Chapter Five

I arrived at the gorge and king was chilling outside with his shorts on as well felt pretty messed up cause I didn’t even shower but I was in no mood to impress anyone. I got to king and we took a five then I sat opposite him.

He handed me a corona that was ice cold.

Me: Just what I need.
King: Myself.
Me: What is wrong with you?
King: JT found out about Cici.
Me: How the fuck?
King: Bitch tagged me on Facebook I fell asleep at her crib.
Me: How the fuck.
King: How do I explain that to JT
Me: But you know the rules never spend the night.
King: That pussy got me exhausted.

I laughed out loud as he said that.

King: Heard about Sam.
Me: What?
King: Modelling.
Me: Nothing new.
King: She looks hot though maybe you need her around since Lethu is messing you up.
Me: And give Lee another reason to be the monster that she is right now? Never.
King: Lethu? A monster? That is you Mos…

I starred at king as he laughed out loud.

King: Seriously though.
Me: She has gone worse king the things she said to me this morning. Akangiboni uLethu.
King: Izanazo.
Me: After fucking she told me to get out.

King laughed again.

Me: Bro This is not funny.
King: Are you sure that was Lethu? I mean the chick is stuck on you.
Me: Well someone has unstuck her on me.
King: She will come around.
Me: After losing the baby and her killing Vuyo angazi King.
King: She loves you she wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave you.
Me: She is filing for divorce.
King: She always does this every time she gets mad she thinks the divorce will sort things out.
Me:Angisazi mina what to do.
King: No she needs you to put her in her place now she is over using this wife powers manje and the fact that you love her. Maybe you need to just give her what she wants.
Me: And risk losing her?
King: We have a business to run and with things on slow down it’s killing our pockets.
Me: We will resume on Monday underground until this whole Vuyo and LK shit goes away.
King: I can handle it for the time being and you deal with the legit side.
Me: Definitely.
King: Are these detectives still sniffing around?
Me: Yeah bra and one incidentally moved to Zimbali not far from my place.
King: You need to be careful.
Me: But she is hot.
King: That is a big No Sonke.
Me: I know but I can use her to keep her nose out of my business.
King: Don’t keep anything in Zimbali.
Me: I will leave everything with you until I am cleared.
King: Emails as well Sonke they can hack in to it.
Me: You know the boys that a barrier on that.
King: And they doing a damn good job.
Me: Little do they know I am the boss.
King: I don’t know how you keep this profile.
Me: I have a family man so I don’t have a choice.
King: True.
Me: let’s order a meal I am starving.
King: Ceecee told me your mom is not okay.
Me: I want to know who the guy she was with is.
King: your mom is my mom don’t you think I am not up to it already?
Me: Thank you bro.

We ordered the meal and we drank out beers we stayed at the gorge for over five hours sipping on the beers and meat. It felt like a short period of time but neither of us wanted to go home so we decided to go to Nsimbini at Ofolweni the place was posh yet straight hood. We ate meat and danced with the girls almost the break of dawn then we drove to one of my beach house in Etoti and we rested there with a few girls we picked up.

I was in no mood of fucking anyone but I just needed a female company and it did the trick the next day we went to the Toti beach and we had a braai with the ladies while still sipping on my corona while the ladies had their vodka.
We then drove to Senza’s in Margate and honestly I had the time of my life just chilling and worried about nothing I guess king and I needed this unplanned gateway and the ladies were good company not for fucking but for having fun.

King and I didn’t go to work the next day that’s much hung over I was so drove to Zimbali and I rested till midday Monday then I decided to check at the office since I didn’t even call Soni with my phone being off the whole weekend.

I bath and wore my jeans and t-shirt then I got in the car and drove to Umbilo. On my way I placed my phone on the charger and drove with a speed as I wanted to check on my kids first before going back to my place.

I checked in and Soni was busy on the phone.

Soni: Mr. Shange I have been trying to get hold of you.
Me: Sorry I was tied down everything is okay?
Soni: Your mother has been trying to get hold of you and Mrs. Shange.
Me: What did they want?
Soni: They didn’t leave any messages for you.
Me: Okay.
Soni: And Detective Andile called for you.
Me: What did she want?
Soni: She asked you return her call.
Me: Anyone else?
Soni: Mr. Khumalo as well.
Me: Anyone else.
Soni: Something else.
Me: What?
Soni: Mr. Khumalo’s ex-wife was stabbed to death it’s all over the newspapers.
Me: Sibahle?
Soni: Yes and…
Me: And?
Soni: She was killed by Kate Mr. Khumalo’s baby mama.
Me: Shit.

I walked in to my office and switched my MacBook on and I went on the news and yes it was trending.

“The Khumalo wed to be killed the Khumalo’s ex wed”

I didn’t even want to continue reading the article I just called Bantu and he answered on a 4th ring.

Bantu: Shange.
Me: Khumalo.
Me: What happened?
Bantu: Someone is framing Kate Sonke.
Me: How?
Bantu: I don’t know but Kate had no motive to kill Sibahle and she doesn’t remember anything.
Me: What was Sibahle doing at your place?
Bantu: I don’t know Sonke. Things are just not adding up and the cameras were down.
Me: So how do we prove Sibahle didn’t do it?
Bantu: I don’t know Shange.
Me: Let me call my boys on this.
Bantu: Thank you.
Me: How is Lee holding up? She loved Sibahle.
Bantu: I have been avoiding her calls I am avoiding everyone’s calls right now.
Me: I understand.
Bantu: Check on them please I called Banzi and his taking care of Noxolo. I need you to make sure Lee is okay.
Me: I will try.
Bantu: Thank you.

I hung up and I called King.

King: Nigga.
Me: Did you see the news?
King: I am still in bed what time is it?
Me: Check the news on the Khumalo’s and call me back.
King: Sho.

I hung up and called Mom.


Mom: Sonke where have you been?
Me: I had business to take care what is wrong?
Mom: Lethu is not taking my calls and her brother.
Me: They are busy Ma.
Mom: I saw the news.
Me: Tragedy.
Mom: It is true?
Me: We don’t know as yet but Kate was drugged we waiting for her medical results.
Mom: Poor Bantu and his Son. Indaba Zabelungu nje.
Me: Hayi Ma.
Mom: I hope they are okay kodwa.
Me: They are.
Mom: Lethu?
Me: She is okay.
Mom: Tell her I will keep her family in my prayers.
Me: Thank you Ma. I will check on you later.
Mom: Okay Bye.

I hung up and king called me back.

King: Yoor Sonke.
Me: Tell me about it.
King: Anything we can do?
Me: We have our own shit to deal with but Bantu has been there for me so I will help me him. He says Kate was drugged and I am assuming he has test results that proves that or he has to do it ASAP. Get our doctor to do blood test for her and get the I.T to check why the cameras went down and which server managed to hack in to them.
King: I am on it.
Me: Check if the stock is set for delivery.
King: it is will confirm deliveries.
Me: Cool. Talk later.
King: Sharp.

I hung up and then called Lethu. She didn’t answer so I assumed she was still mad at me.

I worked until Soni knocked and told me she was about to leave the time was past 18H30. I told her to be safe and text me when she arrives home since it is late I worked for a few minutes then I decided to pack up and go see the girls and check on Lethu.

I drove to Virginia I opened the gate and drove into the driveway and a Beamer X6 was parked on a drive way with Swazi as a number plate. I pulled out my gun and I tucked it on my back hip and I walked inside the house.

No one was in the lounge of the dining area so I walked upstairs and I heard voices coming from Owethu’s room. I walked closer and a male voice with Lee were discussing something about Owethu I pushed the door and just walked in.
Lee’s face was very pale and it was clear that she has been crying a man stood there dressed smart casual his face looked familiar but I couldn’t really make it out as to where I know him from.

Me: Who are you?

Lethu looked at me and judging with her hand movements I could tell she was starting to panic.

Me: Babe. This Doctor Swazi a paediatrician.

He smiled and looked at me.

Me: What happened to Dr. Graham?

Swazi: She is away for now she has a family emergency and cannot be seeing anyone at the moment.
Me: I see.
Lethu: I tried calling you but your phone has been off the whole weekend Soni couldn’t get hold of you.
Me: I had something to take care of. Something wrong with Owethu?
Lethu: Yanda Actually.

I looked at them all puzzled.

Lethu: His just checking is Owethu is fine.
Me: What is wrong with Yanda?
Lethu: Stomach bug it’s in the air.
Me: Okay Lee can we talk?

Lethu looked at the doctor and he looked at me and then back at Lethu.

Swazi: I will downstairs.
Lee: Thank you.

He walked out as I stared as at him a prim and proper guy but the fuck Lethu allowed his fucker to come in to my house.

Lethu: Sorry about that.
Me: About what?

She just looked at me.

Me: why are your nervous?
Lee: I am not I just have a lot on my mind.

I knew Lethu more than anything in this world something was just making her uncomfortable.

Me: This is the same Dr. that was with Owethu right?
Lee: Yes.
Me: Why didn’t you take Yanda to a GP if she is not okay?
Lee: I didn’t think it was going this bad and I was not in the mood to get out of the house.
Me: So I called a Man in to my house.
Lee: PLEASE Sonke this s not the time for your insecurities my daughter is sick and you on the other hand disappeared for days and my brother’s life is crashing so please give me a break.

She just walked past me and slammed the door waking Owethu up I picked her up and we walked to Yanda’s room and she was fast asleep I walked downstairs to the living room and this doctor was showing Lee on how to measure medication for Yanda. They both kept quiet as I walked in and sat down on the couch.

Swazi: Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything.
Lee: Thank you I will.

He took his emergency kit bag and walked towards me.

Dr> Swazi: it was a pleasure to see you again Mr. Shange.
Me: Thank you.

He Nod his head.

Lee: I will open the gate for you.

Lee walked behind him as they both disappeared on the kitchen exit Lee came back after a few minutes and asked to pick Owethu up but I just looked at her.

Me: I think you should be with your brother for now.
Lee: I know I will fly up on Friday.
Me: Okay.

I handed her Owethu and I grabbed my car keys and drove out to Zimbali.

Something just didn’t sit well with me Lethu’s behavior was not normal and it made me un easy.


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