Chapter Four


My heart raced as I made my way to the drive in Parking to the garage would just give me away so I left the car on the drive in and I opened the door with my spare keys then reset the alarm.

The house smelled with vanilla aroma and with a hint of Lee’s perfume. My dick felt as hard as a rock as I walked up the stairs my first stop was the girl’s room as they slept so peacefully. I took a deep breath in as I walked in to our bedroom and I switched the light on.

Lee opened her eyes as she sat up right.

Lee: Sonke what are you doing here?

I unbuttoned my shirt as I made my way to her.

Me: Baby I need you.

I removed the tie and the shirt and threw it on the floor and I walked closer to Lee and smooched her lips but she pushed me away.

Lee: Sonke you are drunk.

Yes I was drunk but I needed alcohol to help me do what I needed to do.

Me: Don’t deny me please.

She just stared at me with no words coming out of her mouth so I attacker her lips while keeping a strong grip of her neck as much as I thought she would pull away but she didn’t she kissed me back instead.

The kiss got deeper as I took out her silk nightdress out revealing her fuller boobs and played around with my thumb on her nipples making her moan through our kissing. I stopped kissing her and our eyes met and connected like we have never been apart.

Me: I want you.

She bit her bottom lip and I knew she wanted me I didn’t wait for a response I attacked her boobs as she ran her hands through my hair then I went down on her as her cookie was clean and shaved. I started muffing her like I have never before and she moaned as she exploded on my face I got on top of her and I removed my pants but she attacked me with her mouth on it that I literally froze.
She sucked on my manhood making him harder and ready for her I pulled her out and I got on top of her spreading her legs apart with my arms and I inserted my big man and she gave in a loud moan as I started fucking her.
I could have taken the time to make love to her but I was too hard for a four play I wanted to deep it low inside her. I went on as I laid on top of her and she held me tight as her body hit another climax I turned her over as she put her ass all out in my face and started eating her as she creamed my name in pleasure as soon as I felt getting tense I then entered her from behind while planting kissed on her back and I gave her what she has been missing for all the weeks she has been rude to be. She creamed out my name.

Me: You like that?

Sonke: Yes baby Oh Sonke..

I went deeper as she held on to the pillows I lost control as I slammed in to her and we both climaxed the same time.

The heavy breathings were all over the show but I did not stop kissing her neck and being who I am I left love bites on her so that she will not forget who fucks her right.

I laid on my back and I pulled on top of me as her body as she tried to analyse what just happed.

Me: I am sorry to just burst in like that I have been hard since you came over in to my office.

She didn’t answer me.

Me: Damn I missed out Holding you and getting a smell of your scent.

Lee: What are you doing to me?

Me: What I should have done weeks ago.

Lee: It’s just wrong but it feels right.

Me: I love you.

She didn’t answer me.

Me: Let’s just enjoy this moment.

Lee: I can do that.

I kissed her forehead as she laid on my chest and I think she probably passed out as I could hear her breathing change.

Her being in my arms felt like I dream I didn’t know what tomorrow holds for us but I was just happy to be lying in my bed with my wife and kids on the next rooms.

I ran my hands on her face as she looked so perfect in my eyes I kissed her hair and I laid on my back and I probably fell asleep as I woke with Lethu no longer in my arms. I moved my hands to her side of the bed but she was not in bed. I checked on the time and it was 04H50.

I woke up and wore gown and walked out to the kid bedroom and she was sitting on a rocking chair feeding Owethu her bottle of milk.

Me: I was wondering where you disappeared to.

Lee: This child loves food.

Me: They all did her.

Lee: Some still do.

I walked closer to them and I kissed Owethu on her forehead as she kept her eyes glued to her mummy.

Sonke: She looks just like you neh?

Lee: And a bit of you.

Me: Just a bit.

Lethu Smiled as she kissed her nose.

Me: Breakfast?

Lee: Please.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen I prepared an English breakfast for her and myself and I placed everything neatly on the trey and walked upstairs. She was sitting in our bed with just a gown on.

Lee: I was about to send a search squad for you.

Me: Did I take that long?

Lee: No I just missed you.

I thought to myself on what kind of game is Lethu really paying? She missed me.
I smiled as I handed her the trey I sat next to her as she held my hand and thanked me then said a prayer.
We had breakfast in bed and then we just laid in each other’s arms just to embrace the moment.

Lee: How is work?
Me: It’s going okay I have bought two trucks for big shipments delivery and for hire.
Lee: I saw the invoices.
Me: I didn’t know you were keeping tracks.
Lee: I am still employed there right?
Me: Your choice.
Lee: Meaning?
Me: You don’t work from home like you do Soni had to do damage control with getting a temp.
Lee: Why didn’t you tell me?
Me: You were not taking my calls.
Lee: Whatever happened to emails?
Me: Soni sent you but you didn’t respond.
Lee: My Mac crashed I had to take it for repairs.
Me: Ipad?
Lee: I don’t even know where it is.
Me: Phone?
Lee: Are you here to interrogate me about work?
Me: You asked.
Lee: Well I don’t want the answered anymore.
Me: I figured.

She looked at the time and woke up.

Lee: Maybe you should leave now.
Me: Really?
Lee: You don’t live here phela.
Me: But it is still my home.
Lee: Was your home.
Me: What happened to you Lee? Where is my wife?
Lee: You killed her.
Me: Yazi Lee I had to take it for repairs.
Me: Ipad?
Lee: I don’t even know where it is.
Me: Phone?
Lee: Are you here to interrogate me about work?
Me: You asked.
Lee: Well I don’t want the answered anymore.
Me: I figured.

She looked at the time and woke up.

Lee: Maybe you should leave now.
Me: Really?
Lee: You don’t live here phela.
Me: But it is still my home.
Lee: Was your home.
Me: What happened to you Lee? Where is my wife?
Lee: You killed her.
Me: Yazi Lee You full of shit.
Lee: Not worse then you. I said leave.
Me: And if I don’t? What will you do?
Lee: Don’t make me calls the police.
Me: try me.

I woke up and walked to the En suit and all my clothes were in boxes. I walked back out.

Me: And this?
Lee: This is not your house Sonke Just because I allowed you to spend a night in my bed does not mean you are back in our lives. Now get out.

I walked towards her a part of me wanted to strangle the life out of her if it wasn’t for my phone ringing I think I would have slapped her.

I stopped and walked back to my phone and Ceecee was calling.

Me: What?
Ceecee: Sorry to disturb you but Mom is in hospital.
Me: What is wrong with her?
Ceecee: She was in an accident last night.
Me: Where was she coming from?
Ceecee: I don’t know the hospital called me now.
Me: Which hospital?
Ceecee: Ethekwni.
Me: Where are you?
Ceecee: I am getting ready to go there.
Me: We will meet there.
Ceecee: Okay.

I hung up and wore my shorts that were still unpacked and a t-shirt. I turned and looked at Lethu who stood against the balcony door.

Me: My mom is in hospital.
Lee: How is that my business?
Me: Sorry?
Lee: Nothing.

The door opened and we both turned to look at it and it was Yanda wiping her eyes from being asleep. She smiled the moment her eyes met mines and she just ran to me and I cupped her up and gave a big hug.

Me: How is my baby doing?

She didn’t say anything but she just ran her hand on my face and hugged me.

Me: Daddy missed you but I have to go baby. I will see you later okay.

She nod her head and got off me and ran to her mummy and my heart broke she could feel the tension between me and her mother and there was nothing I could do about it because Lethu was such a monster.

I walked out without saying anything to her I got downstairs and I took my car keys and walked out of the house and drove to the hospital Ceecee was already at reception when I got there.

Me: How is mom?
Ceecee: I don’t know yet they asked me to sit here.

I looked around but the lady at reception was busy on a phone so I sat next to Ceecee.

Me: Where was mom coming from?
Ceecee: I don’t know when I tried calling her izolo her phone was off.
Me: When was she admitted?
Ceecee: I don’t know anything Sonke.
Me: Sorry.

We both sat there quietly until a doctor stopped at reception and then walked towards us. He asked if we are the Shange’s and we said yes. He introduced himself and told us he is taking care of our mother for now. He told us my mom is not hurt badly she just bumped her head in a starring when the car hit the tree but it was mostly caused by her consuming too much of alcohol. He told us he will keep her in for a few days to make sure there is no brain swelling but the male she was with was discharged this morning as he only has bruises.

A part of me was so disappointed at my mother since when is she an alcoholic and worse who was the guy she was with.

Me: Do you know the guy she was with?
Ceecee: I didn’t even know she was going out she told me she is going to see her friend Entuzuma and I assumed if one of the teachers she works with.
Me: Uzongitshela ukuthi who is this guy.

Ceecee and I walked to her ward and her room she didn’t look like she was in pain she smiled as walked in but I was in no mood for bullshit.

Ceecee sat next to her and I pulled out a chair and sat down.

Me: How are you?
Mom: I am okay I don’t remember much though.
Ceecee: You bumped your head.
Me: Or the alcohol you had.
Mom: It was my friend’s party.
Me: So where were you going Emhlanga?
Mom: Sonke baby please.
Me: I want to know.
Mom: The party nje Sonke.
Me: From one party to another? And who is this guy you were with?
Mom: That was my colleague.
Me: Which one?
Ceecee: Sonke Hayi manje.

I looked at Ceecee.

Me: Was I talking to you?
Ceecee: No but Mom is not okay.
Me: Are you mom.
Ceecee: Cha.
Me: Know your place.

I turned my direction back to mom.

Me: Since when you drink alcohol and drive around after 12 midnight with males? What kind of a mother are you?
Mom: Don’t talk to me like that. I am your mother.
Me: I think you are forgetting your role as a mother.

I stood up and I walked out super pissed I got in to my car and I drove to the office. I tried working even though it was a weekend but it was just too difficult. I went through my WhatsApp and Lee updated a status with her and Yanda in a pool. My daughter has grown so much and just looking at her makes me think how far Lee and I have come. Andy the detective had an update of her in a bikini she was probably around her place as it looked like Zimbali.

I logged out of WhatsApp and I called king.

King: Sho niggar.
Me: Zishap today mfethu.
King: Lutho bengicabanga ukuyozishayela ubeer at the gorge.
Me: I need a cold myself.
King: Zimbali?
Me: No at the office.
King: Woze sizipholele.
Me: Sho.

I packed my things and then I headed to king.

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