Chapter Three


I arrived at the hotel and I packed the rest of my clothes then I checked out and drove to Zimbali in silence. Yes I was heartbroken and dead inside.

I got in to Zimbali and I settled in I sent an email to Soni to get groceries for me as I now will be based in Zimbali.

I drove to Mc Donald’s I decided to park my car and eat in. it’s been a while since I had a burger and I was starving. As I parked my car I notice Detective Andy getting out of a Polo GTI I stood at an entrance as she walked towards me.

Me: If I didn’t know better I would swear you are stalking me.

Detective Andy: No Mr. Shange some of us have a life after work.

I smiled as she said that.

Me: Please call me Sonke.

Detective Andy: Okay Sonke. What brings you to this part of town?

Me: I have a house around here.

Detective Andy: Rich neh?

Me: Rich is a big word I’d say wealthy.

She laughed as I said that.

Me: And what brings you here Detective?

Detective Andy: Please call me Andile Gwala but Andy is fine.

Me: Andile Nice name.

Andy: Thank you I wish I could say the same for you.

I smiled as she walked past me.

Me: What brings you here?

Andile: I live around here.

Me: Rich Neh?

Andile: Rich Family.

Me: I could never have imagined.

Andile: I know like I never could imagine you as the Mc Donald’s type.

Me: We all started somewhere.

Andile: Tell me about it.

We stood in the que as I scrutinized her she was beautiful slim body with beautiful face features. She looked intelligent which was why she was a detective.

She went on to the counter and placed her order and then I went to the other side of the counter and placed my order of the big feast burger meal. After placing my order I went to sit down near the glass window as I had a better view of my car.

I started thinking of the things Lethu said I didn’t sit well with me as I wanted my family back. I felt lonely deep down but at the same time I felt helpless as Lethu has made up her mind in terms of our marriage.

I disturbed by a waiter bringing my meal and I thanked her as she handed my trey I didn’t waste any time as I dug in but then again I was disturbed by Andile Gwala walking towards me with her trey of food.

Andile: mind if I join?

Me: Sure you can.

She sat opposite me as she gave me a faint smile.

Andile: Beautiful weather tonight hey.

Me: I hate wet so can you imagine how I am feeling.

Andile: I love wet days I get to sleep better.

We both laughed as we both knew what that meant.

Andile: So where is your wife?

Me: At home.

Andile: And you busy feeding yourself with unhealthy food.

Me: She knows I don’t have a helper around here.

Andile: Tell me about that I need to start doing interviews.

Me: So you don’t have one yourself?

Andile: Since I moved here I have been too occupied with work I haven’t had the chance to do anything.

Me: Where are you originally from kanti?

Andile: NRB.

Me: Natal girl?

Andile: Yup and I am home sick right now.

Me: I can imagine I am sure I don’t have to tell you about me?

Andile: I know pretty much everything about you.

Me: I guess that’s the advantage of being a detective.

Andile: Yes it is.

Me: So is this meeting work related as well?

Andile: Not at all I know how to keep business and pleasure separated.

Me: Good. I am sure we can do this again.

Andile: That’s if your wife is fine with it.

Me: You mean ex-wife.

Andile: Since when?

Me: We’ve been going through some problems and we have decided to give out marriage a rest.

Andile: We or her?

Me: She.

Andile: I am sorry.

Me: Life goes on.

Andile: So that’s why you living this side?

Me: Sort of.

Andile: For a man of your history I am sure it is difficult to be sleeping alone at night.

Me: History?

Andile: I know about you Mr. Shange.

Me: Maybe you’ve decided to believe rumours instead of the truth.

Andile: But you did cheat on your wife.

Me: Just like every other human being Miss Gwala I have my weakness as well.

She nod her head as she took a sip of her drink.

Me: Let me not keep you it was good talking to you.

I stood up as I was ready to leave.

Andile: So you not going to ask for my number?

Me: According to the law I am still legally married.

Andile: According to the law I can still be friends with married people.

I smiled as I took out my wallet and handed her my business card.

Me: Call should you ever need to talk.

Andile: Will do.

I smiled at her then I walked out and headed straight to my car I got inside and checked on my phone hoping I was going to find a message from Lethu telling me what she said was a mistake but nothing so I tried calling her instead and her number rang to voice mail. I started my car but got interrupted with my phone ringing and it was Lee calling me back.

Me: Lee.

Lee: You tried calling me?

Me: Yes I was checking up on you.

Lee: I am fine.

Me: Thanks for getting back at me.

Lee: Where are you?

Me: Leaving Mc Donald’s.

Lee: Never imagined you as a burger type.

Me: Change is good right?

Lee: I guess so.

Me: I still love you Lee.

Lee: I have to go I need to make Yanda sleep.

Me: Okay Kiss her goodnight for me.

Lee: I will.

Me: Bye.

Lee: Bye Sonke.

I hung up as I leaned my head back on the driver’s seat. I noticed Andy getting in to her car and driving out. I placed my phone aside and started driving off to my place when I got into the complex I noticed Andy getting out of her car which made me realize that her apartment was also in the same place as my house was I drove in to the garage and parked my car and headed inside the house and took a cold shower and then got in to my bed and dozed off.

The next two days were just the same as it was all about work and meetings.

On Friday morning as I arrived at work Soni said she needed to talk to me urgently she walked in with my breakfast and he tea with her Ipad.

Soni: So what are we going to do?

Me: With?

Soni: Mrs. Shange?

Me: What about my wife?

Soni: She didn’t tell you?

Me: What?

Soni: She sent an email resigning.

Me: I didn’t see that email.

Soni: Please check.

I opened up my MacBook but my phone rang while I was at it and it was Sizwe my lawyer calling.

Me: Sizwe.

Sizwe: What is going on?

Me: What are you talking about?

Sizwe: Lethu resigning and sending me divorce papers.

Me: Fuck.

Sizwe: Talk to me.

Me: Let me call you back.

Sizwe: ASAP.

Me: Okay.

I hung up and checked an email and Soni was right Lethu is resigning and will serve two months’ notice period as she is co-owner of the company.

Lee: She can’t do this.

Soni: legally she can. What is going on?

I took a deep breath in and looked at Soni.

Me: She want a divorce.

Soni’s jaws dropped as I said that.

Me: I am not letting her go.

Soni: I don’t believe this. You guys are made for each other.

Me: I know that is why I am going to fight this.

Soni: That is why you have been so distance lately.

Me: I am trying to sort my life out Soni I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Soni: I think maybe you should go to church.

Me: God won’t be able to save me from this.

Soni: A prayer is the most powerful thing ever.

Me: Thank you Soni I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Soni: I think maybe you should go to church.

Me: God won’t be able to save me from this.

Soni: A prayer is the most powerful thing ever.

Me: Thank you Soni I will keep that in mind. Please give me some time I need to make a phone call.

Soni: Sure.

Soni walked out as I sat on my chair trying to digest all this.

I called Lee to try and find out what was going on.

She answered the phone on a 3rd ring.

Lee: Sonke.

Me: Babe what is going on?

Lee: With?

Me: Sizwe just called me now he got the divorce papers.

Lee: I thought we discussed this.

Me: Yes but we didn’t conclude anything.

Lee: What did we miss?

Me: Lee don’t do this.

Lee: No Sonke I know the whole truth now. The Detectives were here and they told me the whole truth about Vuyo and you.

Me: Babe.

Lee: No Sonke I killed someone for you almost lost my life through you. I need this.

Me: That is not fair.

Lee: What is not fair here is you being selfish. I want nothing to do with you.

Me: We kids together Lethu.

Lee: And you are welcome to see your kids anytime. I just want out.

Me: No.

Lee: No?

Me: You heard me. No.

I hung up and I called Sizwe back.

Sizwe: Shange.

Me: I am not signing those papers and what ground is she fucking divorcing me on.

Sizwe: Calm down Sonke.

Me: Damnit.

Sizwe: You cheated on her.

Me: She did to but I still stayed with her.

Sizwe: I know Sonke but she also claims you abused her.

Me: Lethu is crazy.

Sizwe: I will arrange a therapy session with her lawyer.

Me: I will sign those papers over my dead body. I am not leaving my wife.

Sizwe: If this goes to court it will be ugly.

Me: We won’t even get there.

Sizwe: Shange. Don’t do anything stupid.

Me: I won’t.

I hung up and ate my breakfast I called Soni once I was done and advised her to send an email to HR acknowledging Lethu’s resignation letter however her notice period will only be active as of the day she resumes work which will be in two weeks’ time.

I called Bantu as I needed to tell him this myself before the news hit the newspaper.

 Bantu: Shange.

Me: Khumalo.

Bantu: How are you?

Me: Lethu and I have decided to let our marriage go.

Bantu: Angizwa kahle.

Me: Lethu is divorcing me.

Bantu: What did you do?

Me: I guess everything that has happened got to her.

Bantu: Everything?

Me: Vuyo LK The kidnapping and losing our daughter.

Bantu: of cause it will get to her Shange She has endured a lot which no other woman can handle.

Me: Look this divorce was her choice not mines.

Bantu: And what are you doing about it?

Me: What can I do Khumalo? I cannot force Lethokuhle to be in a marriage she no longer wants to be in.

Bantu: So why are you calling me if you don’t want your marriage to be saved?

Me: Just in case someone else tells you.

Bantu: What does your mother have to say about this?

Me: Nothing.

Bantu: She doesn’t know?

Me: No.

Bantu: Who else knows about this?

Me: Our lawyers.

Bantu: I didn’t know Lethu had her own lawyer.

Me: Steve.

Bantu: Steve didn’t tell me anything about this.

Me: Angazike but check with your sister.

Bantu: So where does this leave the kids?

Me: I don’t know Bantu right now you are asking the wrong question.

Bantu: Bye Shange.

Bantu hung up leaving me in awe I packed my notebook as I had a meeting with HR went to the boardroom and we discussed the new employment terms required in a private sector we took a break after an hour then we headed back for two hours until we came up with the correct rules for our private sector.

I walked out of the boardroom and walked in to my office to fine Lethu sitting on the couch.

Me: Lee I didn’t know you were here.

Lee: Close the door.

I closed the door behind me as I made my way to my chair. I sat down as I waited for her to tell me why she was here. She looked at me and I noticed how red her nose was.

Me: Have you been crying?

Lee: How dare you tell my brother I am leaving you?

Me: Was I lying?

Lee: Why do you have to bring our families in to our affairs?

Me: They deserve to know.

Lee: Like how they deserve to know you cheated on me with your best friend’s widow?

Me: You have no proof of that.

Lee: The detectives would agenda to lie to me.

Me: All I told then was Vuyo and I used to be in a relationship way before I met you.

Lee: Oh please Sonke I know you.

Me: If you know me then what are you doing here? Why do you need an explanation from me?

Lee: I am not here for explanation I am here to tell you to stop calling my family.

Me: And if I don’t what you going to do Lethu?

She just slammed her hands on the table and took her handbag.

Lee: I hate you.

Me: And I love you.

She tried so hard to hold her tears but her frustrations failed her as her breathing got deeper and her eyes got moist.

I woke up and rushed to her as she headed to the door and pulled her arm.

Lee:  let me go Sonke.

Me: Baby let us talk about this.

Lee: I am done talking to you.

Lee: Baby you killing me please.

I pulled her in to my arms as she fought me to let her go I guess I was too strong for her as she did end up in my arms as I held her tight.

She whispered through her crying.

Lee: I don’t want you anymore Sonke Please just let me go.

Me: No Lee not without a fight.

I constrained her against the wall with her writs against the wall and I kissed her she moved her face so I kissed her neck instead trying to get her to calm down.

Lee: No Sonke.

I didn’t give a damn whether she wanted me to stop or not I just wanted my wife.

She whispered.

Lee: Sonke Please.

I stopped and looked at her.

Me: I don’t want to lose you Lee.

A tear just fell from her face I kissed her neck and whispered.

Me: Please.

He breathing decreased as she stopped fighting me I moved my lips away from her lips to look in to her eyes but they were closed.

Me: Lee Talk to me.

She opened her eyes but couldn’t not look at me.

Me: Talk to me.

Lee: I need to go Sonke.

I let her wrist lose then I put my hands on my pocket since I didn’t want her to see I was shaking.

Me: Ncese.

She fixed herself as she wiped tears from her face.

Lee: I don’t trust you and I don’t think I will ever be able to. I need to fix inner self right now. Yes that will sound selfish but I guess that is the route I am prepared to take.

Me: I love you nje Lethu what do we do while you working on yourself.

Lee: Do what your heart desires.

I didn’t even entertain that line I walked back on to my seat and I sat down. In my heart I was hurting but in my head I didn’t want to think about this.
I opened my MacBook and went straight to my emails I heard the door open and I knew she was leaving.

Lee: Bye.

I didn’t even turn to look at her as I kept my eyes glued on my MacBook screen.

Then I heard the door shut. I set back on my chest as I felt my manhood aching for Lee’s pleasure.

My phone beeped with a SMS notification


Lee [Where do we go from here?]

That question bothered me as I didn’t know what was Lee’s plan whether she wants me or don’t. So responded with one answer I know deep down is true.

Me [I Love You]

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