I got woken up with a knock on the door I look at my phone and it is 06H00.

I woke up and opened the door and Lee stands with her coat on I could tell it was still raining outside as her weave was wet and dripping on water.

Lee: Can I come in?

Me: Sure.

I moved aside as she walked in to my room she wondered around as I walked behind.

Me: I’ll get your coat.

She turned and looked at me as she removed her coat revealing her Black jeans with a black V-Neck cotton top. I walked with the coat in to the En Suit and came back with a towel to dry her hair.

Me: Here.

She looked at me then quickly looked away as she took the towel from my hands.

Me: You can sit.

Lee: Thank you.

She sat down on a study chair where I worked on with my MacBook.

Me: Are the girls okay?

Lee: They’re okay.

Me: What are you doing here so early?

Me: I needed to talk to you.

Me: But you said you are done talking to me.

She looked at me and then looked away but I kept my eyes on her as she started getting nervous.

Me: Lethokuhle.

She looked at me.

Me: Why are you really here?

Lee: I don’t know Sonke I took a drive and I ended up here.

Me: Why here.

Lee: I guess I missed you.

Me: I am too old to be playing your games Lethokuhle Kanti ufuna Ini Kimina?

She didn’t answer but moved her eye contact towards the sliding door.

Me: Please leave.

Lee: You don’t mean that.

Me: I do.

She shook her head in misbelief.

Me: You kicked me out of my own house and told me to fuck off from your life you don’t want to see whenever I come to see the girls you don’t take my calls not respond to my emails and worse part is you treated me like shit and now you are here claiming you miss me. Please.

I got under the duvet and laid my head on the pillow.

Lee: Do you blame me?

I woke up and sat up right.

Me: No I don’t blame you for being angry at me but this I can’t do. One day you want me and the next you don’t. No Letho.

Lee: I lost my daughter.

Me: And I lost a daughter too. It was not anyone’s fault.

Lee: I know.

Me: So why am I paying the price for it?

Lee: You’re cheating Sonke.

Me: Lisa was my ex Vuyo was my ex. How else should I explain myself kuwe? How many times.

Lee: Sonke if it was not for Yanda’s kidnapping maybe my daughter was going to be alive.

Me: So I am to blame for Yanda’s kidnapping.

Lee: Yes Sonke.

Me: Yazi Lethu clearly I am the reason for losing our kids and marriage falling apart and I have accepted it and I am dealing with it. I don’t need this negativity in my life so please leave.

Lee: Fine.

She got up and walked towards the door and turned before she reached the handle. She turned and looked at me and said Goodbye and slammed the door.

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