Chapter Seven

The past few days i have been managing to see with my kids without seeing Lethu. She made sure she kept her distance every-time i came through to see the girls and she made sure Mamiki is around to talk to me but i just knew she was avoiding me.

Sibahle’s funeral has been postponed as the forensics still wants to run a few test with her since King has provided proof from our doctor that Kate was indeed drugged at the time of the incident. Since she has been released on bail Bantu has been having It tough with the media and the business.

On the other hand JT has been having king followed which makes it hard for king to meet with clients since we like to keep it discreet and i have been having private meetings in hotel rooms.

Andile has been quiet but checks on me every now and then on my WhatsApp and has booked an appointment today at 15:45 with me.

I got out of bed and called Bantu to find out how Kate was but he didn’t answer. I checked the time and it was still way to early. I showered and then wore formal skinny black pants with a white chines shirt and a slim fir coat. I made sure my beard is trimmed as my hair was a mess. I got in to my golf and i drove straight to work. Soni got my breakfast then i went in to a few meetings with new clients then Soni spent some time drafting up a new plan for this year since we have fallen back with these whole incidents i have had.

I needed someone to take over in my absent snd Soni was just the one since she knew my ins and outs of this business and i trusted her with my life. She has been with me for years and her loyalty has been excellent.

But i still wanted her a my PA in my absents but i just had to think hard about this before i could make any decisions.

Around lunch time she went out and promised to get me lunch when she comes back so i buried myself with work until i was interrupted with the a knock on the door.

Me: Come in.

A door opened and Andile walked in using her all start sneakers and a golf dress which made her look white but perfect for her body built.

Me: I wasn’t expecting you till 3.30

She smiled as she walked in with a bag from Tasha’s

Andile:  I thought i should bring you lunch.

Me: And i love Tasha’s

Andile: Your PA said so.

Me: When did she tell you?

Andile: When i made an appointment.

Me: Sneaky.

Andile: No Mr. Shange it’s called being smart.

I smiled as i closed my MacBook and made space for the food. She took out her salad and my pasta with smoothies.

We both moved to the couch as we enjoyed the meals.

She started telling me about her family and how she was such a tomboy when she was growing up. After eating we sat on the couch and we just spoke about the weirdest staff she has gotten herself to.  I could tell for some reason that this girl was in to me but at the same time uncertain about a fee things about me and also on my side I don’t trust her. I wouldn’t know what is her motive behind her being in to me this much.

The door opened while we sat there like good old friends.

Lethu walked in with a car seat and Yanda on a pram.  She looked at me and then Andile.

Lee: Detective.

She faked a smile.

Andile: Mrs. Shange.

Lethu walked in and placed Owethu’s rocking chair on the table.

Lee: So detective what brings you here?

She looked around the table and saw the Tasha’s take outs and looked at me.

Lee: Am i disturbing something.

Andile: No you not.

She turned and looked at me.

Andile: Actually i was about to leave.

Lee: No please don’t leave on my account. I was just here to drop the kids off.

Me: Drop them off.

Lee: Yes Mamiki had to go home cause Mathema is helping at Sibahle’s home and I don’t have anyone to stay with them.

Me: My mom?

Lee: I though you’d enjoy spending time with your kids.

Me: i do but i am at work here.

She frowned her face and looked at me.

Andile: I think i should give you guys space.

Lee: I was wondering when exactly you going to get up from that couch and get you big ass out of this office.

Andile looked at me and i was so embarrassed with Lee’s behavior.

Andile: Your are such a bitter wife. Jesus.

Andile took her bag and walked out of the office.

Me: Lee that was just uncalled for.

Lee: So now you defending your bitches?

Me: Lee.

Lee: You don’t think i am that stupid neh? I see what is going on here. So you fucking a detective now?

Me: She was here on business.

Lee: What business.

Me: She was here to update me on Vuyo’s case.

Lee: What do you have yo do with Vuyo’s case? 

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She starred right at me and for the first time in my life i felt like my tongue was tied. It was as if she can see through me.

Lee: You disgust me.

She stormed out leaving the kids with me. Both of them were asleep. I called Soni and she told me she was on her way to the office. I sat on the couch all so messed up.

Soni walked in after a few minutes and she just lost it as she ran to Owethu and took her out from the car seat. Owethu was sleeping and didn’t even worry on who was carrying her.

Soni: When did they come through?

Me: A few seconds ago.

Soni: Oh yes Mrs shange called to ask if you were at the office.

Me: Why didn’t you tell me?

Soni: I am sorryMr. Shange. I was already on my way out and I didn’t think she was coming here.

Soni: It’s okay Soni.

Me:Can i take them to the child care department.

Me: Will they be safe there?

Soni: it is a department that looks after kids. Yes they will be.

Me: Okay you can.

She pushed the the girls out while i just dazed in to one space. Replaying what just happened here. I wanted to calk Lethu but most definitely she was not going to answer my call.

I called Andile to apologize for my wife’s behavior.

Andile: Hello

Me: Hi Andy.

Andile: Unjani Mrs. Shange.

Me: Sonke please.

Andile: Thats if your wife is ok with that.

Me: That’s the reason why i called. Look i am sorry about my wife’s behavior today. I don’t know why got in to her.

Andile: She is very rude.

Me: She is going through a lot at the moment. I am really sorry.

Andile: You shouldn’t be apologizing it was not your fault.

Me: I know but you were in my presence. Can i make it up to you?

Andile: And how are you planning on doing that?

Me: Leave that ti me.

Andile: As long as it will be safe.

Me: I assure you.

Andile: Deal.

Me: Thank you.

Andile: Take care of those angels now.

Me: I am planning on. bye for now.

Andile: Bye Sonke.

I hung up and i took a deep breath in and i tried calling Lethu and to my surprise she answered.

Lethu: Yes.

Me: You okay?

Lethu: What do you think?

Me: You angry.

Lethu: You got that right.

Me: It was an innocent meeting.

Lethu: Fine.

Me: Where are you going?

Lethu: To distress Sonke.

Me: Don’t make me go crazy.

Lethu: Do what you think is on your right sense Sonke.

Me: And what time should i bring the girls.

Lee: I will call you when i am done.

Me: I think you need a break. I will take them to my mom. If you need them you know where to find them.

I hung up and i called for Soni. She walked in after a few minutes.

Soni: Yes Mr. Shange.

Me: Please help me with the girls. I need to drop them off at my mother’s place.

Soni: Inanda?

Me: Yes.

Soni: How do i help you?

Me: the driver will take you to my mothers place with them. I need to go pack their clothes from the house.

Soni: Okay. I’d love to.

Me: Thank you Soni.

She walked out and i packed up and got into my car. I drove to Virginia and i went straight to the kids room and i packed for Yanda then i packed for Owethu with her milk and food then i packed things in to my car and i drove to home. I called my mother while i was on my way.

Mom: Sonke.

Me: Ma. Yanda and Owethu are there?

Mom: Yes. That beautiful lady just left now.

Me: Okay. Will you need help with them?

Mom: Not at all. They will sleep with me and Owethu will use Yanda’s court in my room.

Me: Are you sure.

Mom: Yes.

Me: I am on my way to now with their clothes.

Mom: Okay Son.

I hung up and i drove with a 120 to Inanda. I was home in 15 minute. My girls were up and playing with the kids toys except for Owethu who was drinking her milk and stuck on my mother.

I carried her fed her while my mother took their clothes to the spare bedroom.  Yanda seemed to happy to be home that she didn’t even notice me. She played with my sisters Son. After a while i told my mother i had to leave but i will spend the night here so i took my outside building keys and i headed out to my room. I changed in to my denim pants and a sweater as it was a bit cold.

I got in to my golf and i drove to the garage snd filled patrol then i drove to Gateway Mall and i got nappy’s and toiletries for the girls and their extra food and milk then i drove to Virginia. Lethu’s car was parked on the drive way so i parked behind her.

A part of me was pissed at the way she has been treating me lately. Like i am some piece of shit. No respect and no fucking morals.

I walked in to the house but she was not in the lounge so i went to the bedroom and i heard the water running from the En suit so i walked in and opened the shower door.

She covered herself snd switched the water off.

Lee: Excuse me. I am busy.

Me: Make it snappy. We need to talk.

Lee: You got a long wait I wont rush on your account. Ngobani nje?

Me: Don’t make me drag you out of here.

Lee: Fine. Please pass me a towel.

Me: Get it yourself.

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