next to me.

Me: Don’t king.
King: Cigarette?
Me: Please.

He handed me a cigarette with a lighter I didn’t waste time as I smoked my life away with that cigarette. We both sat and starred in to space without saying a word to each other. King was the only person that understood me more than anyone.

Lee walked out after a few minutes and sat on my left hand side.

King: I will leave you two.
Me: No we don’t need space.
Lee: We do.
Me: We don’t.
King: I think I will excuse myself.
Me: King Don’t.
Lee: But I need to talk to you Sonke.
Me: I don’t want to.

I woke up and walked to our bedroom and I started packing our bags. Lee walked in after a few minutes.

Lee: What are you doing?
Me: We are leaving.
Lee: Sonke calm down please.
Me: Lee please you are part of how I feel right now.
Lee: Can we talk about this?
Me: No We are over the talking part now. Please pack the girls things. We have 15 Minute to get out of here.

I took my phone out and I called one of my standby drivers and told him where I was and I need a ride ASAP.

The car arrived in 15 Minute max I carried Yanda and our bags in to the car I sat in the back with Yanda on my lap and Owethu on Lee’s lap. The driver took off.

I was beyond being pissed off all everyone has been doing this weekend is piss me off and belittle me this was “the I am done” part as I was too pissed.

We arrived at Virginia I left Lee and the kids then I took my car and drove off to Zimbali.




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