Chapter One



It’s been a while that I have spoken to Lethokuhle or saw my babies Living in these hotel room has been cold and lonely and I was now becoming homesick.

My phone rang disturbing me from my thoughts.

Me: Ma.

Mom: Sonke unjani?

Me: I am good Ma wena unjani?

Ma: I am okay my baby I was at your home to see the kids till late Umakoti told me you are working till late.

Me: Yes I am.

Ma: I cannot wait for Baby Owethu to be one month so that you can visit.

Me: Me too ma.

Ma: You don’t sound like the Sonke I know are you okay?

Me: Ngi-right Ma.

Ma: Ae you sure?

Me: I have a lot on my mind at the moment.

Ma: Lethokuhle lost weight she is not herself after losing the other twin so I have been thinking I come stay with you guys for a while.

Me: No Ma Lee is fine and I am fine.

Ma: I know Lethokuhle and she is not okay and I don’t understand why you have to leave her alone and work till late when you should be with your family.

Me: Hayi Ma.

Ma: I am serious.

Me: Ma I have to go I have a meeting to go to now.

Ma: Can’t it wait?

Me: I will call you when I am done.

Ma: I will be waiting.

I hung up and slammed my phone on the table I woke up and walked towards the window and I caught myself thinking how messed up things are and the worst part is that I am not even interested in being Lethu’s lapdog. She needs to decide what she wants or we end the marriage for once and for all. What pisses me off is that I am not even allowed to go to my own house and spend time with my kids and I am being blamed for losing Luthando when doctors clearly stated why.

I sat on the couch trying not to get angry but deep down I missed her and the kids.

I woke up packed my MacBook and took my car keys and wallet then waked out of my office.

Me: Soni I am leaving now.

Soni: I didn’t know you were leaving early today.

Me: Something came up.

Soni: Okay everything okay?

Me: Yup All is good.

Soni: See you tomorrow.

Me: Sharp.

I got in to my car and I drove straight to Virginia I tried opening the gate but it didn’t my batter could be running low so I buzzed the intercom until the gate opened.

I drove and parked on the drive way and I stepped out of the car and walked to the kitchen door where Mamiki was standing with Baby Olwethu.

Me: Sawubona Mamiki.

Mamiki: Unjani Kodwa Nomzane?

Me: I am good.

My eyes were just stuck on baby Olwethu A cute version of Baby Yanda just that she had more of her mom features rather than mines she only had my eyes that I could recognize.

Me: My baby.

She sucked on her Nuk Dummy as she kept her eyes glued on me.

Me: Can I hold her?

Mamiki: Yes.

I took her with her blanket as it was cold and pulled her in my arms.

My: Owethu baby.

I kissed her forehead and I just placed her on my chest.

I love my babies.

Me: Where is Yanda?

Mamiki: She is with her mother upstairs. Should I get her?

Me: Please.

She walked away as I walked to the lounge with Baby Owethu who kept her eyes on me it was as if she was studying me.

I sat down then I heard Yanda’s voice and then I footsteps and boom she saw my face and ran to me. I caught her with my right hand and pulled her in my arms and I kissed she laughed and blushed and hid under my arm.

Me: Unjani Baby?

Yanda: Aphila….


She couldn’t even pronounce the word correctly but the expression on her face gave me Goosebumps I didn’t know my daughter missed me so much.

I placed her on my lap and we both played with baby Owethu hands and she kissed her.

We were interrupted my Lethokuhle clearing her throat.

I looked up and she stood against the lounge entrance.

Me: Hi.

Lee: Hey.

Me: Unjani?

Lee: Okay what are you doing here?

Me: To see my kids.

Lee: You should have called first.

Me: Why? Do I need permission to see my kids?

Lee: No but you need permission to come in to my house.

Me: Our House.

Lee: My House.

Me: Okay sorry.

I was not in the mood to entertain her and her attitude the only reason why I was there was to be with my kids.

Lee: Please leave.

I looked up and our eyes met.

Me: You can’t be serious.

She raised her eyebrows.

Me: I just need to spent time with my girls.

Lee: Call first and you can.

Me: You are something else yazi.

Lee: I trust you to know that.

She moved and walked away.

Lee: When I come down you better be gone.

I woke up and carried Yanda and Owethu and walked towards the kitchen where Mamiki was standing. She couldn’t even look me in the eye.

I gave Owethu and I kissed Yanda and I told her to go her room because daddy wants to speak to mummy. Mamiki held her hand and they walked while I took a shot of whiskey then I walked up to our room where the door was half opened.

A part of me was fuming with anger and I knew I could possibly kill Lee right now.

She was sitting on top of the bed with her MacBook on her lap.

Me: We need to talk.

She just lifted her face and looked at me and then carried on typing on her MacBook.

Me: Lethokuhle I am talking to you.

Me: I am busy Sonke Please come another time.

I slammed the door behind me.

Me: I will not allow you to speak to me like this do you understand me.

She looked at me and placed her MacBook aside and woke up.

Lee: or what? You going to hit me?

I shook my head with misbelief at the way she was talking to me. Lee has changed and I was not talking to my wife.

Lee: Do me a favour and get out of my house.

Me: This is my house too you are forgetting that.

Lee: We will see what my Steve has to say about it.

Me: What does Steve got to do with my house and you.

Lee: My lawyer.

Me: You mean your family lawyer.

Lee: Whatever you call him he will do what I pay him for.

Me: what do you want?

Lee: You out of my house.

Me: Fine I will go after that? What then?

Lee: You call whenever you want to see your kids.

Me: No I won’t call.

Lee: Then you won’t see them.

Me: I will pick them up since I am their biological father.

Lee: Owethu is too small to be without her mother.

Me: She will be a month old next week so I don’t see a problem.

Lee: And you will take care of her?

Me: Yes.

Lee: I’d love to see that.

Me: I took care of Yanda while she was sick and you were out with your boyfriend so don’t undermine my ability to look after my child.

She didn’t respond but just kept her eyes on me.

Me: I will call Mamiki to have them ready for me when I am picking them up.

I turned around opened the door and turned to look at her.

Me: Please ask Mamiki will pack the rest of my clothes. Someone will pick them up.

I closed the door behind me and I walked out of the bedroom and in to Yanda Room she sat quietly on her chair drawing something on her book.

Me: Yanda.

She looked up and ran to me I cupped her up and gave her a tight hug.

Me: Ubaba Useyahamba yezwa.

She pulled away from and frowned her face.

Me: Ngizobuya tomorrow babe with a lot of candy.

She started speaking and I could not hear a word she said.

I kissed her cheek and placed her down and she ran back to her study table.

I closed the door behind me and walked to Owethu’s room and she was fast asleep. I kissed her forehead then I walked out I walked to downstairs and said my goodbyes to Mamiki then I got in to my car and drove to Hilton Hotel as I was staying there until this whole Lisa and Vuyo shit goes away.

I got inside my room and took a cold shower which took longer than expected as I kept imagining Lee She was not the woman I married at all she was totally different and if I didn’t know better I’d say she honestly didn’t give a fuck about me.

After showering I ordered my dinner and laid on my bed thinking of everything. Maybe is I called Lee and maybe speak to her we could reason and make this marriage work. Partly yes I am to blame for losing our daughter and all our kids that we have lost and I know there is nothing in this world I could possibly do to change that but we have two adorable kids that want nothing more than both their parents together.

I called Lee but her number rang in to voice mail so I decided to send her an SMS.


Me [I am sorry about what I said earlier on Can I come back home Letho? I miss you]

I opened the television to keep my mind off Lee and boom LK’s picture was on the news so I turned up the volume.

“A young south African woman has been found dead at the oyster box hotel at Umhlanga The police has not been able to identify the body. The paramedics suspect a misuse of drugs as traces of cocaine has been found at her room. We are pleading with the country to be in contact with the South Africa Police Service should they know this woman”

I clicked my tongue as I changed the channel. It’s not like I was bothered as she almost got my daughter and I killed. Fuckin’ hoe.

My phone rang and king was calling me.

Me: Sho Nigga.

King: I just saw the news.

Me: Me too.

King: This bitch deserved this.

Me: She deserved the worse this is nothing after what she did to me.

King: Now we need to get this Vuyo case out of our doorstep.

Me: True I have a plan but I am still on it.

King: Once you have is set just halla.

Me: Thanks Bro.

King: How is Letho?

Me: Eish Bro She is not handling this well.

Kind: I don’t blame her.

Me: But she blames me for everything. This is no coming back from this one King.

King: What do you mean?

Me: I think this is the end of us.

King: No Sonke You guys have come too far to end like this.

Me: I know and deep down I want us to work but I am running out of energy to try and keep or hold us down on my own I don’t have the energy anymore.

King: So you just going to lose your wife and kids just like that?

Me: it’s her choice King I need to give her what she wants.

King: Fight for them?

Me: How?

King: You are a smart man do what you good at?

Me: Lie?

King: Be positive Sonke. See her ask her out and send her flowers.

Me: Don’t won’t work.

King: How will you know if you don’t try?

Me: Lee is different now King She is not the woman I know.

King: You are also different Sonke you are not the guy that married to Lethokuhle the guy that would kill for his wife and the guy who would do anything for his kids.

His words caught me off guard I was not really expecting king to be so mature with his words.

King: Look I am not asking you to make a fool out of yourself but if you look at this partly you played a role in your daughter not making it in to this world Lethokuhle killing Vuyo and being kicked out. Put yourself in her shoes and tell me if you would have handled this situation any better.

Me: I have to go king.

King: Sometimes you need to put your ego and pride aside brother. She might not want you right now but she needs you.

Me: I hear you.

A knock disturbed me while on the call.

Me: I have to go.

King: Sure.

I hung up and attended to the door and it was my food being delivered.

My phone beeped while I settled down to eat so I went to check on it.

Lee [Please don’t ever text me again]

My heart sank as I read that I left my phone aside and I started eating my supper then I settled in to sleep but King’s words kept hovering over my head and I know king is only man that can speak sense to me.

I tried calling Lee but her number rang to voice mail so I tried again and this time around she answered.

Lee: Sonke I am trying to sleep.

Me: I know babe I am sorry. I just wanted to say goodnight.

Lee: Thank you Goodnight to you too.

She hung up.

I guess it all has to start somewhere.


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