Chapter Nine

She closed the door after me.

Andile: Hungry?

Me: Not really.

Andile: Make yourself at home. I will warm something.

Me: Okay.

She disappeared to the kitchen as i sat on the couch and skipped over the channels to get to the sport channel.

She came back after a few seconds with sticky wings and a green salad on the side.

Me: God. That looks yummy.

Andile: I could tell you are hungry.

Me: You have a good eye-site.

She laughed as she walked away.

Andile: Please enjoy. I need to get out of this sweaty clothes. The beer is the fridge.

Me: Thank you.

She walked up the stairs as she shook her ass for me to see and i just laughed at her. She has a body for days and tapping that ass would be such a pleasure.

I dug in to the sticky wings as soon as i was done i took the dishes to the kitchen and i helped myself to the Sol beer she had in the fridge. I opened it and downed it while i had the fridge opened. I closed the fridge and she stood right there with just a silk gown on and her curly hair let lose.

Andile: you were very thirsty?

Me: damn i was.

 She walked closer to me and just smashed her lips against mines and pushed me against the stover but i pushed her back.

Me: Whoa.

Andile: I’ve been dying to do that.

She looked right in to my eyes and took over my soul. She moved closer to me and her perfume sense took over my brain. She kissed me while running her hands over my chest and my body gave into such a touch. I placed both my hands on her neck as i kissed her back. My hands moved from her neck to her boobs and i felt her hard nipples piercing against her silk robe and she moaned between the kissing as i pass my thumb against them.

She stopped kissing me and looked at me then she took my hand and lead me up the stairs. I placed my hand on her butt as she walked up the stairs and she just put her ass out their for me and my dick just got harder. I pulled her ass on my dick and she turned and kissed me before we entered the bedroom door while i opened her gown revealing her goddess of a body.

She stopped me as we both made an entrance to the door.

Andile: My room is a bit of a mess.

I kissed her showing her that was not any of my interest. She started helping take out my top while i took my sneakers out. But the time we reached the bed we were both naked. Four-play was not into my interest as Lee is the only woman i do that with. She leaned over her bed took out a sealed trust condom.

Andile: I love these.

Me: They perfect.

I took it and ripped it opened as she continued kissing me. I put the condom on and then she got on top of me. She started riding me like i have never been rode before. I spanked her ass as she moaned on top of me. I closed my eyes and it felt like i was somewhat is heaven with the way this woman took care of my dick.

I had no intentions of fucking her aa she was doing a good job fucking me. She turned around and fucked me cower-girl style and i just grabbed on her hips and increased her pace. Her moaning got louder and i just knew i was hitting her the right way as her body vibrated on top of me. I lifted her and placed her underneath me as i got on top i started fucking her like she has been bagging me the whole day. I lifted her one leg right towards my neck and i fucked her hard as she screamed with her sexy voice. I think i moaned a bit with the way i was hitting the right corner and i felt my body getting hotter then i felt her cum on the condom and I couldn’t hold myself as i came right after her. I collapsed my body on top of her as she breath in and out heavy. I got up from her and i threw my body on the side.

Andile: Damn Sonke Shange. You one hell of a fucker.

I laughed as she said that.

My phone rang while we tried to get in to the cooling mood. I woke up and looked around for my pants and i found them near the door. I took the phone out and Lethu was calling.

My phone rang while we tried to get in to the cooling mood. I woke up and looked around for my pants and i found them near the door. I took the phone out and Lethu was calling.

The time was now 23h50.

Me: Lee.

Lee: I am outside kini where are you?

Me: Zimbali.

Lee: The girls?

Me: With my mother.

Lee: How can you just leave the kids with your mother Sonke.

Me: I came here to get my clothes for work.

Lee: Well I don’t have a key to go inside your house and Ceecee is not answering her phone.

Me: Come tomorrow.

Lee: I am not sleeping without my kids.

Me: You are so difficult yazi.

Lee: Fine i will buzz on the gate until someone from your house wakes up cause i want to be with my kids.

Me: I am coming. Just park on the side.

I hung up then i turned my attention to Andile and i took a deep breath in.

Me: I am sorry.

Andile: Your wife has a bad timing.

Me: Nxese.

Andile: It’s cool.

I went to an En suit and i removed the used condom and i flushed it and walked back to the  bedroom and i got dressed as Andile kept her eyes glued on me.

Me: Yazi. Some people can die cause of starring.

She laughed out loud and just blushed.

Andile: Now i know why you wife is crazy. You know how to use that dick.

I laughed as i took that as a compliment. After dressing up i walked up to her and i kissed her cheek.

Me: Thank you for tonight.

Andile: And many nights to come.

I blushed as i walked out her bedroom. I grabbed my car keys and then walked to my car and i drove off to Inanda. It took me over 20 minutes to get to my home.

Lethu’s car was parked on the side of the gate. She switched her car on as i drove in the yard and she parked right next to me. I walked out of the car and i opened my outside building then i walked towards her as she got off her car.

Me: Mom is sleeping mow Lethu and i only have my keys to the outside building. We can’t wake my mother up at 12 midnight just because you want to sleep with the kids.

She carried her bag in to my room and walked inside as i followed her. She locked the car as we both walked in. I locked the door and want in to the en suit to change to my sleeping short. By the time i came out Lee was sitting on the edge of the bed with her long pajama on.

She gave me the look and then shook her head and got under the duvet.

I could tell she was crying but she had no bruises on her face.

I laid next to her and i switched the lights off.

Lee: So you really going to sleep next to me when you are stinking of her perfume. My heart rate increase as she said that but i had to defend myself somehow.

Me: I don’t know what you are talking about.

She woke up and switched her side lamp on she opened a robe and took out an extra blanket and took her pillow and switched her lights off. She moved over to the couch. I really was in no mood of fighting her so i just let her be.

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Bongiwe 2019-02-11 06:15:17

I so wish that Lethu leaves sonke for good, akakhuli nje and it's feels like uLethu doesn't have anyone in her corner even Bantu always take sonkes side.