Chapter Six

I drove past Andile’s house and it seemed as if she was there as her car was parked outside. I parked outside her driveway and i went up to her door to know. I knocked for over two minutes and just when i was about to walk back to my car the door opened.

There she stood with a silky black night gown on and her hair in a bun.

Me: Hi

Detective Andy: Mr. Shange. Sorry i was not expecting any visitors.

Me: My apologies. I should have called but i figured it wouldn’t be a crime to stop by.

Detective Andy: How did you know where i stay?

Me: I am a man of many talents. 

She smiled or blushed. With woman sometimes I can’t never tell.

Andy: Sorry where i my manners come in.

Me:Thank you.

I walked up to her home and judging with the pictures and those candles scent smell i could tell she was a vintage type of a woman.

Andy: Can i get you something to drink?

Me: A beer would be nice.

Andy: I have Sol. Will that be fine.

Me: A beer is a beer.

She giggled as she exited the lounge.

She had pictures of herself with a graduation gown and some pictures with her parents i assumed as they looked like her.

She walked back in with two sealed ice cold bottle of beer. She sat opposite me and handed me a bottle.

Me: Cold and perfect.

Andile:I needed it i just couldn’t down it with no company.

Me:  And here i thought wine was for woman.

Andile: I am beer kinda chick.

Me: You wouldn’t tell.

Andile: At all.

I took a sip of my beer and then got down to business as to why exactly i was there.

Me: My PA told me you called.

She looked at the watch on her wall and then back at me.

Andile: Business hours are over.

Me: I didn’t know it was a business call.

Andile: Why else would i call you?

Me: probably for another proper date. Maybe.

As i shrugged my shoulders. She smiled and took a sip of her beer.

Andile: Are you indirectly asking me out on a date?

Me: I wouldn’t call it a date. Just neighbors enjoying each others company.

She blushed and i knew that i am playing the right cards.

Andile: As far i know you are a married man.

Me: As far as i know there is nothing wrong with getting your know your neighbor. Trust me i have no other motives.

She smiled as she took another sip of her beer.

Andile: I don’t see a crime either.

69 69);">Me: Great. So you have my number. Let me know when you are ready.

Andile: Definitely Mr. Shange

I took a last sip of my beer.

Andile: Condolences to your wife’s family.

Me: Thank you.

Andile: Shouldn’t you be with her in a time like this?

Me: My wide deals with pain different but she is not the reason why i dropped by.

Andile: Off topic?

Me: Always.

Andile: I see.

I woke up.

Me:  Thank you for the drink. It is going down pretty well.

Andile: Won’t you wait till you finish it?

Me: I wish i could but time is not on my side.

Andile: I will show you out.

Me: Thank you.

She walked ahead of me while she shook her Ass under the silk gown. Back of her hair was a bit damp and i could tell she was probably taking a shower or bath. I could tell under her silk gown she had nothing on.

She opened the door and moved aside for me to walk out. I stood against her side ways and i could feel her struggle to breath then i walked out.

Me: Thanks again.

She nod her head this time around i turned and i walked to my car. I could feel her eyes piercing through me. I turned as soon as i got to my car.

Andile: Drive safe.

Me: Thank you.

I got inside the car and i drove a few blocks to my place. I parked the car at the garage and i entered house. I switched my phone on as it was still off. I had a few messages from WhatsApp and neither of them interested except for Letho’s. 

Letho - Why is your phone off. Yanda is not okay and i am not okay and Owethu is just on another level of crying.

I checked the time she sent it and it was an hour ago.

I had a few voicemails from her from Saturday till today so i just called her.

Lee: Sonke.

Me: How is Yanda?

Lee: Sleeping she ate a bit after you left.

Me: Owethu?

Lee: Crabby.

Me: You?

Lee: Alive.

Me: That’s all i wanted to know. 

She didn’t respond but i could her with her breathing and voice that she was not okay.

Me: Goodnight.

Lee: Night.

I hung up and  ran water in the shower while i grabbed a proper beer from the fridge.

I took a shower then i drank my ice cold beer then i called it a night.

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